Coleman 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review


Our Verdict

The Coleman cabin tent is perfect for festivals and large families with lots of kids on casual camping trips. It’ll pop up fast and leave you satisfied but not overjoyed.


Quick setup.
Tall ceiling.
Blocks out sunlight.
Great for kids and festivals.


Lack of ventilation.
Awful in the rain.

Do you have more kids than can fit in an SUV? Or more nieces and nephews, or even friends, than is good for you? I get it.

Camping is an excellent bonding activity for groups of this size, although finding a tent to accommodate all of you can be tough. It needs to be large enough to separate warring children, give the adults some privacy, and it needs a fast set up, so the kids don’t complain.

In this Coleman 10 person instant cabin tent review, we aim to figure out if it’s the perfect tent for your trip.

The Coleman 10 person instant cabin is a fantastic tent for large families, friend groups and festival-goers. It sets up quickly and lets you sleep during the day time while reducing the interior temperature by up to 10 percent.

About the Product

Who’s It For?

This 10 person tent from Coleman is an excellent option for big families and large groups of friends.

You have several situations where this type of tent would be most suitable:

  • Large family reunions while camping.
  • If you have lots of kids or are taking your kids and their friends on a weekend camping trip.
  • A siblings/cousins/close friends camping trip.
  • Festivals for large friend groups—you don’t mind sleeping in close quarters with casual friends when there’s good music and a ton of beer, right?

It’s not much of a luxury tent, which is why it’s fit for these more casual circumstances. If you’re wanting to make a hobby out of camping, you’ll want a tent with a little more glitz to it.

Overall, the Coleman 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent is a place for sleeping, not socializing in or showing off.

It’s the kind of tent you can toss-up in a hurry before going off to have fun; be that fun diving headfirst into festival culture (Burning Man anyone?) or chasing the kids into the woods to hunt for firewood.

The Coleman instant cabin tent is also one you can assemble in a flash and dive right into for a well-deserved daytime nap. Are you traveling with many kids to a remote location to camp? You must be exhausted—especially if your family is as wild as mine in a car.

If you want extra privacy—aka the kids are bounding in and out of the tent like a funhouse—simply slide the privacy screen across and relax in the Coleman 10 person dark room tent.

Group of friends camping

Features and Benefits 

Durability: Can It Withstand the Ruckus?

I suggested this tent for kid-based trips and friends attending festivals, but can it withstand that?

Signs point to yes. Oh, and it can withstand some heavy wind and rain, I suppose, but that’s secondary to the dangers above.

The pre-attached poles are pretty sturdy, steel and strong—although some customers had issues with them arriving broken, so be sure to contact the manufacturer in this instance.

Customers who had their tent arrive intact say they hold up very well, including a customer who’s used the tent in all conditions.

That same customer found the tent fabric heavier than any other tent they’ve owned, which was a compliment. This double thick fabric should withstand a few bumps—from kids, festival-goers or light wind and rain.

However, the fabric tends to trap heat in, which causes condensation to build up on the tent floor. Bring a towel if you take the tent out in considerable warmth because those patented welded floors made to keep moisture out also keep it in.

Size: Does It Fit 10 People?

The tent can fit 10 people comfortably if they’re all kids—leaving the adults free to have their own private tents.

Consider packing eight people into this tent if you want a more comfortable experience. Eight adults fit in it quite well, but it’ll be extra roomy if half or more are kids. The center height at 6’7” is ideal for tall adults who don’t want to crouch.

Coleman says you can fit 4 queen size mattresses in the Coleman Instant Cabin tent. We don’t see how that’s possible given that it’s only 14 x 10 ft. A standard queen mattress is 5 feet wide, and queen size air mattresses like the SoundAsleep are just below that width, fitting three mattresses in, not four.

Six people fit neatly across these three mattresses, with two on their own singles at the foot of the queens. 

Setup: Can One Person Manage?

The setup is so simple that one person can manage, and that one person could be a child!

Realistically, the setup is better done with two or more adults.

To get the camping tent set up ultra-efficiently, consider a party of four setting it up: one person for each leg. That way, you get a stake each and a pole each, and you really can get this up in about 60 seconds.

