Coleman Steel Creek 6 Person Tent Review


Our Verdict

Size-wise, the tent is fit for small families and small friend groups looking for a good time. However, I feel it’s best for families in this instance. As much as I’d love to hang out with three friends, only two chairs fit in the screen room, which could be a little unfair.


Screen room for socializing.
Withstands most rain without leaking.
E-port included, no need to unzip to plug in.


Leaky seams.
Tall people can’t stand up.
Screen room only fits two chairs.

Many larger tents come equipped with screen rooms, perfect for sitting and watching the kids without being fully outside. Unfortunately, smaller ones often lack this feature that comes in useful frequently.

If you want to relax, free of bugs, while your kids run around the campsite, then you may like a tent with a screen room. In this Coleman Steel Creek 6 person tent review, we strive to determine if this is the right tent for your family or friend group.

About the Product

Who’s It For?

Size-wise, the tent is fit for small families and small friend groups looking for a good time. However, I feel it’s best for families in this instance. As much as I’d love to hang out with three friends, only two chairs fit in the screen room, which could be a little unfair.

That’s why it’s family-ready. Put the kids in the screen room to play while the parents relax in the sleeping area, or have the parents sit in the screen room to relax while kids are kids and frolic in the wild.

Of course, anyone could benefit from this Coleman Steel Creek fast pitch tent.

Features and Benefits 

Durability: How Long Will the Tent Last?

Customers found the tent durable, but the main issues were with the tent’s clips, which break easily.

The tent’s material is durable under the stress of heavy rain, where the stakes are durable despite their thin nature and small size. 

Even customers who find the durability inadequate state that the tent is nice and its features make up for anything it lacks.

Size: Set for Six?

Most users find that four adults is the max occupancy for comfort, and it’s better with two adults and two kids—another reason for the family recommendation.

It fits two queen air mattresses, although you could fit a third in the screen room. To do that, you’d need to cover that part of the tent with a tarp, unless it’s dry as a bone and warm enough by night. If not used for sleeping, the screen room is an excellent place to store your camping gear.

During the day, there’s not a lot of room to walk around either screen or sleeping room as the tent’s height is only 5’8. Kids can have the time of their lives, but taller adults won’t have a great time with it.

There’s plenty of head room if you sit.

Setup: Can One Person Cope? 

One person can readily cope with this setup, and the taller you are, the easier it’ll be. Coleman claims the tent sets up in only 7 minutes, but it’ll likely take longer if this is your first tent.

Features: What’s Exciting in This Tent?

Screen Room

As stated previously, the screen room is an excellent place to relax while watching the kids. It has the following uses and benefits:

  • Sleeping under the stars and surrounded by nature.
  • Keeping bugs away as you sit and talk.
  • Serving as an extra sleeping space.
  • Working as a place to socialize if not outdoors.
  • Letting parents stay in the tent but away from the kids as they nap.
  • A place for kids to get rowdy while parents nap in the inner tent.

You can fit two folding chairs in the screen room with just enough space above them for a person of average height to sit without their head hitting the ceiling.

Window Awnings

The windows are mesh, which isn’t infallible despite the best waterproofing efforts. If the rain doesn’t penetrate when striking the windows directly, rain dripping off the rainfly might run down the mesh and soak through.

The window awnings make it so rain can’t run from roof to window. It also makes it more difficult for most rain to get a direct hit at the mesh in the first place.


Camping with kids, they’ll soon get bored when night falls. Or worse, scared of the dark.

The efficient e-port lets you run an outdoor extension cable from your car plug adapter to the tent. You can power a nightlight or a laptop to play some movies on.

It’s a fantastic way of getting power into your tent without having to keep the door open, which is useful in rain and cold.

Color-Coded Poles

Setting up a tent can be a pain, so anything that makes the process more efficient is wonderful. As part of a family with impatient kids, it’s even more important.

The color coded poles help you organize your setup, minimizing the amount of time spent experimenting with what fits where. You’ll have the tent together in no time—under 10 minutes, according to Coleman.

