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The 8 best instant tents in 2021

Best Instant Cabin
The CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin is so easy to set up, it’s a great option for group camping
Best Overall Tent
This Quechua Pop-Up goes up in seconds – which is just one reason we loved this tent.
Best Air Tent
This sturdy and durable tent from Vango uses inflatable tent poles for a quick set up

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Last Updated: June 5, 2021

You want a tent that you can set up instantly when you arrive at camp. That’s why you’re reading our best instant tents review!

We’ve looked at hundreds of instant tents with all sorts of different quick pitch technology to give you the comprehensive list of the BEST instant tents on the market.

Setting up your campsite upon arrival can sometimes be a real pain. The sooner everything is up, the sooner you can relax and hang out with your fellow campers.

So strap yourself in as we get ready to through what makes these tents an instant success or an automatic fail.





Best Overall Tent

This Quechua Pop-Up goes up in seconds – which is just one reason we loved this tent.


Best Instant Cabin

The CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin is so easy to set up, it’s a great option for group camping


Best Air Tent

This sturdy and durable tent from Vango uses inflatable tent poles for a quick set up


Best For Small Families

With the spacious interior and the canopy, this pop-up tent is big enough for small family camping trips.


Best For Big Families

Another instant cabin tent, this tent from Ozark Trail is perfect for large group camping trips with friends or family.


Best For Festivals

This tent is a low-cost option that’s great for festivals.


Best Value

The Ubon 2-Person Pop-Up is a fantastic low-cost option that will be up in seconds.


Best Alternative Choice

Crua manage to master versatility with quick set up in their Core tent.


Best of the Bunch

If you’re in a hurry and just want to know why tent impressed us the most, check out the super simple Quechua 2 Second Pop-Up.

Which instant tent gives you the best bang for your buck?

The Ubon Pop-Up might lack the durability and features of the Quechua but it is available at a bargain price which makes it a lot easier to forgive some of the tent’s shortcomings.

Overview of the Best Instant Tents

Best Overall Tent

Quechua Pop Up Tent (2/3 Person)

This Quechua Pop-Up goes up in seconds – which is just one reason we loved this tent

Capacity: 2 | Weight: 7.3 pounds | Dimensions: 47.2” x 82.7” x 38.6” | Bag Dimensions: 25.6” x 3.5” | Doors: 1 | Power Cord Vent: No | Price: $$ | Hydrostatic Rating: >2000mm | Set Up Time: 2 Seconds



  • Blackout technology keeps inside cool and dark
  • Impressive durability for a pop-up.
  • Compact packed size but spacious for one or two


  • More expensive than other pop-ups
  • Small compared to other styles of tent

This stylish tent from Quechua is our favorite pop-up instant tent we reviewed due to how compact and durable it is whilst being incredibly easy to set up.

One of the exciting extra features of this tent is the Ti0²-coated (titanium dioxide) fabric which provides protection of SPF50+. It also keeps out most of the light even in broad daylight, meaning you won’t be woken up by the sunlight beaming down on your tent. 

If the sunlight wakes you up in the morning, this is a great option to consider. This can also be a great feature for festival camping – particularly if the night before got away from you and you need a cool, dark space to lie in while you get ready for round 2. 

The instant tent is also very durable which is surprising for a pop-up. Quechua don’t use hydrostatic ratings to indicate how waterproof their tents are, but all of their tents come with a minimum rating of 2000mm. It has been tested in showers up to 200 L of water per square meter for four hours and wind speeds of up to 30 mph. 

This is excellent water resistance for a pop-up tent.

That is about twice the levels of a European storm for four hours, so you can trust their tents should be able to stand up to a summer shower at the very least!

This tent is on the small side and would only be comfortable for single-person camping, so it might be a good option for a personal tent while camping with a group of friends.

Overall, the Quechua can handle a lot more than you would expect from a tent that pops up. The trade-off of these features and easy set-up is that the Quechua is more expensive than other pop-up tents, but we think it justifies that price tag.

