Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Tent Review


Our Verdict

This would be a great tent for extended camping trips with friends or family thanks to the comfortable livability of the Coleman WeatherMaster 10.


Accessible hinged door
Plenty of room
Protects against light rain and wind
Sky view when not using the rain fly
Fits three queen air mattresses
Well-ventilated but keeps out bugs
Room divider for privacy
Additional second door
Easy setup


Needs extra work to be waterproof
A little cramped at full capacity
Two-person assembly recommended
Gets chilly in cold weather
Door is slightly narrow

I have a large family. More siblings, nieces, and nephews than you can count on both hands (and feet)!

Luckily for me, we all share a love of camping. We needed to track down a tent large enough to accommodate us and our gear, with enough room left over for fun caand games. Privacy among all that was also a concern. 

The Coleman WeatherMaster 10 is a spacious tent, but it’s a little cramped with 10 people. A family or friend group of eight fits nicely, though, and will be protected from rain, wind and cold. 

It’s not the grandest tent in the world, but perfect for thrill-seekers on a budget. Let’s take a look in more detail in this Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Tent review.

Product Description

Who’s It For?

The Coleman 10-person tent is a beginner and budget model. It’d also be a great spare tent for a group of experienced campers. You know, if someone has a fight and needs a refuge, or if your old trusted tent fails on you.

This tent would’ve been perfect for a family camping trip I took recently. We packed the kids into a small six-person tent, then an argument began. So, an adult had to stay in the kiddie tent while two kids came to the main tent.

With this spacious 10-person setup, the kids could stomp to opposite sides and sulk in peace. All with room left for a toybox in the center.

Although, it’s large enough for adults to sulk on opposite sides of it, too. We all know the silly arguments that can break out in young adult friend groups—especially when there’s fun and alcohol around.

Speaking of fun and alcohol, as an inexpensive tent, this is one to consider taking to festivals with friends. If it gets destroyed by partying festival-goers, it’s less of a biggie than with a pricier option.

Plus, if you only bring two queen mattresses, there’s room for a table to play drinking games on.

Features and Benefits 

Durability: How Long Will the Tent Last?

As a budget tent, you can hardly expect the Coleman Weathermaster to last a decade, especially with frequent use. However, for a yearly trip, it ticks the durability box by using quality materials throughout.

If you want the tent to last longer, avoid festivals (for obvious reasons) and steer clear of heavy rain—it’s not the most waterproof around.

You should also be wary when assembling the Coleman Weathermaster 10 person tent, as a handful of users found the rods bent. This may have been down to a defective batch or overly rough handling, but proceed with caution. Coleman usually sends a replacement swiftly, for no extra charge.

Like all Coleman tents, the WeatherMaster comes with their WeatherTec System to help keep you dry. With the patented welded floor and inverted seams, this tent offers decent weather protection.

But it might still be a good idea to look into procuring a seam seal, a waterproofing spray, and a tarp for the tent. A few customers had leakage issues in heavy rain.

The campers with leaks mainly state they were around the doors and that the amount of water let in was minuscule compared to the downpour. For the most part, a couple of paper towels could soak up the watery invasion.

Size: Does It Really Fit 10 People?

The WeatherMaster 10-Person tent is suitable for large families and friend groups. With space for three queen size air mattresses, it could sleep six adults comfortably inside the tent.

Since the three queen airbeds will only take up about 15 feet of space width-wise, there’s still a good 2 feet for storage, a dog bed, and walking room. If used as storage space, the tent becomes an excellent contender for a full-on camping experience.

For larger groups, you might have to downgrade from an air mattress to a sleeping pad but you can definitely squeeze 10 people in this model.

Setup: Can One Person Manage? 

If you’re experienced at tent assembly, you should be able to put this one up alone. It’s easier than many other tents of this size. However, due to the size and some customer concerns, I’ve determined it’s easier and safer to set up with two.

A small number of users complained the tent fabric was about two inches too short. Again, this could’ve been a faulty batch, but it may take some tugging to get things to fit as they should.

Two people working on the tent will have an easier time being gentle while also pulling mismatched parts to fit. It should take 20 minutes or less.

