About us

The benefits of going outside are numerous. For some, it can help to see life from a different perspective. For others, it can help deal with stress and low mood. And for everyone, it can help rekindle our appreciation of nature.

Our mission has two core aims:

  1. Making the outdoors accessible to all – being active in the outdoors doesn’t have to be difficult or uncomfortable.
  2. Caring for our planet – we can be active outdoors in an environmentally sustainable way, so that future generations can have the same opportunities as we do.

Our team

James Black Headshot Closeup

James Black


James has been escaping to the outdoors for as long as he can remember. This first started in family camping trips but soon turned into adventure camps and hiking through the Scottish Hebrides.

Now he has turned towards trying to make camping more comfortable and accessible.

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Fraser Barker headshot

Fraser Barker

Outdoors Researcher

From early family camping trips to recent backpacking adventures, Fraser has a range of experiences to draw from.

Using his passionate knowledge of the great outdoors, he wants to make getting out there accessible for all and sustainable for generations to come.

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Kara Froggatt author at Wilderness Redefined

Kara Froggatt

Outdoors Researcher

Kara grew up in New Zealand where camping in the backyard as a child turned into multi-night trips in the National Parks as a teenager and then a full blown backpacking adventure for a year in Asia, by herself in her early 20’s.

Camping, bush walking, car camping and road trips still feature heavily in her current life style. She lives right next door to a World Heritage National Park on Springbrook Mountain and highly recommends having them as next door neighbours!

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Our Content Policy

It’s really important to us that the quality of the content on this site remains excellent. While we do write a lot of the content on this site, some articles may be written by friends when I want to build on their knowledge on a specific topic. This is exactly how Fraser got involved in the site, after he was asked for help on an area of his expertise.

This will help ensure that you’re always receiving the best guidance possible.

Some of our tips do include suggestions for what we think is the best gear. We do our best to get our hands on these, either for ourselves or borrowing from friends when possible. However, if we can’t get my hands on the products then these suggestions may include a deep dive into online feedback.

James Black

Owner of Wilderness Redefined