Best Instant Cabin

Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

The CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin is so easy to set up, it’s a great option for group camping

Capacity: 9 | Weight: 30.5 pounds | Dimensions: 14’ x 9’ x 6’6″ | Bag Dimensions: 28 x 11.5 x 11.5 inches | Doors: 2 | Power Cord Vent: Yes | Price: $$ | Hydrostatic Rating: 600mm | Set Up Time: 60 Seconds



  • Easy tent to set up – even alone
  • Plenty of space to spread out
  • Mesh roof for excellent ventilation and night time views
  • Room divider provides privacy


  • Can get chilly in cold weather
  • Stakes aren’t very good

This CORE tent is an excellent instant cabin tent that ticks all the boxes for us. With the telescopic poles attached to the fabric already, this tent can be set up easily in a matter of minutes. CORE even claims it can be done in 60-seconds. 

The center height of this tent provides plenty of headroom which makes it an excellent choice for tall people.

An issue with instant tents that are sometimes reported is that they can be difficult to clean because of the pre-attached poles. But you shouldn’t machine wash tents and using a sponge to gently clean soiled areas is just as easy with the pre-attached poles. 

There’s a spacious interior that can be separated into two by a detachable room divider or left as one open welcoming space. But the really exciting feature of this tent is the mesh ceiling. The stunning views of the night’s sky you can enjoy in your tent with the rain fly off are remarkable.  It also provides superb ventilation to keep your tent cool.

With the ease of setup that comes with instant tents and the livable space afforded by cabin tents, the CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent combines both into the perfect tent for young family trips or camping with a group of friends.

Capacity: 5 | Weight: 17.6kg | Dimensions: 320cm x 490cm x 210cm | Bag Dimensions: 70cm x 36cm x 35cm | Doors: 1 | Power Cord Vent: Yes | Price: $$$ | Hydrostatic Rating: 6000mm | Set Up Time: <5 Minutes



  • Very weather-resistant
  • The sleeping pod can be divided
  • Roomy living area to socialize in


  • Expensive, although value for money given durability
  • Hardest instant tent to pitch

The Vango Airbeam Odyssey is a great option for family camping. There’s a spacious living area in the front and a sleeping pod that can be separated by a removable divider. The sleeping pods are also darkened to help you get a better night’s sleep. 

This tent is far easier to set up than a regular tent but is harder work than the other instant tents listed here, like the CORE. It takes two adults between 3-5 minutes of pumping to fully inflate the tent. 

What impresses us most about this tent is the durability it offers, which is rare in instant tents. This tent comes with Vango’s Tension Band System – a strap that can be tightened to improve the integrity of the tent in strong winds. 

So if you’re looking for a water resistant instant tent that you can use all year, this is a fantastic choice. 

This tent is pricey but with features like the Tension Band System and the dark bedrooms, the tent is certainly still value for money. Given how durable the tent is, you can expect to get a lot of use out of the tent. 

This tent would be great choice for couples who still want some extra space in their tent but also would like an easy setup.

Best For Small Families

Ayamaya Pop Up Tent (4-6 Person)

With the spacious interior and the canopy, this pop-up tent is big enough for small family camping trips

Capacity: 4-6 | Weight: 11.6lbs | Height: 6’6” | Dimensions: 12.5’ x 8.5’ x 4.3” | Bag Dimensions: 34.65 x 34.65 x 1.18 inches | Doors: 1 | Power Cord Vent: Yes | Price: $$ | Hydrostatic Rating: 3000mm | Set Up Time: 60 Seconds



  • Spacious interior for a pop-up
  • Canopy for sheltered longuing
  • Fantastic vestibule for storage


  • Gets warm at night
  • Breaking down the tent is difficult

This large pop-up tent can fit a small family. It comes with a vestibule and living area which can help make getting ready in the mornings a little bit easier. That additional storage space in the tent is rare in pop-up tents designed for easy set-up. 

The canopy is another fantastic feature for making this tent feel even bigger. With the gear loft and storage pockets, there’s plenty of options for keeping your phone, wallet, or other valuables safe.

There were two issues we found in the tent. Firstly, whilst set up is very easy, breaking the tent down and fitting it into the bag again can be a challenge and is easier with two people. 

Secondly, the ventilation in the tent is pretty poor so if you’re looking for a warm-weather tent, avoid this. 

Overall, this would be an ideal tent for a small family with younger kids. The setup is quick and easy meaning you can spend less time fighting tent poles into sleeves and more time playing with the kids.

