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    Going on a long camping trip with your family, or planning an adventure with your friend group? You might be staying out in the wilderness for weeks, and you need a large family camping tent that won’t get on your nerves.

    We searched through the top products to find the best 10 person tent models for camping. This way, you don’t have to spend your precious time searching for the right tent, and you can move on to planning your trip.

    Here’s a sneak preview of the tents we included in our review.





    Best Overall

    A comfortable, low-cost option with room dividers that can handle the weather


    Most Durable

    Canvas tents last for much longer, so if you’re looking for a lifelong shelter go with TETON


    Easiest Setup

    After an instant, effortless setup this large tent will provide plenty of space for your group 


    Best Screen Room

    An instant tent that comes with a screen room at the front for hiding from the bugs


    Best 3-Season Tent

    For those looking to head out from Spring to Fall, this tent will keep you sheltered


    Our In-Depth Tent Reviews

    The Best 10-Person Tents Compared

    Best Overall
    Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Tent
    A comfortable, low-cost option with room dividers that can handle the weather.

    Capacity: 10 | Weight: 31lbs | Dimensions: 9’ (W) x 17’ (L) x 6’8” (H) | Doors: 2 | E-port: Yes | Hydrostatic Head Rating: N/A | Price: $



    Coleman is a top brand for quality tents of all shapes and sizes that don’t break the bank. This 10-person WeatherMaster is one of the brand’s best products for all-weather family car camping in the summer. It’s our top pick for beginner campers and those who want to save a little money on their purchase.


    This Coleman tent has enough space for three queen-sized mattresses, and it comes with room dividers that are ideal for both families and groups of friends. 

    The tent also has room separation, which helps give couples a little privacy. With families, it can come in useful for separating children when they’re fighting. The tent is so big you can easily send each one of your bickering kids to opposite ends of the tent.

    The floor space is 17 x 9 feet, big enough for three queen-sized mattresses. As for the center height, it’s 6 feet 8 inches, which usually fits even the tallest adults.

    Hinged Door

    The Coleman Weathermaster 10 person tent has one really smart feature for families with small kids: a hinged door at the front with velcro. This allows you to exit without using your hands, which is useful when carrying things. The door has a pole inside, so it automatically closes behind you without letting bugs inside the tent. 


    This tent is ideal for a family that goes on a yearly camping trip with mostly nice weather, but it has enough protection to handle light rain. We don’t recommend this tent for cold or humid conditions or as a 10-man tent for camping year-round. 

    Note that this WeatherMaster tent is not 100 percent waterproof. The floors are welded, and the seams are designed to be leak-free in normal rain, but if you happen to get in the middle of a big storm, you may experience some leakage. You can treat the seams with a sealant, but it’s not guaranteed to be completely water-free. 

    Still, our opinion is that the rainfly generally protects you well from the elements, especially considering this is a budget tent. When the weather is good enough to take the fly off, you’ll benefit from the added ventilation from the mesh ceiling.

    Coleman’s tent poles, on the other hand, are strong and designed to withstand winds of up to 35 mph without getting damaged.

    Who Is This Tent For?

    This 10-person modified dome tent is a great first tent for families getting into camping or groups of friends going out to enjoy the wilderness. As a budget 10-man tent, it’s also a great option for festivals with a bigger group of friends. This way, you won’t risk putting all your money in a tent that may get destroyed by partying festival-goers.

    Most Durable
    TETON Sports Sierra Canvas 10 Person Tent
    Canvas tents last for much longer, so if you're looking for a lifelong shelter go with TETON

    Capacity: 10 | Weight: 55.5lbs | Dimensions: 12’ (W) x 12’ (L) x 8’ 4” (H) | Bag Dimensions: 39” x 11” x 9” | Doors: 1 | Power Cord Vent: Yes | Hydrostatic Head Rating: N/A | Price: $$$



    If you’re considering going out in colder climates with a larger group and your budget isn’t too limited, this waterproof 10-person camping tent is a great option.

    It’s fully made of canvas, which is a breathable but durable material. It keeps you warm and dry even in harsh conditions. It will also last you longer without breakage, so if you’re looking to make a serious long-term investment, this might be the right pick.


    The tent has a bell-style design, which means you have a sturdy steel pole in the middle holding up the tent. The floor space is 12 feet all around, so the tent is big. However, the round shape and pole in the middle mean you won’t be able to use every square inch for mattresses. 

