Coleman Octagon 98 8 Person Tent Review


Our Verdict

The Coleman Octagon 98 tent is an 8 person tent made for anyone who wants a cozy, close-range camping experience. It majors in Large Family Bonding, with a minor in Bonding BFFs.


Actually fits eight people.
Excellent tent for family bonding.
Withstands violent winds.
Easy assembly.


Won’t fit many air mattresses.

Sometimes tents can be so separating. You and your family or friends want to sit around in a circle and tell stories all night… is that just me?

You don’t want to be one sleeper on a line of queen mattresses; you want to be able to see everyone, all the time. An octagonal tent is excellent for such a purpose.

Let’s dig into our Coleman Octagon 98 8 person tent review and see what happens. Is it the appropriate tent for your family or friend bonding?

The Coleman Octagon 98 is an excellent tent for family bonding as you can sit in a circle and talk throughout the night. It’s also one of the few tents where the max capacity is comfortable by day and night.

About the Product

Who’s It For?

The Coleman Octagon 98 tent is an 8 person tent made for anyone who wants a cozy, close-range camping experience. It majors in Large Family Bonding, with a minor in Bonding BFFs.

Almost everybody knows the image of a group sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows under the stars. But sometimes it’s too cold for that, or the fire is too dangerous to have around the little ones, so you take it inside.

With a partially mesh roof and a near-circular sleeping area, this is your tent to recreate the campfire image, sans flames with still viewing nature.

Features and Benefits

Durability: Will the Tent Last?

This tent will absolutely last. The Coleman Octagon 98 tent has been tested at wind speeds of over 35 miles per hour, and it didn’t collapse. That’s one strong frame!

Customers also found the rain fly incredibly durable and able to withstand harsh weather hits. However, they had concerns about the floor fabric and procured a tarp to place under the tent just in case.

Others had doubts about the tent’s overall durability as they received a faulty pole clasp and another time a buckled pole—but that seems more like the luck of the draw. 

Size: Does It Really Fit 8 People?

Most tents fit two people fewer than advertised, but the octagon tent shape lets this one fit all 8 of you.

The shape means you can only fit 2 queen air mattresses, where you’d fit three in similarly sized tent setups. This leaves the floor space free to place 8 sleeping bags instead.

Don’t forget to invest in a quality sleeping bag to make up for the lack of a decent mattress—we recommend the Monarch Sleeping Bag because it’s fit for camping in all seasons.

Setup: Can One Person Manage? 

You could manage the setup alone, but it’d be simpler to tackle it with another camper. Being large, tall and round, this camping tent can be difficult for smaller people to deal with.

Features: What Stands Out Besides the Shape?

We can’t let this tent review be all about the tent’s shape because it’s so much more than that. It’s nothing glamorous, but there are a few tent features you’ll enjoy.

Mesh Ceiling

All but two sections of the tent ceiling are mesh, letting you gaze up at the stars together. This is only possible in warm and dry weather, as in any other conditions, you’ll have the rain fly on this Coleman 98 tent.


The awning on the rain fly helps keep rain off the door and adds a homey vibe to the entrance.

Color-Coded Poles

A camping tent this size and shape has a ton of poles. Luckily the color-coded poles are categorized by type, letting you figure out what’s walls and what’s roof with ease.

The poles slot into a joint as they cross the border between the walls and the roof, which also feature color-coded pole attachments.


Although it’s a smart idea to use waterproofing spray and seam seal with every tent, the Coleman Octagon 98 tent has some weatherproofing of its own. 

The patented welded floors inside the tent prevent tears inside and out, and the inverted seams reduce the likelihood of water seeping in through needle holes.

The Coleman Octagon 98 tent also has a sturdy rain fly that covers the mesh roof and back window and adds the awning to the tent door. That said, if the rain is torrential and hitting the door, consider a tarp to cover the mesh in it.

Social Proof 

We can rave about this tent all we want, but it’s meaningless without insight from its users.

This is a lovely HUGE tent. It’s well made- withstandS the wind. With one huge drawback!

Has major design flaw that I’ve only just noticed!

You cannot close the windows unless you have the rain fly up. WTH Coleman!?

This camper enjoys the tent’s size but found a flaw with the windows: they only close with the rain fly up.

Very easy color coded set up. Hard to set up if you are a short person, especially by yourself. Very roomy and spacious. The biggest negative is poles break easily, so be careful with them. If they do break within the warranty period, Amazon will replace. and they are under a one year factory warranty as well. Not designed for cold-weather camping. Big enough to sleep comfortably and fit a wheelchair.

This camper also enjoyed the spacious tent, noting its capacity for a wheelchair. Sadly, they also note the fragility of the tent poles, so be careful.

