Big Agnes Bunk House 6 Review

Big Agnes Bunk House Camping Tent (4/6 Person)

Our Verdict

The Big Agnes Bunk House 6 Person Tent is a brilliant family tent that comes in four and six person sizes.

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  • TWO vestibules – one large, one small.
  • Can convert the front vestibule door into a large awning
  • Love that the carry bag can be worn like a backpack
  • The 6 person model feels ridiculously spacious
  • High quality, durable materials including top-of-range DAC aluminum tent poles
  • FULL rainfly coverage with excellent waterproofing
  • Double wall tent for fighting condensation
  • 8 storage pockets on the 6 person version!


  • The 4 person is not tall enough for the average man to stand up in.
  • No mesh on the vestibules – these aren’t screen rooms.

Welcome to our Big Agnes Bunk House 6 review. If you’re in a rush, the Big Agnes Bunk House 6 Person Tent is a brilliant family tent.

It’s the ONLY family camping tent that is both super spacious and comes with a full length rainfly to protect you from bad weather. This rainfly has a good waterproof rating of 1500mm, plenty for 3 season camping.

The Big Agnes tent is also the only big family tent that comes with two vestibules. A large vestibule at the front that can be converted into a big awning, and a smaller vestibule at the back.

It’s durable as heck, using highly durable aluminum tent poles produced by the DAC brand. These are the same tent poles used in very expensive backpacking tents. Aluminum tent poles are stronger than the fiberglass poles of most cheap family tents and they’re much less likely to snap half way through a night of camping.

Big Agnes have packed so many useful extras into this tent. There’s storage space everywhere – two big corner bin pockets, four mesh pockets, two media pockets and even hooks to add gear lofts. The carry bag also has backpack straps which makes it much easier to lug around these big family tents.

What are this tents drawbacks? The only main drawback is its price. It’s average priced for a good camping tent, but it will set you back more than a cheap $60 tent from Walmart. Frankly though, this tent is ridiculously cheap for what you get and I would not be surprised if Big Agnes raised their prices in the near future.

Overall, the Big Agnes Bunk Tent is a great family tent. We highly recommend it!