    You can also remove the zip-off floor and use it as a canopy when needed. This makes it a fun and durable option as a heavy-duty backyard tent for your kids to play in. It can also help you clean up the tent in the middle of longer trips, especially if you’re in dusty environments.

    This tent has extra-wide doors for getting your gear inside, but because of the bell design they’re low. The center height is 8 feet 4 inches, but most adults will have to duck to get inside the tent and whenever they’re not close to the center. 


    With a big canvas tent like this, you might need an extra pair of hands. Technically, this is a one-person job, but pushing the center pole up and carrying the tent around camp requires some serious upper body strength.


    Canvas tents are amazingly durable and waterproof. The thick material keeps you dry, but at the same time allows for better natural ventilation and doesn’t build up heat as synthetic fabrics do. 

    Note that the canvas adds to the weight of the tent, which, at 55 pounds, is at the high end of our review. Synthetic materials, while thinner and not as durable, are easier to carry and set up than a big canvas tent like this. 

    Still, the sturdy canvas will likely last for years and years. If your goal is finding a 10-person tent that will be in use several times a year and even for decades, this could be a great investment.

    Easiest Setup
    Coleman 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent
    After an instant, effortless setup this large tent will provide plenty of space for your group

    Capacity: 8 | Weight: 42lbs | Dimensions: 14’ (W) x 10’ (L) x 6’ 7″ (H) | Bag Dimensions:  | Doors: 1 | Power Cord Vent: No | Hydrostatic Head Rating: N/A | Price: $



    Instant tents like this 10-person straight wall cabin tent from Coleman are the ideal option for people who don’t want to waste a minute too long setting up camp. They’re great for quick weekend getaways, festivals and parents of small kids who only have their hands free for seconds at a time.


    The design behind these instant cabin tents is super simple, and the company promises a 60-second setup. Just spread the Coleman instant cabin 10-person tent on the ground, lift and pop the telescoping poles into place, and you’re done. 

    Together with the rainfly and securing the camping 10 person cabin tent onto the ground, it will take a little longer—but the whole thing is still a matter of minutes.


    The floor space of this 10 person cabin tent is 10 x 14 feet, and the center height is 6 feet 7 inches, which is plenty to stand up. There’s a room-separation screen in the middle for privacy when camping with a group of friends. It fits four queen-sized mattresses if you cram them really tight.

    On the downside, while all 10 person camping tents are large, these kinds of instant tents are even bigger to carry around. Even for car camping, they occupy a large chunk of your trunk space. You’ll need to factor this into your space calculations, especially if you’re traveling in only one car with your family.


    The instant pop-up tent comes with a rainfly and Coleman’s standard Weathertec system, which includes welded corners and inverted seams that prevent water from entering. Still, it’s not made for heavy rain, and an additional sealant treatment can be a lifesaver. 

    The poles are strong and can generally endure the wind well, but the instant setup design does feature parts that may become vulnerable in the long run. The poles are thicker and stronger than those of a typical dome-style tent, but there are lots of hinges and moving parts that aren’t fully confidence-inducing.


    This tent includes Coleman’s super handy hinged doors that self-close, making them ideal for hands-free exits. They also protect the tent from filling up with bugs when camping with forgetful kids. 

    Another key feature of this tent is its dark room technology that blocks up to 90 percent of sunlight entering the tent. This will keep your 10-person dark rest instant cabin tent darker when sleeping. It also helps the tent remain cool because those first rays of sunshine can really heat up the atmosphere inside. 

    Overall, while Coleman tents may not last you a decade of frequent use, they are affordable and offer good value for their price. What they’re not for, generally, is heavy storms or cold weather. This is why we recommend this dark resist instant cabin tent for mostly summertime use.

    Best Screen Room
    CORE Instant Cabin 10 Person Tent with Screen Room
    An instant tent that comes with a screen room at the front for hiding from the bugs

    Capacity: 10 | Weight: 41lbs | Dimensions: 14’ (W) x 10’ (L) x 7′ (H) | Bag Dimensions: 16” x 30” | Doors: 2 | Power Cord Vent: Yes | Hydrostatic Head Rating: N/A | Price: $



    The CORE 10-person straight wall tent has a cabin design and instant setup, but it also comes with a screen room at the front. This type of design is ideal if you’re camping with dogs or small kids who love to play around in the dirt, so you can change your kids from their muddy clothes before entering the tent.

