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Ice Fishing In Day Time is Great For Fish

Best Time To Ice Fish In 2023 – Hour & Species

Ice fishing is a unique experience that not many people get to explore. If you’re interested in trying it out, you may be wondering, “when is the best time to ice fish?”  As a rule, sunrise is ideal, but you can hit the ice during sunset or at night, depending on the type of fish …

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What To Do With Ashes From Fire Pit When Hot

What To Do With Ashes From Fire Pit [21 Ideas]

We all know ash needs to be cold before removing it from a fire pit. There are warnings, “No hot ash,” plastered all over, including on trashcans and dumpsters. But throwing it away should be a last resort. Ash from wood and additive-free charcoal (not coal!) is good stuff and has a multitude of uses. …

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Chiminea Vs Fire Pit Compared

Chiminea vs Fire Pit Compared

Fire pits, the at-home campfire, can be found in backyards across the world. But those of us late to the trend now have other options, such as the chiminea. Chimineas are hardly new, a staple in Spain, Mexico, California, and Arizona. However, they’ve finally gone mainstream. But are they just for artsy folks? Chimineas are …

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Can You Put A Fire Pit On A Deck

Can You Put A Fire Pit On A Deck?

Fire pits bring home one of the best parts of camping. The added ambience makes any evening that much more special, even if you are alone hanging out with the stars. But do fire pits have to be built directly on the ground, or can you install them on a deck? Most areas forbid the …

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Camping Recreational Activities Example Outdoors

22 Best Recreational Activities Examples

The term “recreational activities” is any physical or mental endeavor undertaken in the great outdoors to relieve stress, increase fitness, or elicit pure enjoyment. The important thing about leisure time is having fun and enjoying every moment. The very thought of spending time on these activities should make you happy and excited. Recreational Activities Examples: …

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What to wear on a hike outdoors

What To Wear On A Hike

Hiking in jeans and an organic cotton t-shirt sounds like the perfect outfit for a beautiful spring day. But it isn’t the most comfortable choice. Not only could you end up feeling cold and clammy (yes, exactly as awful as that word sounds), it is a recipe for chafing. Instead, dress better for the outdoors. …

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How to clean a fire pit easily

How To Clean A Fire Pit

One of the most iconic parts of camping is dying out due to wildfires: the campfire. Thankfully, this cozy tradition can often be enjoyed in our backyards, thanks to fire pits. But with fire comes great responsibility, including cleaning the pit. Unfortunately, you can’t stick it in the dishwasher. Here’s how to clean a fire …

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Can you go hiking in jeans?

Can You Go Hiking In Jeans?

“Cotton kills” is a popular mantra in the hiking community. But after James Dean and Marlon Brandon made jeans cool in the 50s, jeans spent decades as the clothing to wear for everything, including hiking. Just look at snaps from the 60s and 70s. Thus, the “don’t wear jeans hiking” seems extreme. Wearing jeans while …

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Different types of tents set up for camping outdoors

33 Exhilarating Outdoor Recreational Activities

Outdoor recreational activities provide a wonderful opportunity to unwind and fully immerse in nature. They help you decompress and reconnect with your environment, which is crucial in today’s fast-paced society. Outdoor activity options include kayaking, hiking, swimming, camping, etc.; we have listed them and many more!  33 fun outdoor recreational activities include the following: 4X4 …

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Meditation is a great indoor recreational activity

27 Awesome Indoor Recreational Activities

Recreational activities are supposed to take our minds off everyday stresses and add excitement to our lives. Sometimes we choose to stay indoors, and other times it’s required due to bad weather, sickness, or another circumstance. Whatever the case, you can do tons of entertaining indoor recreational activities, and we’ve got the best list! The …

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