Features like the color-coded poles help make this an easy set up. 

If you find the tent fabric a little short, then two people will simply make assembly go by faster. With a tent of this size, which also needs to be staked down prior to assembly, it’s plain smarter to have four hands working on it.

Features: What Thrills Do You Get on a Budget?

The Coleman Weathermaster 10 holds up excellently feature-wise! Most Coleman tents have an e-port and storage pockets on the walls, so if you’re a Coleman fan, this isn’t news. These features are convenient for powering lights and laptops, as well as storing them once you’re done!

But on top of that, there are some features that I now wish every tent had.


Unrealistic for most tents? Maybe. But more of them should have this dang divider!

The Coleman Weathermaster 10 person tent comes with a divider that can give you some privacy while changing or sleeping. It’s thin, so it doesn’t take up much space, but users found it effective.

Hinged Door

Rather than having to zip yourself in and out of this tent, the front door functions like any door in a building. It opens on hinges, allowing easy access and departure. This is one of the reasons to love this tent! 

The hinged door is also tall, accommodating even the most vertically gargantuan in your party. Taller campers will also appreciate the center height of 6′ 8″ inside the tent. Unfortunately, the width of the door is less large-frame-friendly.

Don’t fret about the door being on hinges when it rains, though—you can also zip it closed when necessary.

Angled Windows

In a tent this large and potentially crowded, ventilation is a must. It’s particularly necessary for campers at festivals or families traveling with animals (wet dog smell)!

The angled windows on each side of the tent ensure you can keep them open and let air circulate even when it’s raining buckets.

The cool air port also helps ventilation by bringing fresh air into the tent. 

Mesh Ceiling

Camping is all about nature, and there’s nothing more natural than the starry abyss that’s partially obscured by streetlights most nights.

Although the rain fly will cover the ceiling if it’s cold or damp, on warmer, dry nights, the Coleman Weathermaster allows an unobstructed view of the sky above. Many customers praised this element of the tent.

User Reviews

Don’t just take my word for this tent’s ups and downs. Customer comments are excellent balanced feedback, and I’ve got some to show you.

We love our Coleman WeatherMaster. The pack n play will quickly take up a lot of footprint, go big. This also has flap doors so when carrying the kiddo you can open and close without dealing with the zipper. Also one lovely night we flipped the rain fly back on our half and it was all screen above, but were able to leave the rain fly over the baby’s half so it stayed warmer. We don’t put up the internal wall now but might when he’s older.

Other campers were also impressed with how much easier the WeatherMaster made camping with children.

It’s a nice tent, roomy, I can fit 2 queen size beds easily and have plenty of room in the middle. I love the door, makes it easy with kids around to keep the bugs out. However the tent is a pain to put up, you really need 2 people to do it.

There were some concerns about the tents waterproofing, but even these users still saw the benefit of the WeatherMaster.

From experience, this tent is not waterproof at all. It’s great for dry weather camping. It’s easy to put up and take down.

Overall, users were impressed with the value and features of the Coleman WeatherMaster whilst remaining realistic about the shortcomings of the tent as well.


If the Coleman WeatherMaster doesn’t feel like the right option for you, there are a few alternatives I can suggest.

An incredibly easy set up and mesh ceiling make this a great option
The fantastic screen room makes this comfortable tent great for socializing
For cold weather camping, this tent offers more protection from the elements

CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin

For an easier setup than the Coleman, consider the Core. Instant tent is a stretch, but the assembly will be faster than with the Coleman Weatherman.

This cabin tent is also one to consider if you value privacy less, views more. There are tons of mesh windows and mesh in the door, allowing an almost uncompromised view out… and in.

Although there’s a room divider, letting friends have their privacy from each other, once the socialization of the night comes to a close.

Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent

Here’s a tent with excellent liveability thanks to the two comfortable rooms, one of them a screen room. Utilize it as two bedrooms, or as a kitchen/living room and bedroom.

The large mesh windows don’t allow much privacy from the outside, but the two rooms are completely closed off from each other. 

