What fuel does Jetboil use? Compatibility & Alternatives

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You’ve heard of Jetboil – who hasn’t – and you’re wondering if you buy their system, will you be stuck with being only able to buy their gas canisters?

What fuel does Jetboil use? Can I use another fuel brand or canister? Will it perform well in cold weather? Where can I buy Jetboil products? All this and more are covered in this article to help you make a practical decision about your next camping stove.

If you’ve been wondering about what fuels the Jetboil camp stove uses, the pros and cons of JetPower, and alternatives to Jetboil canisters then this info is for you!

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What is unique about Jetboil’s Jetpower fuel canisters?

Loosely, all camping canisters contain a blend of propane, butane, and iso-butane/propane gases and are classed as LPG or Liquid Petroleum Gas. It’s the proportions of gasses that allow camp stoves to perform better (or worse) under different circumstances.

Jetboil fuel consists of an 80% Iso-Butane, 20% Propane mixture, making it suitable for use in all seasons and able to perform in temperatures as low as -44°F.

The Jetboil camp stove has been designed so the Jetpower canister will pack down inside the cup saving space and keeping the parts together as well as boiling water fast and efficiently when you are camping or backpacking!

Canister valve specification – EN417

Also known as a Lindal valve, the EN417 is an international standard valve found on many brands of gas canisters and is the one used by Jetboil in their Jetpower fuel canisters.

A canister with this valve should be compatible with any stove that is designed around the EN417 fittings.

Fuel mixture – propane and isobutane

Jetpower is a specific mixture of 80% iso-butane and 20% propane that creates a higher vapor pressure making it perform better in colder conditions. This mixture isn’t the cheapest but does perform better than butane-rich mixtures at lower temperatures.

Iso-butane provides the vapor-pressure benefits of a high-pressure flame that continues to burn hot even in colder temperatures, Butane stops vaporizing at 23°F and Iso-butane at 12°F.

If you are planning on camping and cooking at temperatures under -15°F, you will need liquid feed stoves like Polaris Optifuel, Whisperlite Universal, or MSR Windpro ll. They don’t rely on canister pressure which drops as the temperature drops.

Fuel capacity

Jetpower is available in 100g, 240g, and 450g canisters.

100g is enough to boil 12 liters of water, 240g will boil 24 liters of water and 500g will boil 48 liters of water per canister.

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Boiling water on a Jetboil camp stove in the woods for fast hot food
Stabilizers are a great idea when boiling water on uneven surfaces like the ground.

Alternative brands that are compatible with a Jetboil stove

Jetboil state that their product performs best with their Jetpower brand fuel canisters but also note on their website that Brunton, Gigapower, MSR, and Snow Peak have the same fuel proportions and valve types and could be used if nothing else is available.

Canister BrandFuel PercentagesWorks with Jet Boil
Jetpower80% Iso-butane / 20% Propane⚡⚡⚡
Brunton80% Iso-butane / 20% Propane⚡⚡⚡
MSR80% Iso-butane / 20% Propane⚡⚡⚡
Primus Power Winter gas80% Iso-butane / 20% Propane⚡⚡⚡
Gigapower85% Iso-propane / 15% Propane⚡⚡⚡
Colemans60% Butane / 40% Propane⚡⚡
GasOne100% Butane

Where can I buy Jetboil fuel?

Most quality camping stores have Jetboil fuel available on the shelf and online.

It’s best to buy Jetboil fuel canisters in person in the country you want to use them as gas canisters cannot be sent by plane due to international Hazardous Material Shipping Regulations.

Jetboils can be used with other fuels to make hot drinks and cook food while camping in the woods.
Test your Jetboil stove before you leave and make sure you know how it works.

How do propane, iso-butane, and butane mixtures affect performance in cold weather?

Propane is the fuel that performs best in weather that’s not cold enough to require a liquid feed system. This gas holds its pressure well in temps down to -44°F but it’s not cheap.

If you are camping in a warmer place, then you can reduce your fuel cost by getting fuel that has an Iso-butane or butane percentage in it. Butane is much cheaper and readily available around the world.

  • Butane: Works best in warm weather. 30°F +
  • Iso-butane: Works well in warm and coolish weather 11°F +
  • Propane: Best for cold weather. – 44°F +
Small jetboil stoves take up less room than other brands but ensure that you can have a hot coffee every day
If you can fit it in, take an extra fuel canister just in case one doesn’t work or you use more fuel than you anticipated.

Jetboil is a high-quality camp stove designed to boil small quantities of water for people who enjoy the more extreme end of the camping spectrum, where weight and size are important considerations when choosing a cooking system.

The canisters Jetboil uses to fuel these camp stoves are manufactured in Korea to an international standard, so any EN417 type canister should safely fit your Jetboil camp stove.

The performance of the off-brand canister will depend on the gas ratios used, the air temperature, and the amount of wind around when you are cooking with it.

It depends on your brand loyalty, hip pocket, and the availability of Jetboil fuel canisters at the time you need them, as to whether or not you decide to use them, as there are perfectly good alternatives!


What fuel can I use with Jetboil?

Jetboil is designed to use Jetpower fuel canisters, which are a blend of propane and isobutane. These canisters are optimized for performance and efficiency in Jetboil systems, and are the recommended fuel source for best results.

Does Jetboil use propane or butane?

Jetboil uses a blend of propane and isobutane fuel. This blend provides a good balance of high heat output and efficient fuel consumption, making it a great choice for outdoor cooking and heating.

Can I use propane in a Jetboil?

While Jetboil systems are not specifically designed to use pure propane fuel, they can be used with propane/isobutane blend canisters. Using pure propane in a Jetboil is not recommended, as it may not provide the desired performance and could cause damage to the stove or fuel canister.

Can you use generic fuel with Jetboil?

Jetboil recommends using Jetpower fuel canisters, as these have been optimized for performance and efficiency in Jetboil systems. If you’re using generic fuel canisters with a Jetboil, make sure to match the exact blend of fuel.

Wrapping up on Jetboil fuel

In conclusion, Jetboil uses Jetpower fuel canisters, which consist of an 80% Iso-Butane, 20% Propane mixture. This blend allows the stove to perform well in all seasons and temperatures as low as -44°F. While other fuel brands or canisters may be usable, Jetboil recommends using their own Jetpower canisters for optimal performance and efficiency.

Happy Camping 😊

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