As it’s so easy to set up, this is a great tent to teach kids how to pitch a tent and perhaps prepare them for the scouts.

Is It Easy to Carry?

Yes, the Coleman Steel Creek 6 person dome tent is easy to carry. It folds down small and stays lightweight so you can fit the tent in the easy carry bag provided.

Coleman has added an extra storage slot in the Coleman Steel Creek 6 person tent’s carry bag so you can carry some extra gear—perhaps your tarp?

Social Proof 

Let’s see what real users have to say in review of the Coleman Steel Creek fast pitch 6 person dome tent.

I have only put this tent up once but will be camping with it next weekend. If my opinion changes, I will let you know.
1) Appears to be made very well. This is pretty much the same tent as the Coleman Evanston but has better weather proofing.
2) Do not go up as easy as they make it seem. As with everything, the 1st time takes longer but I still believe the time frame they show is a bit unrealistic.
3) Plenty of room and I love the porch.
4) I love the fact that the rain fly pokes out on the side windows to allow some air to come in.
5) This is not in the instructions, but at the very top of the tent, you need to tie the roof to get the full 72 inch interior and also prevent rain from puddling.

We took this tent camping 2 weekends ago. Here are some updates.
1. Went up much faster the 2nd time but still not a 5 minutes setup. Took us about 10 minutes.
2. If you want some privacy, you have to put up the rainfly in order to cover the back window which is only mesh. This causes reduced airflow which can make the inside hot. I will probably make a temporary cover that can be easily placed on the inside of the back window to provide some privacy but then removed when not needed in order to increase airflow.
3. I love the porch. It is a perfect location to put shoes and not dirty up the sleeping area. I also opened up the door and it allowed more airflow than just the door window. When it rained a bit the night we used it, the portion of the porch that is covered by the rainfly (about 1/2) was definitely dry. However, it did not rain extremely hard so keep that in mind.

This Coleman Steel Creek camper had a great experience in the rain and made use of the screen room for storing shoes. They also provide some helpful tips for using the Coleman Steel Creek fast pitch 6 person dome tent.

The tent is very cool looking, great price, the screened in porch is nice to have, the actual tent portion is spacious, but I have a couple reservations. Here they are:
1.) The tent is not fitting two queen sized air mattresses as advertised. Unless you put one in the porch area.
2.) The screened in porch area while being nice to have is exposed to the elements. There is a mesh part of the floor where the water is to drain, but it’s near the door of the tent, so in order for it to drain you would have had to pitch your tent on an angle towards the door(which you don’t do). Took it out for the first time, had a good rain, the porch was flooded. I had to physically brush all the water out the door(which was a lot) and let it sit to dry. Why they wouldn’t just continue the rain fly to cover the entire area is beyond me.
3.) As I mentioned we had some rain first time out, well the corners didn’t hold up. The seams of the two back corners are more exposed to the elements than the front two and water seeped in. I just put a towel in each corner so the water wouldn’t go any further. If we had more than a day of rain it may have posed more of an issue. When we got home I bought seam sealant, sealed all the corners, so will see how that holds up if we get rain with the tent again.
Update: 4.) Not a fan of the top of the tent and the front of the screen having to be tied to their respective pole with the piece of material that is attached to the tent. It holds, but looks like something that may rip over time. Some type of clip setup would have been better.

Otherwise it is a nice tent for the price and looks cool. Just may have to invest in an additional rain fly or pop up canopy to cover the screened porch area.
Kyle D.

This camper had an experience that reveals the Coleman Steel Creek fast pitch 6 person dome tent isn’t the best in the rain but is otherwise fine.

Trying to avoid mosquitos, we found this design to be perfect. It was easy to setup with the help of small kids. There are only two small side pockets inside plus a not on top – wished there was more storage space. Then again, for this price I think the tent is unbeatable. My main problem and why I returned it after using it twice – one of the fast pitch clips broke whilst take the tent down. No force applied, just simply unclipping it from the pole broke it in part.

