20 Exciting Camping Games For Adults

Adults playing camping games using a deck of cards outdoors.

Going camping is such a magical experience. Some people enjoy camping to get perspective, relax, and get away from the city and into the woods to refuel. However, camping is also ideal for spending quality time with friends and loved ones. To accomplish this, you will need to consider entertainment such as camp games and activities that the whole gang will enjoy.

The 20 best camping games for adults:

  1. Psycho
  2. LED Light Up Flying Disc
  3. Never Have I Ever
  4. The Grimm Forest: A Strategy Board Game
  5. Throw Throw Burrito
  6. The Wink Murderer
  7. Black Light Tumble Tower
  8. Shag Marry Kill
  9. Rechargeable Laser Tag
  10. The Top 5
  11. Charades
  12. And more…

This article provides a list of the best camping games for adults to keep you entertained during the daytime and nighttime. These games are both mental and physical; you can play in the great outdoors, inside your tent went the weather doesn’t want to play along!

1. Psycho

If you’re playing a game that requires preparation time, designate one person as the psychologist and send them out of the room. Everyone in the game must come up with their own unique mental disorder or other issues.

When the “psychologist” comes back, they have to figure out what’s wrong by asking questions and making observations. If a participant cheats or acts out of character, the other players may cry “Psychologist!” and switch places. Once the “psychologist” correctly identifies the patient’s symptoms, the game is over.

2. Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc

Playing with this awesome LED flying disc is one of the easiest and most enjoyable nighttime camping games! It has a super-bright glow, floats, and is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if it lands in a nearby lake or river. If you take your dog to camp, he/she can join in the fun!

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3. Never Have I Ever

In this game, everyone gets a chance to brag about something they’ve never done, such as “Never have I ever cheated during an exam.” Whether or not they’ve participated in the action, the other players will be required to take a sip.

Anybody who has ever cheated on a test would probably down a drink or a shot to celebrate the experience. You won’t drink if you haven’t tried it. Some of the conversations later in the evening might be an eye-opening experience!

4. The Grimm Forest: A Strategy Board Game Inspired By Fairytales

Do you want to experience more magic in your life, or are you just a huge admirer of horror and fantasy novels? Take on this lovely magical board game and wander aimlessly through the Grimm Forest.

You will need to watch out for sneaky monsters, exercise your powers of reasoning, and use “Fable” cards to learn each other’s strategies. It’s a silly yet enjoyable board game for four adults. This game is especially great to play indoors on those rainy camp days.

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5. Throw Throw Burrito – The Dodgeball Card Game

In the history of card games, Throw Throw Burrito has the distinction of being both the first and the funniest dodgeball variant. This is a fantastically goofy and hilarious game for adult campers that want to play active games outdoors.

You could play this game indoors; however, it is far more exciting when done outside, where there’s more area to run and “dodge,” and no one needs to stress about damaging valuable possessions. 2 – 6 Players, you can take it anywhere. There are 7 tokens, 120 playing cards, and two adorable, cuddly burritos in the package.

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6. The Wink Murderer

A hidden “killer” among the participants winks at them and eliminates them one by one. If the other people don’t figure out who’s behind the murderous winks, they’ll be next! Large groups of people (ideally, seven or more) are recommended for this game’s optimal play.

Although the wink killer will be watching and stalking his next victim, the conversation and interaction should continue as usual. A player who receives a wink is expected to “die” comically, like making a strange sound and falling on the ground to let the other players know they are eliminated.

7. Black Light Tumble Tower

A bright take on the traditional tumble tower allows you to add your own party activities to the mix. The rules for this game are printed under each block, and each player takes turns removing a block from the tower, avoiding toppling it. Despite this, nine of the squares are left empty so that you may add your own instructions.

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8. Shag Marry Kill (ADULTS ONLY!)

In this traditional “naughty” game, players must decide which celebrity to “shag,” marry, or kill. When a player’s turn is through, they must provide the following player with three famous people for that person to either shag, marry, or kill. Change up the game by switching to regular folks that everybody knows. This game is sure to make everybody blush!

9. Rechargeable Laser Tag Set

If you enjoy laser tag, you need to check out this cutting-edge laser tag kit that turns adults into children. There’s nothing more to it than donning your vest, retrieving your weapon, double-checking your ammunition, and charging into battle to secure a win. This transportable camping game has four pistols, four jackets, and a recharging station.

All of the weapons and armor are rechargeable, so you won’t have to buy new batteries anytime soon. A single charge will last roughly eight rounds. You can quickly monitor your standing at any moment owing to the LCDs on the body vests and pistols. You never have to be concerned about forgetting scores because your “lives remaining” and team statistics are immediately linked.