With one person, setup will take four or five minutes at most—and that’s not an empty promise like some assembly-time suggestions tend to be.

Features: What Thrills Do You Get from Simplicity?

As stated earlier, this is not a fancy tent or one for campers looking for luxury. It’s a place to sleep and wait out bad weather, nothing more.

That said, there are a few features we feel anyone would benefit from with the Coleman 10 person instant tent.

Room Divider

There’s a room divider separating one (or two, according to Coleman) air mattress from the other two. With one mattress behind closed curtains, it’s the perfect spot for parents to sleep away from the kids.

It’s also an applicable sleeping spot for the one couple among a camping friend group in the Coleman 10 person cabin tent.

Dark Room Technology

Where some people value the sunlight in the morning, others want to sleep away a hangover. Or, they want to put their kids down for a nap in the middle of the day.

The windows and doors have covers, so you can block out sunlight, letting you sleep for as long as you want*, any time of day.

*Fellow campers permitting, of course.

View of lake out of tent

Heat Reduction

We mentioned earlier that condensation builds up on the floor inside the tent in high temperatures, proving this tent is a heat-magnet. Throw in the shielded windows and doors, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Although warm, the Coleman 10 tent at least tries to keep some of the heat at bay. The dark room technology allegedly reduces heat buildup by 10 percent, so the stuffiness could always be worse.

Hinged Door

Something you see in fancier Coleman tents is a hinged door—it’s reminiscent of a real cabin. It lets you step in and out of the tent with ease.

The cabin door is most useful in this Coleman instant tent cabin when you consider who you’re camping with. 

Do kids want to handle a frustrating zip every time they want to get in and out of the tent? Probably not.

Now think of taking the Coleman instant cabin tent to a festival. Do you want to handle zippers after a drink or three? Neither do I.

Social Proof

A review can easily be biased, so here’s a selection of positive and negative feedback from real users of this cabin tent

I definitely prefer cabin style tents.

I previously had a big canvas tent that was 7-8 feet in the center and was 10×20. But that thing took like 20 minutes to set up well.

I now have an instant style cabin tent from coleman that’s 9×12 or 9×13 that I can literally set up (no stakes no rainfly) within 30 seconds. Plus it’s pretty big, I’m just shy of 6’4 and can stand up in the center and just lean a bit on the sides.

I normally have myself and up to 2 more people in there with cots and we fit comfortably. Good two distance between us and if we all just had sleeping pads I bet we could do six singles with room to spare after everyone’s gear too.

This camper owns a cabin style tent in the Coleman instant range and praises the quick setup.

Both me and a friend have Coleman instant tents that we’ve both used multiple years on playa, and on other camping trips. Neither of us have had any problems with them, and they will be back next year as well. I’d say go for it.

The big pros: They set up crazy fast and easy, and break down fast and easy.

The big cons: They do not fold down as small as a non instant tent because the poles are permanently attached to the tent, so they’re bulky for transport. Also, I find them significantly more difficult to fit back in the tent bag as opposed to a traditional tent where the poles detach and fold up.

This camper finds Coleman instant tents unproblematic and lasting, particularly enjoying the quick setup and takedown. However, the camper notes the significant bulk when folded down.

Purchased for car camping in the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming. Lots of room for two adults and a toddler. Us on a queen air mattress, little one on her own camp pad; still plenty of room for gear and a path to the door.

The Good:
It is VERY easy to set up. Anyone who can carry it would have no problem setting it up by themselves in practically no time.

Once seam-sealed, the tent by itself is waterproof enough for a typical afternoon thunderstorm. For prolonged rain, you WILL need the rain fly.

When fully staked out, it does a fine job of standing up to wind.

The ‘meh’:
It is heavy, and is quite bulky when packed up.

The top vents did a reasonable job of preventing condensation, never had problems with droplets landing on us. However, anything touching the side of the tent at night would be damp by morning. Bear in mind, this is in a relatively dry region.

The Bad:
Only lasted three summers before the door zipper completely failed, and a tear developed in one of the walls.
M. Pacheco

A balanced overview was given by this camper, who enjoyed the setup and noted that once treated, the tent is reasonably waterproof. However, it’s heavy, the walls hold condensation, and it may not last more than a few years.