    You can also use the screen room to let your dogs sleep in, or for eating and sitting around at night without bugs eating you alive.


    The floor space of this XL family cabin tent is 14 x 14.5 feet, but the measurement includes the screen room. The sleeping room space is 10 x 14 feet, which is enough for a couple of queen-sized mattresses with room to spare on the sides for your gear. 

    The center height is 7 feet, comfortable to walk in even for the tallest camping enthusiasts.

    One potential downside is that this tent is quite sizable when packed into the carry bag included. It weighs about 41 pounds, so it’s not for carrying around more than a couple of feet from your car. 

    Light and Ventilation

    This XL family cabin tent comes with a rainfly, but if you’re experiencing nice weather, you can remove it to expose the mesh ceiling to see the stars and add some more ventilation. There are also vents at ground level to keep the tent cool when sleeping.

    If you love sleeping late when camping, this 10-person instant cabin tent may not be the right one for you. It’s bright inside, even with the rainfly on, so you’ll likely wake up with the first rays of sunshine. 

    With small kids that wake up at the crack of dawn anyway, this might not be a problem, but with friend groups that stay up late, it can get taxing.


    This tent generally protects you well against the rain, but some customers have had negative experiences in storms. This is not a fully waterproof tent, so there’s always a chance you’ll get some leakage. Still, it’s not the most common experience among users, and most were happy about their tent keeping them dry in rough weather.


    The instant setup is nearly as fast on this tent as with the Coleman 10-person instant cabin tent, with the additional time it takes to put up the screen room. Overall, it shouldn’t take you much longer than a couple of minutes, and a few more to attach the rainfly and secure the tent. It’s best to do it between two people to keep the tent stable.

    The material is also thin and susceptible to breakage if you’re not careful when setting it up. Most customers haven’t had a problem with it, but there are some experiences of possible holes when tearing the fabric.


    Apart from the screen room, there’s another room divider inside the tent if you want a little more privacy. One smart feature of the Core 10 person straight wall tent is that there are doors on each side, so you don’t have to crawl over another person to get out in the morning. 

    This makes this tent with screen room an ideal tent for couples, groups of friends and families with little kids with different sleep schedules.

    Best 3-Season Tent
    NTK LARAMI GT 10 Person Tent
    For those looking to head out from Spring to Fall, this tent will keep you sheltered

    Capacity: 10 | Weight: 27lbs | Dimensions: 18’ (W) x 10’ (L) x 6’ 9” (H) | Bag Dimensions:  | Doors: 1 | Power Cord Vent: Yes | Hydrostatic Head Rating: 2500 mm | Price: $$



    If your family is into camping through the spring and fall seasons, or you have to deal with an unpredictable climate, this NTK Larami GT 10p tent is an ideal buy. With silver-coated flooring and water-resistant fabric, it’s protective against the most common weather surprises on your trip.


    The fabric of this 10-man tent has a 2500mm hydrostatic rating, which refers to the amount of water it’s able to endure at pressure without letting it through. A rating of 2500 is generally enough for most common weather conditions.

    The thermal silver floors are designed to keep the tent warm, and they have an anti-fungal treatment so the fabric doesn’t rot even if you camp in humid conditions. Another crucial feature of the floor is its bathtub-like construction with high edges to prevent water from getting inside.

    Windy storms are another threat to your camping experience, especially when you go out in the more unstable spring and summer weather. The NanoFlex fiberglass poles are strong, but they also come with a lifetime warranty in case of bending.


    If the weather is fine enough to take off the rainfly, you can enjoy the improved ventilation of the mesh ceiling and windows. You can even watch the stars at night with the kids or when enjoying a glass of wine with friends while still keeping the mosquitoes out.

    As a negative, with the rainfly on, you’ll lose the mesh windows, and the tent only has one window on the door. In hot and humid weather, the lack of ventilation can get uncomfortable. 


    This tent has a long, tube-like design and comes with a detachable room divider. In one of the corners close to the floor, this tent also has an electrical cord access point, so you can get your cables in easily. Other than that, there aren’t many extra features, which is common in this price range.


    The 10×18 feet of floor space and a center height of 6 feet and 9 inches guarantee enough room to fit in three queen-sized air beds and two twin-sized ones on the sides.

