Camping Checklist – Essentials & Printable PDF

A printed PDF of a camping checklist which includes essential items to pack for a camping trip.

Have you ever struggled with packing for a camping trip and forgotten the torch batteries or worse, the insect spray? It’s a familiar frustration. The ‘what to pack’ puzzle can leave us in knots, and forgetting the smallest thing can be a real dampener.

But fret not! I’ve curated a camping essentials checklist to ensure you’re perfectly kitted out for your next outdoor adventure.

Ready to shed the packing stress and embrace the camping thrill? Check out our interactive packing list below or click the download button to see our printable PDF.

Shelter and Bedding


Make sure to check your sleeping bag has the right temperature rating for the weather you will be camping in.


Cooking and Eating


Pack more food and water than you’ll think you need.


Basic Clothing To Pack



Spare clothes are must-haves just in case the temperature drops or your clothes get wet.

Seasonal Clothing for Cold Weather or Summer

These are a mixture of essentials and non-essentials depending on what conditions you will be camping in.

Personal and Hygiene



Family Items

I’ve purposefully not marked any of the below as essential, “must bring” items as it can vary so much from family to family and depending on whether you’re wild camping or on a glamping trip.

Leisure Items

Everything below is non-essential, although perhaps useful if you still want to get along after the camping trip is over!



Packing List For more Advanced Campers

Some of you might be planning a more intense wild camping adventure. Here is a list of a few extra bits of gear that you might want to consider.

Let’s Make the Best Camping Checklist in the World!

Folks, if you’ve read this far, I need your help. Each year, many people are put off from taking their first camping trip because of that same feeling of anxiety in the pit of their stomach that you’re feeling right now.

You know the feeling – it’s the voice saying “you’ve definitely forgotten to pack something!”.

Let’s fight against that voice so that we all know what to take camping. If you find something that isn’t in the list above, please drop me a comment in the discussion section below. Thank you!

Alternative Ways to Download The Camping Checklist

You can view our downloadable camping checklist pdf here.

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