Best For Big Families

Ozark Trail 3 Room Instant Cabin 12 Person Tent

Another instant cabin tent, this tent from Ozark Trail is perfect for large group camping trips with friends or family

Capacity: 12 | Weight: 61lbs | Height: 6’6” | Dimensions: 16’ x 16’ x 7’8’’ | Bag Dimensions: 52.5 x 14 x 12.5 inches | Doors: 2 | Power Cord Vent: Yes | Price: $ | Hydrostatic Rating: 600mm | Set Up Time: <2 Minutes



  • Huge covered outdoor space
  • Three massive rooms


  • Might be too large for some campsites

Some might see this colossal camping tent as excessive, but it’s great for large group camping trips with friends. This tent means you can all stay together in the same tent rather than having to split up, making it well-suited to large families with young children as well.

The three separate rooms offer spacious private areas that can each be used as a bedroom thanks to the canopy attached to the front. With the canopy up, the covered area outside is the same size as each room. So you’ll have plenty of space to sit in the shade for a livable space! 

Whilst this tent isn’t cheap, the amount of space you get for the cost of this tent is remarkable. Given how easy the tent is to set up as well, the Ozark Trail tent offers fantastic value for money. 

Tents this size that are this easy to set up and available at this price are few and far between.

Some campsites have regulations about how big tents can be, so be aware that might be an issue with a tent this size. Always check before you book. 

If you’re looking for a big instant tent with rooms to give everyone some privacy on your trip, the Ozark Trail tent certainly offers that.

Best For Festivals

Coleman Pop-Up 2/4 Person Tent

This tent is a low-cost option that’s great for festivals

Capacity: 2 | Weight: 6.31 lbs | Dimensions: 14’ x 9’ (126ft2) | Bag Dimensions: 7’6” x 4’5” x 2’11” | Doors: 1 | Power Cord Vent: No | Price: $ | Hydrostatic Rating: 600mm | Set Up Time: <60 Seconds



  • Available at an affordable price
  • Wind responsive


  • Poorer quality

No one wants to spend their time at a festival pitching a tent. So the fact that this Coleman tent can pop-up in seconds is a great feature. 

This tent is a cheaper option than the Quechua and that is reflected in the quality. There are reported issues with the zipper commonly getting stuck and poor ventilation so the tent can get quite warm at night. The rainfly also doesn’t provide total coverage.

These are all valid issues and if the festivals you’re planning to go to have unpredictable weather (like in the UK) this tent might not be the best choice. 

This tent does come with a sturdy frame that is wind responsive meaning it is better able to withstand windy conditions. It also comes with two storage pockets which are great for keeping phones and other valuables safe.

The Coleman is a fantastic option for people looking for an instant tent at a reasonable price for festivals. The tent is also pretty lightweight which is great for carrying to festival campsites – just remember to carry it away as well!

Best Value

Ubon Pop up 2-3 Person Tent

The Ubon 2-Person Pop-Up is a fantastic low-cost option that will be up in seconds

Capacity: 2 | Weight: 1.8kg | Dimensions: 78.7” x 59.1” x 43.3” | Bag Dimensions: 23.6 x 1.2 inches | Doors: 2 | Power Cord Vent: No | Price: $ | Hydrostatic Rating: 1500mm | Set Up Time: 3 Seconds



  • Incredible value


  • Small and limited tent

In terms of the price range, this tent is hard to beat. 

The Ubon tent sleeps 2 and is available for a fraction of the price of the other tents on this list, so maybe expectations should be dropped. This tent won’t let you gaze at the stars from your bed or attach onto a bigger tent to form the first settlements of Tent City.

It does come with the basics you will need in a small tent. Two doors for easy access, inner pockets for storage, a roof hook for a light. 

However, tents in this price range almost always come with issues. This tent is actually quite small and would be tight for a tall adult so make sure that you will be comfortable with the dimensions. 

The size would make it ideal for using on family camping trips as a tent for tweens. Given how easy it is to set-up as well, you can leave everything to them. Giving your kids their own tent to set-up and sleep in helps develop their personal relationship with camping. 

It is not very durable or waterproof so it should be used for good weather camping in summer when wind and rain are less of a concern. 

This tent would be perfect for families with older kids who want their tent for some privacy. This would be a great addition to the CORE 9-Person tent to provide extra sleeping space for a lone camper.

