Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Person Tent Review


Our Verdict

The Coleman Weathermaster Elite 6 tent is a simple and affordable 6 person starter tent suitable for beginners and non-serious campers.


Long-lasting light.
Hinged door.
Screen room.


The older model had an AC port, but the newer doesn't.
Requires some additional work to get it weatherproof.

Sometimes you need to kick back and relax with a group of pals or your small family. Camping is an excellent way to relax and bond all at once—so long as you’ve got the right tent.

You need something that accommodates all of you with some floor space for gear. But if you’re like me, you’ll also want privacy to wind down after a day of fun. 

The Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 person tent comfortably sleeps four with room for 2 queen mattresses. If you use the spacious screen room, you can fit a third—but watch out; there’s no floor in there. Besides the screen room, a standout feature is the tri-setting LED lighting system. Let’s look in more detail in our Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Person Tent review.

About the Product 

Who’s It For?

The Coleman Weathermaster Elite 6 tent is a simple and affordable 6 person starter tent suitable for beginners and non-serious campers.

There’s enough space to fit 2 queen size beds, but you could fit a third if you use the screen room. The third bed could be a spare for anyone sulking from an argument or anyone who’s not comfortable sharing with others.

I’d sleep in that room just to look at nature and the stars surrounding me—that’s always an option, weather permitting.

By day, the tent with screen room feature is perfect for providing a comfortable interior setting without you feeling closed in. By night, retire to the LED-lit second room to chat.

All features combined, it’s a true family and friends tent for those close enough to get the full benefit of what it can offer.

Features and Benefits 

Durability: Will It Last?

The Elite Coleman Weathermaster 6 person tent isn’t a premium purchase. However, like the entire Coleman Weathermaster tent range, it’ll still last if you treat it well.

Customers found it more durable than they expected, even in the wind. One camper said it was the only tent in the fleet that didn’t collapse under the strong winds of their trip.

It could last 10 years if used sparsely over summers—but only if treated as an additional member to the camping group, rather than a tool.

Part of treating the tent well comes from acquiring seam seal, using some waterproofing spray and possibly investing in a tarp to aid the rain fly on top of the tent.

Weathermaster the tent may be, with welded floors and inverted seams, but some customers had issues with light leaks early on. This can only get worse with time, so take precautions now!

Size: Safe for Six?

This Coleman Weathermaster is a 6 person tent in theory. If you use small sleeping pads and tuck your elbows in, it’ll definitely fit the 6 person purpose.

Comfort-wise, you may want to shave off an extra person or two and keep it at a cozy four in the tent.

With two queen size beds fitting comfortably across 10 feet of space, you could do parents on one bed and two kids on the other. Alternatively, you could do two couples or friend pairings for bed.

As mentioned earlier, you could also put someone in the tent screen room if you prepare it correctly for the season. As the screened room takes up almost half the tent’s total size, it’d be a shame to waste it at night.

If you’ve got your heart set on six, you could fit two tiny air mattresses behind the queens, but it’ll be a jam-packed tent by this point. You’ll also be sacrificing some equipment room. 

Six is easier to do if you travel light or are car camping. Or if the fifth and sixth members of your party are dogs—several families enjoyed bringing their canine companions on their trips in this tent.

Ensure the dogs are small enough when stretched out, though. Some dogs—I’m not saying mine, but mine—have a stretching habit and nails that’d accidentally pop a nearby air mattress. They can also damage tent walls.

As for socializing, once you’ve got the sleeping arrangements sorted, the tent is big enough to hold up to six people or more. This is perfect if you’re camping with other families or friend groups and want to go inside the tent to chat.

Assemble some chairs, walk around at full height, do whatever. The tent’s height will not be an issue unless you meet the Harlem Globetrotters on your trip.

Features: What Joys Does This Budget Beauty Hold?

Besides that fantastic screen room, what other features of the tent can we put under review? There are a few exclusive to the Elite range, others exclusive to the large (6–10 person) Coleman Weathermaster tent models.

Hinged Door

One fantastic feature that’s only possible on these larger Coleman Weathermaster and similar tent models is the hinged door. It extends almost to the ceiling, so it should be tall enough to accommodate anyone in your party.

The hinged front door makes camping with small children and animals easy. It’s a pain to unzip a door and clamber out with a kid or dog in tow.

With a hinge at the top and bottom of this tent door, it’s as easy as going in and out of a cabin for the vertically inclined. 