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10. The Top 5

If you want to baffle someone, ask them to identify five things. For example, ask your adversary to name five car companies or bands beginning with the letter “r” or name five horror movies. If you can’t complete your list of five, you’re out! The player remaining, in the end, wins and must nominate another player to take a shot of tequila, etc.

11. Charades

Each player has a turn drawing a word from a hat and acting it out for the rest of the gang to guess the word or phrase. The catch, however, is that the performer is mute. Whoever guesses the following word first earns a point and gets to choose next.

12. Wizards & Werewolves

If you’re a fantasy fan, you’ll love Wizards and Werewolves! It is one of the best glow-in-the-dark games out there and perfect for camp, and it blends scavenger hunts and tag elements. This is a brilliant activity to involve the kid.

To advance in the game, the Werewolves must track down the Wizards, while the Wizards must seek the luminous crystals that will boost their abilities.

High-quality bulbs ensure you can enjoy the game for long periods, and including three difficulty settings ensures that even seasoned players will find enough to enjoy. If the kids love this game, there are plenty of other camping games and activities for kids to enjoy.

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13. Horseshoe

Compared to heavier metal horseshoes, these rubber ones are much easier to throw and target accurately, and their construction makes them safe for children and adults.

This horseshoe set is ideal for indoor or outdoor use, with its non-marking soles and non-slip backings preventing the horseshoes from moving around during games, damaging property, or hurting your loved ones nearby.

14. Two Truths and a Lie

Each participant, in turn, shares 3 “facts” about themselves. 2 Of o of these facts must be true, and 1 must be a lie. The other participants try to figure out which statement is false.

If you find it difficult to think of facts on the spot, you can save yourself some time by compiling a list of potential answers before the game begins. Make it a drinking game by pledging to imbibe your guess. Assuming everyone gets it right, the liar gets a drink if they’re wrong.

15. Truth Or Dare Spin The Bottle Version

This game requires everyone to be seated in a circle. Place an empty bottle in the center of the circle and have someone volunteer to spin the bottle first.

When the bottle stops, the player it points to has a choice between “truth,” where they are required to answer your question honestly, or they can choose “dare” and has to perform anything you order them to do! If they refuse to answer your question or do the dare, they have to down their drink!

When they have answered the question, completed the dare, or downed their drink, it is their turn to spin the bottle. This game is so much fun at camp; you learn a lot about the people you “thought” you knew.

16. Sevens

This game is hilarious! Players must sit in a circle and begin counting. After the first person says 1, the next says 2, the next says 3, etc. Any time the number includes a seven, or a multiple of seven, you must clap your hands instead of stating the number.

It will go; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, (clap) 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, (clap) 15, 16, (clap)18, 19, 20, (clap), etc. Those who make mistakes are punished with a shot of alcohol. When in doubt, have a drink. If you want to take the game to the next level, you should change your direction of play after every clap.

17. Cold Case Murder Mystery Game: Unsolved Case Files

Unsolved Case Files is the ideal game to play around a campfire. This eerie murder mystery game is thrilling and terrifying! The game casts a player as a cold case investigator tasked with investigating the most puzzling cases that have never been solved.

There are three puzzles you must complete before you can crack the mystery. More than fifty photographs, proof reports, call logs, and other archival artifacts from investigations are available for perusal.

Fans of mysteries and genuine crime will like this creepy board game. This is one of the greatest camping games for 2, and it’s a great option for those who enjoy a good murder mystery.

Buy it here.

18. Would You Rather

Pick one of two fictitious options. If you’re asked, “Would you rather go skydiving or tell a lame joke on stage in front of a crowd of strangers?” you’d have to make a tough decision.

Anyone can pose a query, and each participant offers their opinion on the best response. As you debate, the atmosphere heats up, and things can get intense (in a fun way, of course). Here are some awesome hypothetical situations you can use for this game.

19. Capture The Flag!

Each of the two groups has a flag. The objective is to successfully retrieve your team’s flag from the opposing base and return it to your own. Tagging an opponent inside your territory may result in the opponent being eliminated from the game, switched to the opposing team, sent back to their own flag, and frozen until liberated by a teammate. This is super fun and great exercise!

20. The Voting Game

Put the group to the test by asking, “Who would last the longest while lost in the dessert?” or “Who is most likely to win a Nobel Prize?” Each voter remains anonymous to the other voters.

It’s interesting to hear everyone’s opinions about you. In addition, anecdotes are frequently recounted after the polls close. If you want to convert it into a drinking game, the winner (the person who received the most votes) has to chug their drink! If you don’t want to make up scenarios, there is a “The Voting Game” that you can purchase here. It contains cards with different situations, some you may never even have thought of.

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