Are Yeti Coolers Worth It?

Are Yeti coolers worth it for camping

It’s a classic summertime disappointment to open the cooler in search of a refreshing beverage, only to discover that the bottles and cans are floating in the water, with no sign of any ice. Many people, especially those who love exploring the great outdoors, rave about their YETI coolers and how it keeps their items cold forever! However, apart from being expensive, are YETI coolers worth it?

A YETI cooler is well worth it! They’ve completely rewritten the cooler rulebook. YETI is the best option to keep your ice frozen for as long as needed on your upcoming trips. These coolers are built to withstand tough terrains and perform effectively under the most demanding conditions.

If you want to purchase an excellent cooler that meets all your cooling needs, you’ve come to the right place! This article will discuss why YETI Coolers are so popular and why people are even willing to go over their budget to buy them.

If you want strength and durability, get a Yeti Cooler!
Yeti Coolers are renowned for the strength and durability.

1. Yeti Coolers Are Extreme Durable: Rotomolded Construction

Yeti coolers’ rotomolded construction is a major selling point. Rotational molding, or roto-molding, is used to create the solid, one-piece sections of the Yeti cooler that are hollow inside. Plastic is formed in a low-pressure, high-temperature environment during the roto-molding process.

Plastic material is poured into the hollow mold, which slowly rotates in an oven on two perpendicular axes. The substance spreads throughout the hollow mold and adheres to the mold’s inside. Due to the constant rotation, the mold will retain its full shape.

After the plastic has melted, they remove the mold and allow it to cool. Once it has cooled, they remove the chest, guaranteeing its final form will remain unchanged. This work guarantees the Yeti cooler will have a uniform exterior.

There is no wall thickness variation, and all exterior angles are squared off precisely. The one-piece construction eliminates the possibility of leaks or other flaws, giving you a reliable, high-quality cooler that you can rely on.

2. Cleaning Is A Yeti Cooler Is A Breeze!

It’s no secret that the difficulty in sanitizing coolers is a major complaint among those who use them. The Yeti brand makes its coolers with convenience in mind. According to the manufacturer, warm water and soap are all you need to clean your Yeti cooler.

When a strong odor emanates from a smelly item that has been stored in the cooler, such as fish, a little bleach will get rid of the smell.

Even a self-service vehicle wash, the high-pressure water and soap jets won’t damage your Yeti cooler. If you’re dealing with a very tough odor or stubborn stain, your cooler’s structure and durability will be unaffected by this cleaning procedure.

3. Yeti Coolers Are Available In Various Sizes & Styles

Yeti coolers come in an assortment of sizes to satisfy various needs. The brand produces both rigid and flexible coolers.

Couples and singles can use the soft-sided (flexible) coolers from YETI to keep food cold while camping. Yeti’s Tundra series of durable coolers is appropriate for families of all sizes.

The YETI store carries 13 Tundra series hard and 7 soft-sided coolers. In addition to the different size options, the majority also come in an array of styles. Thus, you may easily select the ideal cooler size to meet your requirements.

4. Yeti Coolers Have Longer Warrantees Than Most Brands

When spending more on a Yeti cooler, it’s comforting to know that the Yeti cooler comes with a longer warranty compared to other cooler brands.

Most manufacturers provide 1 to 10-year warranties on their coolers; however, Yeti is so confident in the quality of its Tundra cooler series that they guarantee them for a full five years, while their soft-sided coolers are warranted for three years.

5. Yeti Coolers Can Accommodate Various Ice Types

Ice melts quickly in most standard coolers because they have poor insulation, causing the ice inside to melt faster and leak out. YETI coolers, however, will never leak because they have a seamless, one-piece construction (sealed design). Polyurethane foam insulation is a common characteristic of Yeti coolers.

The sealing gasket performs the same function as a conventional freezer by trapping cold air. Depending on the model, most YETI coolers can accommodate dry ice packets, though you should ensure how you should use dry ice in your cooler. Ensure that it is safely packaged before you place it in the cooler.

How well a Yeti cooler deals with ice can be affected by outside factors such as exposure to direct sunlight, how many times you open and close the lid, the type of ice you used, the quantity of ice added, and the original condition of the ice when you placed it in the cooler.

More expensive than many other brands, Yeti backs up its quality with a much longer warranty than other brands
Yeti coolers might be expensive but they come with a much longer warranty than other brands.

6. Yeti Is A Trustworthy Brand

The Yeti brand is regarded as among the best available on the market. While not everything can be judged by its label, Yeti has made a name for itself in the cooling industry by consistently delivering products that meet or exceed consumer expectations.

It is a trusted name brand that has gained widespread recognition. Yeti has always emphasized making great products and promoting its brand effectively. Because of this technique, they are perhaps the most successful cooler company in the world. The brand’s been around for more than ten years.

It’s unlikely they’ll ever leave since the company’s coolers have been well-rated and received countless positive customer reviews. When you acquire a Yeti cooler, you can rest assured that you have a high-quality item. Many people now see themselves as “cool” if they own a YETI.

7. Yeti Coolers Are Bear-Resistant

Have you ever witnessed how a Grizzly bear destroys cars, tents, coolers, and other items you brought on your camping trip? They destroy EVERYTHING! Numerous coolers fall short of expectations because of their lack of strength.