Unfortunately, wider people won’t have it so easy. Being a semicircle, the tent door isn’t as wide from top to bottom as would be ideal. You can still pass through it sideways if you’re struggling, but it’s not the best design in the world.

Still—it’s ever convenient, with a little doormat style piece of fabric to step onto every time you exit the tent.

It’s just a shame you have to step over a piece of fabric to get onto the doormat. It’d be better for toddlers and small animals if the door extended all the way to the ground.


Part of what makes this Coleman Weathermaster tent elite is the built-in LED lighting system. Usually, you’d need to use the e-port to power a light or string lights. Or you’d need torches and weak battery lights.

Coleman provides that convenience for you right from purchase…ish. You’ll still have to buy four D-batteries to power the lights or a rechargeable cartridge to replace the basic one provided.

The light is small but powerful, situated on the roof and controlled with an illuminated wall switch.

For a long-lasting light, keep the LED on a lower setting. The settings are as follows:

  • High, with a 26 hour run time.
  • Low, with a 65 hour run time.
  • Nightlight, with an 81 hour run time.

Generally, you won’t need the high setting as the light from the outside can penetrate the tent’s windows by day. By night you have moonlight in the tent and won’t need something too strong unless you’re reading or playing a board game.

The low lighting could be an excellent mood-setter for spooky stories or a disco for the kids. It’s also fantastic for friends kicking back in a dimly-lit space with beers and tales of good times.

We feel the most intuitive setting is the nightlight, though. As this is an excellent family tent and sleeping in the wilderness can be frightening, kids need some lighting to make them feel safe.


If it’s dry and warm and you wish to harness the power of the moon over LED, consider removing the rain fly roof and letting your tent open up to the stars.

Hasn’t everyone dreamed of sleeping under the stars?

Admittedly, the skylight mesh ceiling doesn’t add as much as the other standout features of the tent. It’s more like a cool add-on that adds joy rather than convenience.

The skylight is perfect for budding astronomers with a pair of binoculars. It’s also ideal for campers who’ve finished with the telescope outside but still want to see the stars when done.

Oh, and it’s excellent if you’re camping to view a meteor shower. No need to sit outside in the cold, exposed to the other campers. You can watch from the comfort of your Coleman tent, whether it’s a 6 or one person trip.

Mountain view through tent doors

Screen Room

Like the skylight, the screened porch lets you view not only the sky but nature on three sides. It’s the perfect place to sleep if you want an immersive natural experience while bug-free.

The screened porch is also a cozy hangout space for daytime, letting our 6 person party be outside but not really outside. 

The screened area also creates additional ventilation in a crowded, stuffy tent. Open the door in the tent between the main and screen areas and bask in the fresh air without having to step outside.

However, the screened porch room is a little too open on one side: the bottom! There’s no tent floor here, so put a tarp down if you decide to sleep someone in this part of the Coleman Weathermaster 6.


Privacy is vital in a 6 person tent. It’s difficult to get a 6 person party all-comfortable to not require at least a little privacy in the tent.

If you’re in need of privacy but can’t use the screen room as a sleeping area, then the included divider comes in handy. Use it to create a dressing room, sleeping vs. living area, or separate bedrooms.

The room divider can be placed anywhere in the main room of the tent to create a separate sleeping area.

Social Proof 

Now that you know the stats and possibilities with a few customer opinions on tow, let’s go directly to the campers. 

One camper took this tent out in a windy area with no issues, and enjoyed the roomy accommodation the Coleman Elite Weathermaster provides.

Coleman elite weather master 6 is a great tent. Stood up to 35 mph winds and rain without a single break, rip or leak. Screen porch doesn’t have a floor, which is what we wanted. Easy setup and tall enough for me to stand in, and I’m 6’3″.

A second camper backs up the praise and offers some advice on making the Weathermaster live up to its name. Apparently, it can leak a little in the rain—but it’s easily fixed with some smart tarp placement and staking.

I’ll second the weather master, been using it for car camping through the last 3 seasons and it’s been awesome. One modification I made for the screen room is that before I put the fly on I’ll take 2 medium size tarps and bind them to each other with 2 long (5-6 ft) bungees and have them drape along the outside of the screen room. Then I stake the back corners of the tarps into the ground adjacent to the second set of poles back.

Last year we took 2 week long trips where it rained literally every day and the rain would hit the side walls and spatter through onto everything so I had to come up with something. With this tarp rig I can just cinch them up to cover the side walls and everything in the screen room stays bone dry while still allowing ventilation. I like this system because the tarps come out from under the fly so there’s no chance of water getting behind them, and when it’s nice you can just tuck the tarp behind the second set of poles back from the screen room door and you hardly notice them.

