How long does Jetboil fuel last? (Solved)

Backpacker Setting Up Jetboil Stove With Jetpower Fuel Canister

If you’re wondering how long does Jetboil fuel last, the nuanced answer is that the length of time Jetboil stove fuel lasts depends on many factors. Like a lot of camping or hiking activities, people have different needs, comfort levels, fitness, and preferences.

So there is no definitive answer to this question, but in this article, we delve into averages so you can figure out your expected fuel usage from the info below to give you an idea of how much fuel to take with you.

And like every outdoor activity scenario, it’s often better to take an extra can – just in case!

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How long do different fuel canister sizes last with a Jetboil?

Jetboil canister sizeApprox total mealsApprox liters boiledApprox Days based on boiling 2.5 liters a dayApprox continuous burn time*
100 g / 4oz10 – 14123 – 530 mins
230g / 8oz27 – 40246- 101 hour 15 mins
450g / 16oz54 – 804812 – 202 hours 30 mins

*Burn rate of 5gm per 100 seconds for 2 cups of water

How long does a 100g / 110g gas canister last?

A 100g or 110g gas canister lasts for approximately 10-14 meals OR 12 liters OR 3 to 5 days OR 30 minutes continuously under ideal conditions

How long does a 230g canister last?

A 230g gas canister lasts approximately 27 – 40 meals OR 24 liters OR 6 to 10 days OR 1.25 hours continuously under ideal conditions

How long does a 450g canister last?

A 450g gas canister lasts approximately 54 – 80 meals OR 48 liters OR 12 to 20 days OR 2.5 hours continuously under ideal conditions

How fast does a Jetboil boil?

Depends on the above factors and the size of the stove that you purchase. This table has been created from data from the JetBoil website for their models:

Jetboil ModelTime per volume
Flash100 sec per 470mls / 16 oz.
Zip2 min 30 sec per 470mls / 16 oz.
MightyMo3 min per 950mls / 16 oz
MicroMo2 min 15 sec per 470mls / 16 oz.
MiniMo2 min 15 sec per 470mls / 16 oz.
Sumo4 min 15 sec per 950mls / 32 oz.
Joule2 min 40 sec per 950mls / 32 oz..

How many boils will you get with Jetboil fuel?

It takes about 5gms of fuel to boil 2 cups (500mls/0.5 liters) so you should get 20 x 2 cup boils from every 100gms of Jetboil fuel.

100 g / 4oz20 x 2 cups boils OR 40 cups OR 12 liters
230g / 8oz45x 2 cup boils OR 90 cups OR 24 liters
450g / 16oz96x 2 cup boils OR 180 cups OR 48 liters
Man putting chopped mushrooms into a Jetboil stove at a campsite
Precut and prepare your ingredients before starting the Jetboil stove to save fuel.

What factors affect how long Jetboil fuel lasts?

This is one of the “How long is a piece of string?” questions. How long your Jetboil fuel will last comes down to a number of factors that include ambient temperature, amount of food you are cooking, wind, and what gas setting you are using.

The colder it is, the harder it is for any gas canister to produce the pressure needed to burn well. Wind will literally blow your heat away and big volumes of water or food will simply take longer to heat to the temperature you need and use more fuel.

Suggestions for making your Jetboil fuel last longer include putting up a wind guard, cooking smaller volumes of food, and using the Jetboil on half power. These hacks will all help make the fuel last longer but it will take a lot longer for water to boil and your meal to cook.

Number of meals cooked or water boiled on a camping trip

The figures in the first table are based on a hot breakfast and a coffee, a cold lunch and snacks, with a hot meal and a cuppa at the end of the day. If you allow one liter of water per person per meal per day you should be in the ballpark to be able to work out how much fuel you will go through on a camping trip.

Eg: 1 x person eating 2 hot meals including a drink (2 liters of boiling water) per day = 20gms of fuel per day or 6.5 mins of burn time.

Eg: 2 x people eating 3 hot meals a day including a drink (6 liters of boiling water) per day = 60gms of fuel per day or 19.5 mins of burn time

What you’re cooking and for how long

If you plan ahead and prepare meals for your trip you can pack meals that will take less time than usual to cook and still taste great. The Jetboil system comes with pots and skillets to make making a meal as easy as it is at home.

You make all sorts of dishes from pancakes to bacon and scrambled eggs ahead of the trip, freeze them, pop them into ziplock bags, and have reheated meals in a jiffy the next day.

Dehydrated meals and soups can be added to boiling water and set to simmer for quick hot delicious meals. Porridge is an easy, sustaining breakfast and can be made extra tasty with the addition of nuts, dried berries and fruit, some cinnamon, and a bit of brown sugar.

Jetboil fuel performance is affected by cold weather

Jetpower, Jetboils proprietary brand of fuel, is a specific mixture of 80% iso-butane and 20% propane that creates a higher vapor pressure making it perform better in colder conditions.

  • Butane: Works best in warm weather. 30°F +
  • Iso-butane: Works well in warm and coolish weather 11°F +
  • Propane: Best for cold weather. – 44°F +

To get the best out of your Jetboil fuel in the cold, keep the canister warm somewhere like a pocket before using it.

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What canister fuel types last longer?

The bigger the canister, the longer it will last. But again, to get the maximum burn time, make sure you are using the stove in ideal conditions. Most of the big brands such as MSR and Brunton, have similar gas canisters and are expected to perform in a similar manner to JetPower.

Better safe than sorry – make sure to bring enough fuel

Always, always, err on the side of caution and take extra fuel, especially if you are traveling into areas where you don’t expect to find many people. That extra 100 gms might just be the hot meal that keeps you going until you are rescued if things go pear-shaped…

Happy Camping! 😊

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