What is a Cabin Tent?

Lifting a sleeping bag out of a Eureka Copper Canyon LX cabin tent

When most people think about camping, the first image that comes to mind is a tent. Tents come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the most popular types is the cabin tent.

So what is a cabin tent? As the name suggests, cabin tents are designed to resemble cabins, with more space and height than other types of tents.

This makes them ideal for larger groups or for those who want a bit more comfort while camping.

If you’re looking for a little more space and luxury on your next camping trip, consider checking out some cabin tents!

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What is a cabin tent?

Cabin tents are a specific style of tent that has almost vertical walls, giving it a cabin-like appearance. These tents are designed with more space inside, letting you move around more comfortably. They’re also typically quick and easy to set up.

Typical features of cabin tents include:

  • Very high ceilings which have plenty of space for tall people to walk around in.
  • Cabin camping tents are great tents for family camping trips! They come with loads of storage pockets and gear lofts.
  • They often have large windows, which provides beautiful views around the campsite, but can also be zipped up for privacy when needed.
  • Cabin tents often come with an integrated rainfly or a very minimal rain fly. This, along with the vertical walls, make them summer tents only.
  • They come in sizes for 4-12 people, so no one in your family will be left out!

When should you use a cabin tent?

Generally, cabin tents make excellent casual camping tents for summer. They’re great for families and often come with lots of storage space, as well as enough room to hang around indoors if the weather turns.

But cabin tents do not perform well in bad weather. In particular, their vertical walls are the least aerodynamic shape possible and will struggle against strong winds.

Two campers setting up the Eureka! Copper Canyon, one of our top picks for best cabin tent.
Cabin tents come with loads of storage options – this Eureka cabin tent is covered in storage pockets and gear lofts!

Pros and cons

Advantages of cabin tents

Advantages of cabin tents include:

  • More comfort and better head-space inside
  • Better in warmer weather, as they can be more open and airy
  • Typically quick and easy to set up

Disadvantages of cabin tents

Cabin tents do not perform well in bad weather. They are typically not very waterproof, nor strong against winds. Some cabin tents can also have poor ventilation, making them uncomfortable in warm weather.

Since cabin tents are often aimed at casual campers, the materials can also be of lower quality. Standard materials include fiberglass tent poles and polyester fabrics. These are far from the most durable materials but, in fairness, are used to keep costs considerably lower than the alternatives.

Finally, cabin tents are terrible for backpacking. They’re far too heavy and are not portable at all. These are definitely for car camping only.

What are some alternatives?

For camping in bad weather, you may want to consider using a dome tent. Dome tents are more aerodynamic which makes them better able to withstand high winds.

However, if you’re camping in fair weather then cabin tents can be fantastic.

What to consider when purchasing a cabin tent

If you’re in the market for a cabin tent, there are some things to consider including:

  • How much room do you need?
  • How tall are you? Are your feet likely to hit the end of the tent when you sit up? Or would you rather have headroom instead?
  • What is your budget like? What about weight?
  • Where will you be camping? What is the surface like, and what are the conditions likely to be like?

Cabin tents can vary in size, shape, color, and most importantly – quality.


In conclusion, cabin tents are a specific style of tent that have almost vertical walls, giving them a cabin-like appearance. These tents are designed with more space inside, letting you move around more comfortably. They’re also typically quick and easy to set up.

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