About me

Hey! I’m James – a hobbyist camper and hiker, born and raised in Scotland.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed escaping to the outdoors. This first started through family camping trips but, in an attempt to find some freedom, quickly turned into adventure camps.

These adventure camps were brilliant for my former teenage self. They had climbing, abseiling, kayaking, survival tips and culminated in the ultimate survival experience – being left with two friends on a remote, uninhabited island in the Scottish Hebrides with nothing but a sleeping bag, a bivvy and a couple of tools.

You can see a picture of me a few days before one of these survival experiences, desperately needing a haircut and with no idea I would soon be hunting for a cave for shelter and foraging for thistles to create possibly the most unappetising soup possible.

Myself outdoors as a teenager
My awkward teenage adventuring years

However, I’ve things have changed. I moved to the city, I went to university, I got a job and I’ve changed a lot as an individual.

Long gone are my days of wrapping myself in a bivvy to keep out the torrential rain, of covering myself with skin so soft to keep out the particularly annoying Midge (an industry secret) and of waking up only to find out that my tent was very much not waterproof.

This website encapsulates my attempt to reconnect with nature but doing so in a way that doesn’t leave me sodden and miserable. Equipment has come a long way since I was eating thistle soup, and being outdoors no longer needs to be uncomfortable.

Feet poking out the tent in the morning

My Mission

The benefits of going outside are numerous. For some, it can help to see life from a different perspective. For others, it can help deal with stress and low mood. And for everyone, it can help rekindle our appreciation of nature.

My mission has two core aims:

  1. Making the outdoors accessible to all – being active in the outdoors doesn’t have to be difficult or uncomfortable.
  2. Caring for our planet – we can be active outdoors in an environmentally sustainable way, so that future generations can have the same opportunities as we do.

My Content Policy

I’m the editor for this website as it’s important to me that the quality of the content remains excellent. While I do write a lot of the content on this site, some articles may be written by friends or writers when I want to build on their knowledge on a specific topic.

This will help ensure that you’re always receiving the best guidance possible.

Some of my tips do include suggestions for products. I do my best to get my hands on these, either for myself or borrowing from a friend when possible. However, if I can’t get my hands on the products then these suggestions rely on online feedback from others.

James Black

Hobbyist Adventurer