Best Alternative Choice

Crua Core 6 Person Tent

Crua manage to master versatility with quick set up in their Core tent

Capacity: 6 | Weight: 33 lbs | Dimensions: 16’ x 12’ x 7.5’ | Bag Dimensions: 33 x 19 x 18 inches | Doors: 3 | Power Cord Vent: No | Price: $$$ | Hydrostatic Rating: 5000mm | Set Up Time: <5 Minutes



  • High ceiling is great for tall campers
  • Connectable tents gives your gang privacy


  • Expensive compared to other tents
  • Small doors aren’t the easiest for getting between connected tents

This instant tent from Crua also offers a large family tent that can be set up in a matter of minutes. 

Like the Vango, the Crua has been designed as a 3-season tent with inflatable poles, capable of standing up to the wind and the rain. 

We like the fact that the Crua Core tent has three attachments for smaller Crua tents to connect to. This is handy because the Crua Core tent only has one room, so additional tents can give you private dorms that are still connected to the main body of the tent. 

This is great for social camping trips, with extended family or a group of friends. 

It’s important to point out that the doors connecting the smaller tents to the main body are quite low and small, so might be difficult to get in and out of if anyone has mobility issues. 

The Crua Core doesn’t come cheap. It’s considerably more expensive than the Vango tent but for us doesn’t quite do enough to justify it. Some of the value can be regained by using the connecting tents independently for smaller trips. 

If you can afford it and like the sound of connecting smaller tents, then this is a good airbeam tent alternative to the Vango.

Which instant tent is easiest to set up?

How quickly do these instant tents and what about pop up tents?

Best: Quechua 2-Second Instant Pop Up & CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin

The first test for an instant tent is how quickly and easily it can be set up. This is the key function of an instant tent. 

The CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent is very simple to set up and can be comfortably done within three minutes by two adults – potentially under 60 seconds according to CORE, although this might take some practice. 

Quechua market their instant camping tent as a “2-second pop-up” and while it’ll take a little longer than that to get it fully set up, you can expect to have the instant camping tent up within a minute. Take it out of the bag, unhook some clasps, and let the tent pop into shape. Voila! 

A person setting the Quechua up by allowing it to "pop" before staking it down.
Popping the Quechua open doesn’t get much easier!

Camping doesn’t get much easier than that. This is great for inexperienced campers who want to pitch their instant tent with as little drama as possible. 

Instant tents can also be a good option for families to consider, particularly single-parent families who are looking for an easier set-up. 

Mumsnet review of pop up tents which describes how they are great for car camping
Advice from a user that instant tents, especially pop-up tents are brilliant for instant car camping

The pop-up tents from Ayamaya and Coleman are some of the easiest tents to setup. The Ayamaya instant camping tent however can be difficult to break down and might need two people to get it easily packed away. 

The instant Ubon pop-up tent is also easy to set up but the value is in the ease of breaking the tent away and putting it back into the bag which can be down in under two minutes. 

The concern we have is how vulnerable the materials of the tent are to the rough set up and break down of pop-up tents.  

The instant Ozark Trail tent set up is easier than would be expected from a tent its size. However, it will still be more difficult than conventionally shaped instant cabin tents so be aware that it isn’t the easiest tent to work with. For other options, check out our list of best cabin tents.

The airbeam tents are probably the most work to set up out of all these tents but they are still a good bit easier than a regular tent. The airbeam technology is fantastic for structural security and it only takes a couple of minutes to inflate the tent fully. 

You can still pitch this instant camping tent by yourself as it is so easy to use. 

Once the tent is inflated, there are a few additional steps like setting up the inner sleeping pod that will take longer. But the instant Vango tent balances speed and ease of set up with all the features you would expect from a large family tent with superb skill. 

The instant Crua Core tent is also deceptively easy to set up but if you want to add connecting tents to the tent, it will take longer. 

Overall you can’t beat the speed of the CORE instant tent when it comes to setting up a family tent. The smaller tents understandably are easier and quicker to set up and the instant Vango Airbeam Odyssey 500 tent is definitely the most difficult option but is still remarkably easy and quick for a tent of its size. 

Can instant tents be set up alone?

Not all instant tents can be set up by one person but the vast majority can. Tents like the instant cabin tents with telescoping poles and the pop-up tents are easy to set up. 

Unfortunately, one person is more likely to face issues with breaking down some instant tents available. Pop-ups in particular can be difficult for one person to fold into shape. 