Throw a tarp over the screen room, and you’ve got an excellent tent for young couples camping together but sleeping separately.

On the other hand, it works well as a tent to separate the kids from the parents but stay close, too.

NTK Arizona GT 9–10 Person Tent

If you want a simple, large tent made for cold weather camping, this is one of your best options. Without the rain fly, there’s lots of mesh serving as windows to let you view the great outdoors. But when it gets cold or rainy, the fly provides full coverage.

The rain fly could also serve as a privacy cover on a campsite. Inside, there’s a detachable room divider that allows friends and families to have some separation if desired, too.

It’s the most practical without the divider—with enough room for three double and two single air mattresses, or 10 sleeping bags—but it’s always an option for smaller camping parties.

Pairs well with…

If you’re worried about some of the reports of poor waterproofing in the tent, then consider investing in some GEAR AID Seam Sealant and Kiwi Water Repellent Spray to increase the tent’s resistance to water.

The Elite version of this model comes with a built-in battery-powered LED system and having a light source might be important for your trip.

But rather than paying to upgrade your tent, maybe consider buying a ThorFire Flashlight, which comes with a hand crank and solar panel to guarantee power throughout your trip.


Is the Coleman Weathermaster waterproof?

The Coleman Weathermaster is waterproof to an extent, thanks to the WeatherTec System with inverted seams. Sealing the seams, applying a waterproofing spray, and placing a large tarp will help improve its performance further.

Other reviews sometimes list a Hydrostatic Head Rating for Coleman tents, but the figures seemed to vary and weren’t available on Coleman’s website, so I emailed asking for more information. 

Coleman doesn’t conduct Hydrostatic Head Rating tests. Instead, they simulate rainstorms and high winds to test their tents. They are confident that their tents will withstand winds of up to 35 mph and light showers. 

Can 10 people sleep in the tent comfortably?

In theory, 10 people could sleep in the tent comfortably if at least two of the campers are kids or small adults. The mattresses will be in close quarters, we’re talking no gaps between or behind them here, but for a close-knit family it’s doable.

Friends would be most comfortable camping in groups of up to six.

For groups who don’t need the extra sleeping space, I would recommend going with the 6-Person WeatherMaster instead, as it comes with a great screen room that would be a comfortable living area for hanging out in. You can read our review of the Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent to find out more.

How many queen-sized air mattresses can fit in the tent?

The tent fits three queen size air mattresses, with room for two 2-footers behind or alongside the queens.

How to set up the Coleman Weathermaster

One of the great features of the WeatherMaster is that the included carry bag has instructions sewn-in, so you don’t need to worry about losing them. Just don’t lose the carry bag! 

  1. Lay the tent on flat ground, ensuring the door faces your desired direction.
  2. Stake the tent.
  3. Prepare the steel color-coded poles and slide them into the continuous pole sleeves of the tent, and pin them in place.
  4. Shape the tent by hooking the clips to the poles.
  5. If required, attach the rain fly to the smallest pole and pull the fly over the remainder of the tent, hooking it in place.

What’s the difference between this model and the Coleman Elite Weathermaster?

The Coleman Elite Weathermaster’s largest size fits two queen beds and sleeps six people. It lacks angled windows, the screen room has flooring and the tent has an overhead light built-in.

Wrapping It All Up

Whether you’re a family or a group of friends wanting a budget camping trip or an inexpensive festival tent, the Coleman Weathermaster 10-person tent’s got you covered.

Although it’s beginner and budget-friendly, invest some time and money into learning the setup and waterproofing it before your first trip.

I find this to be an excellent investment for first-timers or even experienced backpackers looking for a larger tent for group trips.

Model sizes

Pairs well with


Technical specs

Price: $
Doors: 2
Weight: 31 lbs
E-Port: Yes
Comfort Capacity: 3-6
Width: 17'
Length: 9'
Height: 6.6'


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    Technical specs

    Price: $
    Doors: 2
    Weight: 31 lbs
    E-Port: Yes
    Comfort Capacity: 3-6
    Width: 17'
    Length: 9'
    Height: 6.6'