What Is An E Port On A Tent? (Revealed)

What is an e port on a tent?

Camping does not mean losing all your city comforts like electricity. Instead, you might consider carrying a portable generator that will allow you to access electricity. But you also need a few electrician skills, and this is where an E-port comes in handy. So what is an e port?

An E-port is a feature on a tent that allows access to electricity. The port enables you to extend an electrical cord into the tent without needing to leave unzipped openings or puncture your canvas. Unfortunately, opening your tent, especially at night, means inviting bugs into the tent.

This article talks more about the most effective solution if you want to light a bulb in your tent and still keep your tent water-tight and “bug-tight.” – the E-port!

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Tent Using Electricity E Port For Lights
Light up your entire tent without compromising your fabric with knife holes. A. E-port helps you do exactly that.

E-Ports Make Tent Wiring Easy, Safe and Efficient

Without an electric port on your tent, you will be forced to unzip your tent so that you can let in the electrical cord.

However, with electricity Ports on your tent, you won’t need to unzip your tent and be at the mercy of bugs for the night.

You can easily let in the cords and use the electricity in your tent without worrying about any unwanted outsiders, including rain.

E-Ports Are Great for Portable ACs or Heaters

Camping also doesn’t mean that the weather will always have your back. Sometimes it gets too cold or too warm. In this case, it is wise to carry your AC or heater with you.

Since you will need to use them in your tent, it is wise for you to have a tent with an e port feature.

The feature allows you to access electricity from outside without opening the tent.

Sure, you might ask, why do I need power when my heater has a long-lasting inbuilt battery?

It is essential to always be ready. What if the battery gets faulty or dies when you least expect it?

Carrying your portable generator will help you if the heater or AC built-in battery dies. With an E-port, all you have to do is connect your AC or heater with your electricity source, use the E-port opening to let in the cables, and use your AC in your tent.

E-Ports Keep The Leaks Away

No one wants to wake up to a wet tent floor after a rainy night. Without an E-port, you’d have to make holes or leave partially unzip your tent to let in the power cord. Doing so will leave your tent vulnerable to leaks.

An E-port is specially constructed to fit the code without leaving spaces for rainwater to get in. This only leaves you with a comfortable and warm night.

If you are looking for a tent upgrade and especially one with an E-port, you will be spoilt for choice.

The most popular tents include:

  • Coleman Dome tents
  • Coleman Elite Weathermaster Tent
  • Core 9 person instant Canyon Tent
  • Eureka Copper Canyon Tent

Those are a few of some popular tents that include the E-port feature. However, apart from enjoying the E-port feature, these are high-quality tents that you can enjoy other tent benefits.

Some of these tents with E-ports also have other tools like a lamp that uses electricity, so you don’t have to worry about your light. The above tent might be expensive for an average camper, but they are worth the money.

The Coleman brand also has a Coleman air conditioner that allows you to have their tent and a portable AC in your campsite.

Tent Lit Up At Night Using Electrical Port
An E-port can keep you connected with the rest of the world.

How To Up Electricity in a Campsite?

Now that you know what an E-port is, you also need to know how to get power to the campsite. The first method would be to get a leisure battery that looks like a car battery. You can also consider an electric hook up which provides about 230 V supply. There are also generators and solar panels that can bring in enough power and make your campsite feel like a home away from home.

Final Remarks

Unless it is military camping, camping wouldn’t be all fun and games without electricity to charge up phones and use heaters. A tent with an E-port comes in really handy for when you want to use electricity at night. The E-port serves as an entryway for an electrical cord. Without it, the only outlet would be your tent door which will not be convenient, especially when it rains.

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