Whilst this wouldn’t be a big deal after having owned it for a while (easy workaround with string), I decided to take advantage of the return-window for this almost brand new tent. The clips are very thin and would expect them to break even faster in colder weather.

This camper who used the Coleman Steel Creek wants more storage space, but the main issue is the clips for attaching the fabric of the Coleman Steel Creek 6 person dome tent to the poles. They’re flimsy; watch out.


Is the Coleman Steel Creek fast pitch 6 person dome tent not quite what you’re looking for? Consider:

Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent

Same brand, same shape, but potentially less intimidating for new campers than the Coleman Steel Creek. Some people want their tent to be nothing but a place to sleep, and that’s fine, so skip the screen room and go with the Sundome.

It also has:

  • An extra foot of room inside.
  • 6 foot center height.

Check it out here.

Ayamaya 4–6 Person Pop Up Tent

For an even easier assembly than the Coleman Steel Creek fast pitch 6 person tent, here’s the Ayamaya. It’s slightly pricier and lacks the bright screen room, but as just a place to sleep it’s fantastic.

  • Larger than the Coleman on one side.
  • Double-layer fabric to prevent condensation.
  • Pre-assembled poles, set up in seconds.
  • A true 6 person tent size-wise.

Check this one out here.

Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent

For those of you who like the screen room in the Coleman Steel Creek fast pitch 6 person tent but need an actual 6 person capacity, here’s one you may prefer.

With large windows, ample floor space and a homey T-style door, it’s fantastic for liveability, family and friends having fun.

  • Heftier price tag than the Coleman.
  • Sleeps two more than the Coleman, even more if you use the screen room.
  • Highly ventilated by large windows.
  • Sightly more premium constriction than the Coleman.

See it here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Coleman Steel Creek Tent Waterproof? 

The Coleman Steel Creek tent fabric is waterproof, although the seams have some issues. Campers found water leaks in at the corners.

As for the screen room, rain paired with wind could blow in there quite easily. Ensure your rainfly is properly set up.

You may wish to add a tarp to the mix to ensure you cover the entire tent securely. Also, look into some seam seal, not just on the leaky corners, but the tent in its entirety.

To finish off the process on your Coleman, look into using a waterproofing spray on the material despite the claims that it holds up in the rain.

Tent opening to campsite

Is This a Good Tent for Six People?

This is a good tent for six children or six adults in a semi-pile-up—if you use the designated sleeping space.

If you make use of the screen room, you can fit two more people. In fact, you could potentially fit four more people in, but that wouldn’t leave much room for gear.

Sticking to the designated sleeping space, the Coleman Steel Creek 6 is a four person tent.

How To Set up the Coleman Steel Creek

Setting up the Coleman Steel Creek fast pitch 6 person dome tent is simple. After all, it’s fast pitch for a reason.

  1. Lay the tent out flat.
  2. State the tent and ensure the fast-pitch feet are in place with the stakes.
  3. Slide the poles into the feet.
  4. Slide the other part of the poles into the center-point grip.
  5. Attach the tent to the pole with the clips provided.
  6. Equip, attach and stake the rainfly.

How Many Queen-Sized Air Mattresses Can Fit in the Tent?

You can fit two queen-sized air mattresses side-by-side in the designated sleeping portion of the Coleman Steel Creek fast pitch 6 person tent. With two to a mattress, that makes this a four person tent.

Use the screen room, however, and you can fit another two air mattresses side by side. That takes it up to a 6 person tent, even letting you sleep eight if additional campers join your tent crew unexpectedly.

Camper’s Creek

Our Coleman Steel Creek 6 person tent review has revealed a pleasant starter tent for small families just starting on their camping journey. It’s not the most premium thing in the world, but it does the job and keeps you dry, once treated properly.

It’s a tent that should hold up well in mild wind and rain, but when you take it down by the creek for a cozy family trip, try to stick to dryer weather and don’t be too harsh with it.


Technical specs

Price: $
Doors: 1
Weight: 19 lbs
E-Port: Yes
Comfort Capacity: 2-4
Width: 10'
Length: 9'
Height: 5.8'


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