    This roughly translates to eight adults sleeping inside when crammed really tight. If you’re sleeping on the ground and using all your floor space, you can theoretically squeeze in 10 people.


    As for assembly, this tent is relatively easy to manage. At the center, you’ll find a traditional dome-tent shape with two long, crossing poles. There are two shorter poles holding up both ends of the tent, and they’re color-coded to easily separate them from the center poles. 

    Overall, it’s an easy setup that should take you about half an hour, but we recommend you do it between at least two people to speed it up.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are 10-Person Tents Comfortable for 10 Campers? 

    No, 10-person tents are not ideal for 10 people. The number indicates maximum capacity, but this will always be crammed. Depending on the shape and design, a 10-person tent can usually fit up to eight people comfortably. 

    They’re ideal for families on longer trips or groups of around six people. This way, you’ll have room to sleep, store your gear and spend time indoors, eating and playing games. Having extra space inside your tent is also crucial if you happen to experience longer periods of bad weather conditions.

    How To Decide if You Need a 10-Person Tent

    Are you still not sure what size tent you should buy? Here are some tips for determining if a 10P tent is for you.

    Do You Value Privacy and Room in Your Tent? 

    The bigger the tent, the more room you’ll have to separate yourself from others. It’s also more likely that you’ll have screens and separate rooms inside the tent.

    Are You Planning a Longer Trip With Someone Who’s Very Tall? 

    For someone over 6 feet tall, a week or more in a tent where they have to crouch can be a source of annoyance and back pain. Big, 10-person tents are also tall tents, and even dome-shaped models usually have a center height of well over 6 feet.

    Are You Mostly Going Car Camping? 

    Big tents are also sizable and heavy to carry and don’t go well together with hiking or walking long distances. For these situations, we recommend a couple of smaller tents. 10-person tents, however, are best when you only have to unload them from the car to put them up.

    Will You Have Help in the Setup? 

    Even the easiest 10-person tent is heavy and tough to maneuver, set up and especially get back inside a bag when you’re on your own. If you don’t want to spend the entire day putting up the tent, it’s likely a two-person job, especially with a traditionally-shaped tent.

    How Much Will You Use Your 10-Person Tent? 

    If a 10-person tent is necessary for just one trip and you’ll otherwise mostly camp alone, it can be more useful to buy a couple of smaller tents.

    What Is Your Surface Going To Be Like? 

    At any campsite, you’ll be able to find enough level ground for a 10-person tent. But if you’re in a thick, rocky forest far from civilization, you may have more trouble finding one flat surface without major rocks and roots. These are not only uncomfortable on your back but a possible risk to the durability of your tent’s bottom.

    Are You Camping for Longer Stretches at a Time? 

    When you’re out in the wilderness for longer than a couple of days, you might get annoyed inside a small tent. Especially when the weather doesn’t allow you to stay outside for long, you’ll be grateful for the extra space inside.

    What Is the Best 10 Person Tent for a Family? 

    All of these tents are great for a family, so which one is the best 10 person tent for you depends on your personal preferences. 

    For families with small kids and pets, we recommend the CORE 10-Person Instant Cabin tent because of its fast setup and screen room design that allows you to keep your sleeping space separate.

    We also love the NTK Larami GT 10-Person Tent as the best 10-person family tent for 3-season use, and the Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Tent as a high-end, long-lasting pick. 

    What Is the Best 10 Person Tent for a Group of Friends?

    For a camping experience with a big group of eight or so friends, we’d go for the Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Tent. It has a super tough vinyl floor, and the round shape is fun for playing games and drinking some beers inside. 

    If you’re camping with a smaller group of 4 to 5 or between two couples, we’d go for the CORE 10-Person Instant Cabin or the Coleman WeatherMaster 10-person tent because of their room dividers that give you privacy.

    Can These Tents Be Set up by One Person? 

    All of these tents can be set up by one person if you’re in a pinch, but it will always be faster and easier between two. Note that all of these tents are big and heavy to carry, so dividing the task makes it easier.

    For the best one-person setup, go for the instant tents from Coleman and CORE. With these models, you only have to spread the tent on the ground and snap the poles into place.

    Of all the models in our review, the Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Tent is the toughest to put up on your own. The mechanism isn’t hard to master, but the sheer weight of the tent fabric will be a challenge, especially for those who don’t have much upper body strength. 