Just as with regular tents, there is a learning curve that comes with set up for instant tents. The more often a person sets up and breaks down their instant camping tent, the easier it will become. Thankfully, this process is a lot quicker with instant tents. 

Top instant tents for easy carrying

These tents are better for car camping rather than campsites you need to hike to. Tents that pop up are great for setting up in a matter of seconds, but their carry bag is often a large, flat circle that makes carrying them while backpacking a challenge.

The right instant tent for you

Instant tents can be set up in seconds, meaning they can reduce the stress of setting up your campsite. This can make them a great option for casual camping trips with the family or a group of friends.

Which instant tent is best for family camping?

Best: Ozark Trail 3-Room Instant Cabin Tent

The best family instant tent is the instant Ozark Trail tent. It suits a large family that needs their own space. The three separate rooms give you ample space inside the instant camping tent and the covered awning is great for watching the kids play.

Which instant tent is best for festivals?

Best: Coleman Instant Pop-Up Tent

The instant Coleman Pop Up tent is the best instant tent for festivals. The carry bag is a little awkward for carrying but the instant set up and low-cost of the tent outweighs the difficulty in hauling the tent to your campsite.

Which instant tent is the most comfortable?

Best: Vango Odyssey Air 500 Villa

The CORE 9-Person cabin tent is not only an instant tent but a cabin tent as well. With its straight walls and high ceiling, the interior of the tent is roomy and spacious. The removable room divider can portion a section of the tent to give it more privacy. 

However, we prefer the instant Vango tent when it comes to using space. The peak height in the Vango is 210cm, or about 6 10 inches which is actually higher than the CORE instant tent. With the tunnel shape and front canopy, you don’t lose much more space through this design than a cabin tent can offer. 

The only area where the tent might feel enclosed is towards the end of the sleeping pods. 

The sleeping pods themselves can be split into 2-person and 3-person rooms with the toggled inner divider. 

Combined with the durability of this instant camping tent, the removable divider is a great feature for young families. Whilst the kids are young you can all share one pod with the divider down but as they get older, you can use the divider for more privacy. 

The Crua Core instant tent uses space creatively with connectable tents available to buy and a large front porch area. However, this instant tent is only one room, and whilst it is large, it is a disappointment that the tent doesn’t come with an option to section off a bedroom. 

The Ozark Trail 16’ x 16’ instant tent is a behemoth of a tent. The tent’s design allows for a large covered outdoor space to be created with the canopy whilst still offering three large, comfortable rooms inside. 

The issue with the Ozark Trail is that some campsites do not accept tents that big.

The Ubon tent is fairly small, perhaps too small to be used by a fully grown adult.

There is ample space inside the instant Quechua 2-Person Tent for two people, although it will be tight.

Features like the storage pockets help the tent feel bigger but without a vestibule, fitting two adults and their bags in this tent is going to be a real challenge.

That said, it would be a top instant camping tent for solo camping, being compact enough to not feel cavernous and spacious enough to store any equipment inside. 

The instant Ayamaya tent offers plenty of space for a pop-up tent, which is rare. The instant Coleman tent however is a bit tight and if you are looking for a tent for more than one person, we would recommend the next size up which is a 4-person offering from Coleman. 

The instant CORE 9-Person cabin tent is not only an instant tent but a cabin tent as well. With its vertical walls and high ceiling, the interior of the tent is roomy and spacious. The removable room divider can portion a section of the tent to give it more privacy. 

However, we prefer the instant Vango tent when it comes to using space. The ceiling in the Vango peaks at 210cm, or about 6 foot 10 inches which gives even more head room than the instant CORE cabin tent . With the tunnel shape and front canopy, you don’t lose much more space through this design than a cabin tent can offer. 

The only area where the instant camping tent might feel enclosed is towards the end of the sleeping pods. 

The sleeping pods themselves can be split into 2-person and 3-person rooms with the toggled inner divider. 

Our pick for the best instant tent when it comes to using space has to be the instant Vango Airbeam Odyssey tent. The sense of space you get standing in the living space (yes, standing in your tent!) is impressive. With comfortable sleeping pods as well, this tent is a real winner. 

Which instant camping tent has the best storage options?

Winner: Ozark Trail 3-Room Instant Cabin & Ayamaya Instant Pop Up

The Ayamaya Pop Up tent is the best of the bunch for gear storage space . It’s rare to find a pop up that comes with a vestibule – let alone one this size!