Seriously, nothing but praise for this 6 person Elite Coleman Weathermaster. This camper found it to be strong in rainy, windy weather and mentions small but not drastic rain splatter. The camper’s experience went so well that their family bought the tent, too.

I also have this tent and have been using it the past 3 summers for car camping in Eastern Ontario. It has stood up beautifully during strong wind and rain. I do also recommend a tarp for the screen room if you are expecting rainy weather, as a poster above mentioned, rain can definitely spatter through the screen walls a little.

My brother and his fiancee ended up buying the same tent after camping for a season alongside us because they liked it so much. No regrets!


Maybe you like this Coleman Weathermaster Elite tent, but you’d like to review it compared to similar quality products. Here are three:

Vango Odyssey Deluxe 800

If you want a plain but premium camping tent, this is one to consider. It’s durability is intense, with fabric engineered to withstand heavy rain and wind without add-ons. It’s also a little bigger than a 6 person tent.

There are even two private sleeping areas that sleep four people each, with a large stretch in the middle for mingling.

Compared to the Coleman, this tent has:

  • Higher price.
  • More weatherproofing.
  • Premium materials.
  • No screen room.

Check it out here.

Wenzel Klondike 8-Person Screen Tent

If you prefer a screen room with a groundsheet, here’s a tent that might be your match. It fits more than 6 people, but there won’t be much privacy involved inside or out. You can’t divide the rooms unless you decide to tarp the screen room and use it as a separate bedroom.

The mesh windows let anyone see into the other part of the tent, though—consider covering them at night!

This tent has the following as opposed to the Coleman Elite:

  • A groundsheet in the screen room.
  • More space.
  • Less privacy—no room divider. 

Take a look here.

CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Does the Coleman look too intimidating to set up? Consider the Core cabin tent. It holds more than 6 people but pops up in almost an instant. 

Thanks to the 60-second assembly of this instant tent, you shouldn’t expect many fancy features, but there’s a mesh ceiling like Coleman’s that you may enjoy. The only little thing that customers found were the door zippers that got caught on the fabric when opening and closing.

It differs from the Coleman Weathermaster 6:

  • Faster setup.
  • Sleeps up to 9 people.
  • Lighter weight.
  • Annoying door zippers.

See it here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Coleman Weathermaster Waterproof?

The Coleman Weathermaster is waterproof to an extent. The screen room allows in a few water droplets, and the seams can be problematic during heavy rain. Get some waterproofing spray and seam seal, and you’re good to go—also, get a few tarps for the screen room as the rain fly only covers the roof.

Can Six People Sleep in the Tent Comfortably?

The main room can sleep 6 people semi-comfortably. It’s better if you utilize the screen room, but that’s not always possible. Truth be told, it’s more of a 4-person than a 6 tent if you don’t want to cram 6 people in.

How Many Queen-Sized Air Mattresses Can Fit in the Tent?

The Elite Coleman Weathermaster 6 person tent can accommodate two queen-sized air mattresses and two singles.

How To Set up the Coleman Elite Weathermaster

The tent poles are tall, so you’ll need two people for assembly. Then:

  1. Lay the tent out, ensuring it faces your desired direction.
  2. Get the tent staked down.
  3. Assemble the poles, put them in the sleeves and ensure they’re pinned in place.
  4. Attach the clips to the poles and form the tent’s overall shape.
  5. Secure the rain fly on one side, pull it over the tent and hook it on all four corners.

What’s the Difference Between This Model and the Regular Coleman Weathermaster?

The only difference between the Elite model and the regular Coleman Weathermaster is that the Elite tent has a light. Also, the largest size for the Elite is 6 people, non-Elite’s largest is a 10 person tent.

Does the Screen Room Have a Groundsheet or Some Sort of Floor?

No, the screen room has no flooring whatsoever—invest in a tarp.

How Bright Is the Led Light?

The LED light has high, low and nightlight modes. Campers compare the high setting to daylight, where the low is a gentle amber glow. The nightlight is comparable to a typical child’s nightlight.

The Stakes Are In

You can now take away from the Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 person tent review that the product is well-liked and gets the job done.

Model sizes


Technical specs

Price: $
Doors: 2
Weight: 36 lbs
E-Port: Yes
Comfort Capacity: 4-5
Width: 17'
Length: 9'
Height: 6.8'


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