What is a Hot Tent?

If you find yourself getting cold when camping in winter, hot tents might be a smart choice for you. But what is a hot tent?

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What is a hot tent

A hot tent is a tent that comes with a stove jack and is outfitted with a wood-burning stove or another heat source. Hot tents often come with a removable floor so that it doesn’t freeze to the ground in winter.

Hot tent camping

There are many campers who enjoy the warmth of a hot tent, particularly when it is very cold outdoors. Hot tent camping is also more comfortable than traditional camping since it allows people to cook food and gives them shelter from the elements.

Proponents say it’s the perfect way to spend time in nature without having to make campfires or lug fuel canisters with you. As always, there are pros and cons to everything. Campers who go this route need extra firewood as well as a permit from federal land agencies because they may be working with downed trees or other sensitive resources.

What are hot tents made of?

Hot tents are traditionally made of canvas. Many people buy older canvas tents to use as a hot tent because the canvas is durable, easy to modify for heating purposes, and very spark resistant.

However, canvas hot tents are very heavy.

More recently, hot tents are increasingly being made of nylon. This has completely changed the game for hot tent camping. These new nylon hot tents are lightweight and durable which means backpacking is now possible.

Hot tent stoves

The wood stove is essential for maintaining the temperature inside your tent. It makes sure you’re comfortable at night and can help keep things warm during the winter months when it gets cold outside!

A few different types of stoves exist Stainless steel ones tend to be cheaper but heavier than titanium models. Generally, if you want quality, the titanium stoves are the ones to go for.

Are there downsides to a hot tent?

The disadvantages of a hot tent are few, but you should be aware of them before officially committing to any tent.

The first is that if it’s canvas then it’s heavy. The majority of tents are not designed to support the weight of a stove. This means backpacking might not be an option for you.

Another disadvantage is fire damage and safety, although this isn’t common with experienced campers who know how to use their stoves properly.

Hot tents can also be much more expensive than regular tents, and this doesn’t include the price of the typically separately bundled wood stove.

Lastly, many moisture problems can arise if you’re unlucky. Be sure to test your tent in inclement weather to ensure that the stove and chimney do not cause issues.

Tips for using your new hot tent

To ensure that the tent is safe, be sure to follow any specific recommendations or cautions your stove might include. For example, some stoves recommend using only specific types of wood. Burning treated wood lined with chemicals can be dangerous to your health.

Also, make sure you know where the nearest water source is and take all necessary precautions like camping in a location with very little dry grass nearby.


Camping can be a great activity to do in the winter with friends and family. If you’re looking for an alternative way of camping that’s warm, dry, comfortable, and cozy then hot tent camping may be perfect for you!

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