I’ve been using this tent for a few years now and love how easy it is to set up. It’s roomy and has lots of windows, as well as roof vents for a little extra circulation.

The big problem with this tent is how terrible it is in rain. I’ve seam sealed the seams, sprayed waterproofer on it, and even purchased the separate rain-fly. The side walls that sink inwards when they get wet. The extra weight from the rain causes water to pool up on the seams near the floor, and then it simply drips inside.

The odd part is there are tabs in the middle of the front wall, and back walls to pull everything taught, which allows the rain to simply run down the sides of the tent to the ground. Why they didn’t include these on the side walls just baffles me.

overall great tent for dry weather. but if you’re going to be dealing with a few hours of rain get a large tarp.. this tent will not keep you dry.

This camper found the cabin tent isn’t waterproof even after treatment. It may have been a bad batch or a user error, but take precautions. Tarps and dry weather are your best friend.


If you’re looking for something more upscale or larger, consider these alternatives to this Coleman instant cabin tent:

Eureka Copper Canyon 12-Person Tent

Names can be misleading as 10-capacity doesn’t mean 10-comfortable. Here’s a larger tent for your party; it’ll sleep two more people comfortably.

It differs from the Coleman instant cabin tent:

  • Pricier.
  • 2 feet wider on one site.
  • Fits two more people.
  • No instant setup.
  • Premium construction.

See it here.

CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent 

If stargazing is your thing, consider this CORE tent. It sleeps one less than the Coleman cabin tent but features a mesh ceiling and a sturdier construction than the tent in our main review.


  • Less spacious than Coleman.
  • Stronger than Coleman.
  • Perfect for stargazing.
  • Great for using electronics; there’s an e-port.

Check it out here.

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent

If you have fewer people in your party and need something ultra-cheap, consider the Coleman Montana 8 person tent. It comfortably sleeps six, eight at a strength, and has the same hinged door as the tent under review.

But it has:

  • A better rainfly.
  • Superior ventilation.
  • A longer setup.

Take a look here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Coleman 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent Waterproof?

All tents are waterproof to an extent, but this is not one of the best for it. Despite the WeatherTec system, you’ll need an extra tarp and some waterproofing treatment to have it working at its best in the rain.

Customers had a ton of issues with it leaking, so try to camp in the dry season.

Is This a Good Tent for Ten People?

This is a good tent for 10 people who don’t mind crashing close together and being a little cramped. For optimum comfort, reduce the size of your party to eight, and you should be fine.

Is It Easy to Carry?

This tent comes with a carry bag you can use as a large backpack or more easily carry by hand. Fair warning, it’s pretty heavy, so you may want to hold the carry bag between two of you or park close to your campsite.

How to Setup the Coleman 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent

This is quite a lengthy camping tent, so we recommend two people set it up. It’s easily done solo, too, due to the instant setup.

  1. Unpack the tent and find the center.
  2. Pull the center until the tent starts to form a spider-shape.
  3. Extend the legs once the center is at maximum height; wait for a click.
  4. Stake the legs.

There’s no need to stake the rainfly, as that’s integrated into the tent’s overall construction.

How Many Queen-Sized Air Mattresses Can Fit in This Tent?

Coleman says four, math says three, and customers have varying opinions. As a rule, you can be sure of three queen-sized air mattresses inside the tent, and if you can fit more in, you’re incredibly fortunate.

Are Instant Tents Reliable?

Instant tents are no better or worse than any other tents on the reliability front, but they do have a downside.

When a regular camping tent pole breaks, you can replace the pole easily. If a pre-attached pole in an instant tent breaks, the whole tent is closed for business, and you need to replace it or look for a new tent.

Final Thoughts: Instant Gratification?

Overall, this Coleman cabin tent is perfect for festivals and large families with lots of kids on casual camping trips. It’ll pop up fast and leave you satisfied but not overjoyed.

It’s not the best tent in the world, but it’s certainly spacious enough to hold all your little ones/drunken friends (same thing?) and gear while providing a shielded shelter for sunlight slumber. 

Model sizes


Technical specs

Price: $
Doors: 1
Weight: 42 lbs
E-Port: No
Comfort Capacity: 6-8
Width: 14'
Length: 10'
Height: 6.7'


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