The vestibule in the instant Ayamaya tents makes them great for storing any camping gear or equipment you have, freeing up more floor space in the main body of the tent for sleeping. The gear loft is great for storing personal belongings as well.

Having space to sprawl out rather than feeling like you’re crammed like sardines is a real advantage in a pop up tent.

The instant camping tent with the best storage options was the Ozark Trail, however. With three rooms and a covered outdoor area, there are plenty of places to keep lots of gear safe and dry in this tent.

How well do these tents stand up to bad weather?

The top of the list in terms of weatherproofing for us was the instant Vango Odyssey tent. It’s rare to find a 4-season instant tent, so these tents made by Vango are a good catch. Their Tension Band System gives added support to the tent’s frame in adverse conditions like strong changeable winds. 

This is a top tent for areas where you can’t be as reliant on good weather, like the UK. Having a sturdy tent that can be set up quickly in bad weather and protect you from the elements is a much better experience than arguing over who has the right tent pole for the right sleeve in the wind and the rain. 

Top instant camping tent for keeping you dry in heavy rain

Winner: Vango Odyssey Air 500 Villa

The instant Quechua 2 Second Pop-Up was tested under a shower of 200mm/hr (the equivalent of tropical rain). It should provide plenty of protection in rainy conditions.

The instant Crua Core tent is also designed for holidays in less reliable weather in the British Isles. 

The Crua Core Dome is an instant tent that is great for bad weather
The Crua Core is excellent at standing up to bad weather

All of the other instant camping tents will give you enough protection to go fair-weather camping, with the occasional light rain shower but they are not as well designed to cope with stormy weather as the instant Vango, Crua and Quechua tents.

We particularly liked the awning on the Odyssey. The pre-attached canopy is a tremendous help for when it’s raining, providing some shelter to take off dirty shoes before entering the instant camping tent. This helped tip the instant Vango Odyssey tent as the best instant tent for rain.

When it’s cold or raining, is condensation an issue in an instant?

Winner: Quechua 2-Second Pop-Up

If the weather starts to turn whilst you’re camping, you want a tent that will keep you protected from the elements on the outside without causing any problems on the inside. You need a tent with adequate ventilation to keep you dry.

Condensation can build quickly on rainy nights, especially in tents that are designed for camping with the rain fly off. The CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin is one of the tents that struggles with condensation when using the rain fly. The mesh windows don’t offer the same superb ventilation.

The instant Quechua tent has great ground vents to circulate the air. These help keep the instant camping tent cool in the heat but also prevent condensation from forming when the weather outside gets chilly.

The windows and vents in the instant Quechua tent are well positioned to keep condensation from forming.

Top instant camping tents for protection from the Wind

Winner: Vango Odyssey Air 500 Villa

Coleman say as part of their quality assurance that they test every tent in simulated storms with heavy winds of up to 35mph. Quechua do a similar test up to 30mph.

Again, we were really impressed with the instant Crua and Vango tents as well. The instant Odyssey comes with Vango’s Tension Band System technology to improve the strength of the tent in wind and this landed it the award of best instant tent in the wind.

The cabin-style design of the instant CORE tent and the size of the Ozark Trail tent means that they are vulnerable to high winds. It’s probably not a great idea to try and pitch these tents when it’s blowing a gale.

Best instant tent for handling the Summer Heat

Winner: CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin

One of the best features found on any of these instant camping tents has to be the wonderful mesh ceiling on the CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent. This easily marks the CORE 9 person instant cabin tent as the best instant tent for summer. Not only does it allow hot air to escape and cool the tent on warm summer’s nights, but with the rain fly off it provides a breathtaking vista of the night sky.

You and your family can lie back in your sleeping bags and look up at the stars above, without having to leave your tent. 

The Quechua 2-Second Pop-Up comes with its blackout technology to ensure the tent blocks out 99% of the daylight so you don’t have to worry about being woken by the sunlight early in the morning. It also provides protection from the sun with an SPF50+ rating. 

Who doesn’t like the sound of a tent that means you can have a lie-in when camping? 

The Vango Odyessy is the least suitable tent for hot weather camping. It’s designed for the British summertime (so, the wind and rain…) rather than protecting campers from the baking sun.

Features like the Diamond Clear Windows might be great for maximizing the amount of light that comes into the tent, but mesh windows are better for offering maximum ventilation.

