Going outdoors doesn't have to be difficult.

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Our Goal is to Make Your Trip Comfortable Fun Safe Hassle-free

Our two core values are accessibility – providing comfort tips and outdoor advice – and environmental sustainability, so that future generations can enjoy the same opportunities that we do.

Caring for the Environment

Learn about the 7 steps you can follow to camp and hike responsibly and minimize your environmental footprint.

Proper Prior Preparation

Get that gnawing feeling in your stomach of having forgotten something before your trip? Find out about the 10 essentials + 7 extras.

About me

I’m James – a hobbyist camper, hiker and outdoorsy person based in Scotland and camping since a toddler.

Comfort first

Do you want to experience the outdoors but you’re put off by the idea of braving the elements? Glamping could provide you with the best of both worlds.

Too cool to camp?

Love the outdoors but hate sleeping in the cold? Research shows that everyone experiences the cold differently, so we’ve put together top tips for staying warm outdoors.

Expert advice at your fingertips

Got a question about the outdoors but don’t know where to start? Find what you’re looking for.