Love this tent, left it up for 6 months, withstood high winds and stormy New England weather. Eventual small leaks and mold collected on air mattress but was cleaned easily. In the process of cleaning and taking down tent, hole created from baking in the sun on the bottom canvas wall and when folding the top cover small rip happened, I think both are totally repairable.

This camper feels the tent is great and can attest that it can withstand being up long-term. It doesn’t last forever as leaks are inevitable.


What if you don’t like what you read in this review? Here are some alternatives to the Coleman Octagon 98 tent:

Browning Big Horn 8-Person Tent

If the circular sleeping arrangement isn’t your thing, consider this tent. This tent is rectangular, meaning you can make the most of the space available, and unlike many of this shape it will fit the stated eight people.

Place two air mattresses side by side on either end and one from the back wall facing the entrance, leaving you lots of space to walk around under the tall ceiling.

Here’s how it differs from the Coleman Octagon 98 tent:

  • It’s rectangular.
  • More room to walk around.
  • There are two rooms.
  • Multiple windows that open from inside the tent.

Check out this tent here.

Vango Odyssey 800

Here’s another option if it’s the space you value in a tent.

There’s room for eight sleeping bags at either end in the sleeping areas where sunlight is blocked out. If you crave that early morning sun, you can creep out into the communal area and look out the PVC window.

Being PVC, the window is more snag-proof than mesh ones, which fits in well with the water resistant and flame retardant tent fabric.

As opposed to the Coleman tent:

  • Fire retardant.
  • Has a communal area.
  • Blocks sunlight.
  • Two private sleeping areas.
  • More than twice the price.

Take a look here.

Coleman Connecting Tents Bundle

If you want to stick with Coleman and a somewhat rounded shape but you’d like some privacy once storytime ends, this is your tent.

Parents can flee to the tent for three and leave the kids in the part fit for six. If something happens in the night, you’re still connected—but the tents also zip apart if you want to use them separately.

Here’s what this Coleman tent has that the Octagon tent hasn’t:

  • Privacy.
  • Large windows on more than one side.
  • E-ports for quick access to electrical power.

Check out the bundle here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Coleman Octagon 98 Tent Waterproof?

The Coleman Octagon 98 tent appears to be waterproof for the most part. Customers had few complaints about leaks, although some expressed a full fly would’ve been beneficial.

One customer reports that the entire exterior was soaked with rain droplets and condensation—they didn’t specify if it was on different occasions—but none of it seeped inside the tent.

Is This a Good Tent for Eight People?

Yes, the Coleman Octagon 98 tent is a good tent for eight people. It’s much better than the tents we usually review in that regard.

Thus far, most Coleman tents say they’re for eight or six, but they’re really for six or four. It’s a pain to have to buy a tent for two people more than are actually in your party. With the Coleman Octagon 98, you have no worries in that department.

Of course, this only applies if you use the Coleman Octagon 98 tent with sleeping bags rather than mattresses. You could also manage sleeping pads, but they’re less malleable if someone gets too close in the night.

Is It Easy to Carry? 

The Coleman Octagon 98 tent is easy to carry—it’s about the weight of two toddlers but far easier to handle.

If you struggle with lifting large loads, don’t fret. The Coleman Octagon 98 tent is tucked away in a carry case with wheels, so you can pull it along with relative ease. 

Your only enemy will be the terrain you travel by, so ensure you’re able to lift it at least a little to get it over fallen branches and other debris.

How to Setup the Coleman Octagon

  1. Lay the tent flat out with the entrance facing the direction of your choosing.
  2. Gather the poles and arrange them by group.
  3. Slide the appropriate pole group into the center joint.
  4. Place the middle joints on the end of each bole.
  5. Slide the other poles into their appropriate joint slots.
  6. Stand the tent up.
  7. Once the tant is taught and standing, stake the legs.
  8. Place the rainfly on top of the tent.
  9. Insert the flexible pole into the rainfly, above the door.
  10. Stake the rainfly.

The process seems lengthy, but it’s simple enough even for a beginner to undertake alone. It’s one of the best types of tent for setting up and requires no sliding poles through long sleeves.

Coming Around

Our Coleman Octagon 98 8 person tent review shows it appears to be an incredible tent for family bonding come rain or shine. Withstanding strong wind and keeping leaks at bay, it’s one you can use again and again for whatever your whims. The welded floors and inverted seams make this tent a water resistant choice.

One enormous benefit of the Coleman Octagon 98 tent is how it really sleeps eight people. So if you need a tent for eight and don’t want to buy a 10-person beast, this is the tent for your needs.


Technical specs

Price: $
Doors: 1
Weight: 40 lbs
E-Port: No
Comfort Capacity: 6-8
Width: 13'
Length: 13'
Height: 6.10'


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