Best instant camping tents for withstanding the Winter Cold

Winner: Vango Odyssey Air 500 Villa

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend taking any of these instant camping tents out into extreme cold weather, the Vango comes out top with the most protective shelter from winter we looked at.

The bright interior with Diamond Clear Windows is good for sitting inside, sheltered from the wind and rain.

Which tent is most durable and will last the longest?

Winner: Vango Odyssey Air 500 Villa

Instant tents are often not thought of as being a durable option. Because they prioritize speed of set up, they can sometimes compromise longevity in design. 

For example, if a regular tent pole breaks you can often find a replacement part with relative ease. But if a pole that is attached to the fabric of the instant tent breaks, replacing it can be much harder and might even mean sending the whole tent away for repair. 

I own that pop up Quechua tent on your list, the number 2. I’ve used it for a couple of times for camping and it’s proven to be great. Admittedly, it’s unpractical to carry around so I wouldn’t take it hiking, but it’s extremely easy to put up. The material is of good quality and we never had any problems. I’d definitely recommend it for easy camping.

Tent review

The Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent and the Ayamaya 4- to 6-Person Pop-Up Tent are both less well designed for durability. Neither of them will provide the same protection from the wind and rain as the Quechua. With poorer ventilation, they can also get warm at night. 

The CORE 9-Person instant tent, much like other cabin style tents, is not designed to stand up to the elements so offers less protection than the Vango can. But the quality of the tent should mean that it lasts a few years and gets plenty of use. Just don’t expect to take it out in a storm! 

The Ubon 2-Person Pop-Up is a cheap and cheerful tent that can provide an additional sleeping space, but it is not very durable. If you’re going to be camping in bad weather, it might be a good idea to avoid this instant camping tent. 

There are concerns about the Ozark Trail tent’s durability as the company uses a variety of manufacturers for their products. This keeps costs low but can mean that quality varies across their range. 

The Vango Odyssey is a top instant camping tent that will go up in minutes and last through the years, keeping you warm and dry. There are good alternatives but be aware that as the price drops with instant tents, the more likely it is you will face issues with poor manufacturing and materials. 

Instant tent FAQ: What else should you know?

What is an instant tent?

Instant tents can be set up in a matter of minutes (or even seconds) compared to regular tents which can take twice as long. Instant tents with telescopic poles need to be folded out and then raised but there are other styles of quick set up tents as well – including pop up tents and air tents. 

What is an air tent?

Instant air tents use inflatable poles attached to the fabric of the tent rather than conventional tent poles. These instant camping tents are some of the fastest tents to setup but are the most effort out of the instant tent options as they have to be inflated by hand. 

What is a pop-up tent?

Instant Pop-up tents usually come packed into a disc-shaped bag and when they are removed from the bag, they will unfold and “pop” into shape. Once the instant camping tent pops into shape, you just need to stake it down to keep its shape and make sure it doesn’t fly off.

What is a cabin tent?

The vertical walls of an cabin tent give it a boxy, cabin-like appearance. This cabin shape gives them far more headroom when walking around the tent. They typically are fantastic summer and family tents as you can always head indoors if there is a light rain and have plenty of room to spare. However, their cabin shape is less wind resistant and water resistant and cabin tents are not often used when there is bad weather or during winter.

Can you fit a queen airbed inside these tents?

You will be able to fit a queen airbed inside each of these tents, although it will be a squeeze in the Quechua model, Coleman model, and Ubon pop-up models.

The Ozark Trail offers the most space for queen size beds, being able to put one in each of the rooms. You can comfortably fit three air mattresses in this tent with room to spare.

Our reviews of some of the top instant tents

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Wrapping It All Up – the best instant tent

There are plenty of alternatives to regular tents if you want to invest in something a bit quicker.

Our verdict on the best overall instant tent for families would be the Vango Airbeam Odyssey. Although other top tents on this list may be set up faster and easier, the Vango can still be pitched quickly. In terms of durability and use of space, this is a great option for a family tent that will not only go up without a hitch but will last for years to come.

We also liked the CORE 9-Person instant cabin for an instant cabin option and the Quechua 2-Person as a rugged pop-up tent for single campers. The Ubon pop-up also offers great value if you are looking for a cheap, easy solution for camping in good weather conditions.

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