    The TETON Sports Sierra with the floor removed

    How We Made Our Pick

    These are the criteria we used to pick the best 10 person tents for our review, as well as choose the top model among the selection. Which tent is the best one for you depends on what you value the most.

    Size: How Many People Can You Fit Inside?

    Winner: Coleman 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent.

    The size and design are key factors when you’re shopping for a tent for 10 people. It’s not enough to have a tent that’s large enough. You’ll also want the design to be smart, so the tent doesn’t get annoying after a couple of days of living in it.

    A high ceiling and floor will allow you to walk inside the tent, and big doors make it easier to enter and exit with your gear. It’s also much more comfortable when you have enough room to walk inside your tent, even if you have a couple of air mattresses. 

    All of the tents in this category have a wide floor space that’s able to accommodate from three to four queen-sized mattresses. The Coleman 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent is one example of a tent that fits four air mattresses with room to spare. 

    Perhaps what’s most important to you is room separation. This can come in handy when you’ll be camping with a group of friends. You’ll be able to give men and women separate spaces to sleep and change their clothes. A separate screen room, like the one in the CORE 10-Person Instant cabin tent, can also be useful.

    Features: What Details Are Important To You?

    Winner: NTK Larami GT.

    Do you need the tent to include integrated storage pockets, or maybe an electrical cord access port to get all your cables inside the tent comfortably?

    The NTK Larami GT features storage pockets and a hook on the roof to hang a flashlight. This will help you keep your small personal items, cell phones and books off the floor and neatly organized.

    Both Coleman tents in our review, on the other hand, feature the company’s smart, half-moon shaped hinged doors. These doors have both a zipper and a velcro, and the frame has a pole inside to close the door behind you. 

    Weatherproofing: Will It Last a Storm?

    Winner: Teton Sports Sierra.

    Unless you’re camping in the desert, you’re likely to experience rainfall at one point or another of your trip. A good tent with top rainfly and well-built seams and floors generally keep you safe and dry in light rain, even if the tent is not rated as completely waterproof.

    The best 10 person tents for water-resistance in our review are the Teton Sports Sierra and NTK Larami GT. If you know you’re camping in cold and possibly rainy weather and want to be sure you’ll remain dry through the night, these are your top picks.

    Coleman tent models such as the WeatherMaster are generally water-resistant and good for light rain, but they’ll likely need some sealant in the seams to withstand heavy storms. 

    Price: Is the Tent Good Value For the Investment?

    Winner: Coleman WeatherMaster.

    Tents come in all sizes and for all budgets, and a cheaper tent likely won’t last you as long as one with a higher price tag. Still, what’s important is that the price is right for the quality.

    Among our low-budget models, we went for widely loved brands like Coleman, and quality tents that generally last a couple of years with occasional use. In a high-end model that can easily double or triple the price, we opted for super tough quality that’s expected to last decades, even in heavy-duty use.

    Assembly: How Easy Is It To Set Up?

    Winner: Coleman 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent.

    Ease of assembly is key to starting off your camping trip on the right foot. Nobody wants to spend hours on setup or have to figure out complicated instructions.

    Some of the tents are ‘instant’ models that only take a minute or two to put up, so they clearly take the prize in this category. Other models, like the typical dome designs by Coleman, will take a bit more time. Still, all of these tents can be put up by one person, especially if you have the strength to carry them. 

    The toughest to set up is the Teton Sports Sierra, so we wouldn’t recommend it if this is the most important aspect of your tent decision. The mechanism isn’t that tough, but the sheer weight of the material can make it hard to manage.

    Looking for a different capacity?

    The Winner

    We picked the Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Tent as the best 10 person tent for our review. 

    Ultimately, the choice of a tent comes down to value. While all these tents are great buys, this one has the right combination of an affordable price together with quality and smart features. 

    The tent is excellent for beginner campers, families taking longer trips and large groups of friends taking some time off to head to the wilderness in the summer. If you’re looking for an instant tent, one for fall weather or to last you a lifetime, check out the other options on our list!

    James Black

    James Black

    James has been escaping to the outdoors for as long as he can remember. This first started in family camping trips but soon turned into adventure camps and hiking through the Scottish Hebrides. Now he has turned towards trying to make camping more comfortable and accessible.
    James has been escaping to the outdoors for as long as he can remember. This first started in family camping trips but soon turned into adventure camps and hiking through the Scottish Hebrides. Now he has turned towards trying to make camping more comfortable and accessible.


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