Wildlife may damage some coolers, and normal handling may cause others to break. Yeti coolers, however, are unique in that they can withstand a broad range of physical impacts. Yeti boasts that its goods are superior to others in terms of durability.

That is difficult to dispute since their coolers are so robust that not even a fierce Grizzly bear can break them. This information is legit since it comes from the Interagency Grizzly and Wolf Conservation Commission (IGBC), which is responsible for controlling the grizzly bear population in the USA.

The IGBC routinely puts camping gear through a battery of tests to evaluate its resistance to bears. According to the IGBC, Yeti is one of the few cooler brands that can withstand the rigors of being dragged through the woods by a bear.

This organization puts the coolers through rigorous testing under controlled conditions with live grizzly bears to determine their durability. They concluded that while the grizzly assaults Yeti coolers, it does not crack or break.

Therefore, you can confidently use any Yeti cooler in grizzly bear-friendly areas, as the International Grizzly Bear Committee has approved them. Larger Yeti coolers may come with wheels on the exterior for convenient portability.

These big coolers have wheels and handles that allow you to move them without straining your back by picking them up. Its wheels are tough enough to go over rough terrain and can even roll over splintered wood piers, sand, or other materials that are no match for Yeti cooler wheels. The non-marring wheels will not damage any flooring they roll across.

8. Yeti Coolers Have Incredible Ice Retention Capabilities

Keeping ice for a long time is a specialty of a Yeti cooler. Often, for a lot longer than regular, store-bought ice chests. This is because YETI employs thick insulation (two to three inches) on all sides of the container, including the top. Extra insulation like this means you can store more ice.

Further, several versions feature a freezer-style seal that secures the cooler’s lid for increased thermal efficiency. Compared to other coolers, the Tundra series’ ability to keep ice for three to ten days is remarkable.

The ice in YETI soft-sided coolers stays frozen for a long time. Even the cheapest model, a YETI soft-sided cooler, can keep ice for a whole day!

Helpful Hint – The Yeti cooler’s ability to keep ice for an extended period will rely on how it is packed and used. If you need your ice to last longer, try cooling the cooler before you pack it. Having an even distribution of ice to other contents in the cooler also helps the ice stay frozen for longer.

9. Yeti Coolers Are More Than Just A Cooler

What a company represents as a whole can have as much of an impact as the items themselves. You do not have to know a Ferrari’s technicalities to understand what they stand for. True, that also applies to YETI coolers.

However, the YETI name and reputation for producing the finest outdoor gear are more important to many customers than the cooler’s specific features. Rather than concentrating on the cooler’s price, YETI encourages its customers to put more value on what will enhance their outdoor adventure.

The brothers who started YETI wanted to make something, not for big retailers but for dedicated nature enthusiasts. This means that YETI coolers were not designed to appeal to the masses.

Yeti is also not in the game of trying to persuade people that any cooler they buy other than their own would break on a weekend getaway. Instead, they’re focused on creating the highest quality items they can to satisfy the needs of discerning campers.

A Yeti cooler is a great investment for those who take their trips to the outdoor seriously
If you take your trips to the great outdoors seriously, then a Yeti cooler is a great investment.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Many customers have questions about Yeti coolers, mostly because they are pricey. Below, we answer customers’ most frequently asked questions about Yeti coolers;

What Problems Do Some People Have With Yeti Coolers?

Unfortunately, despite the magnitude of pros, there are always some cons to a product. So, what issues do some people experience with Yeti Coolers?

Some People Do Not Like Yeti Coolers’ Rope Handles

Like many other brands, the YETI Tundra coolers’ handles are crafted from rope and rubber. This design is simple and sturdy; however, it becomes a pain whenever the cooler is full (and very heavy).

Rope-style grips might be unstable, particularly when two people carry the weight. People anticipate much more than rope grips on expensive, high-end coolers. Customers argue that Yeti coolers should include sturdy sculpted handles or elegant flip metal (stainless steel) handles to justify their price.

Yeti Coolers Will Be A Thief’s First Choice

The YETI brand of coolers has arguably fallen victim to its success. They’re constantly being stolen since they’re so popular. Thieves eyeing a Yeti can see only the value it will bring on the secondary market.

It would be foolish for Yeti owners to abandon their Yeti cooler at their campsite while they went for a walk, but you can’t take it with you. You have to lock it away in the trunk, where it will be safe. To sum it up perfectly, Yeti coolers are thief magnets!

Yeti Cooler Drain Plugs Aren’t Tethered

Although this may seem like a minor, trivial complaint, it has the potential to completely spoil your camping experience. A YETI cooler’s drain plug is detachable. Undoubtedly, this has resulted in numerous desperate YETI owners forming search teams to scour campsites for the dang drain stopper.

Are There Good Yeti Cooler Alternatives?

An occasional camper may not see the point in spending hard-earned money on a YETI because they don’t require an expensive, indestructible cooler.

However, an ardent fisherman or an avid camping enthusiast who has had coolers break on a mountain or onshore realize that investing in a Yeti cooler will benefit them in more ways than one!

Although YETI is a high-quality cooler, many less expensive options are available. The following alternatives to the Yeti Cooler are suitable if you just need a cooler to keep your ice for a short family camping trip but don’t need all the bells and whistles:

  • Coleman Rolling Cooler
  • Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler
  • Engel Cooler & Dry Box
  • Igloo Polar Cooler
  • Lifetime Hard Cooler
  • Orca Coolers
  • RTIC Coolers
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