Best Tent Brands

Big Agnes Copper Spur Hv Ul1 Set Up With Awning

You can find a tent in almost every big outdoor supply company, but only a few tent brands are reliable in harsh weather. It doesn’t matter where you’ll be going; the quality of your tented accommodation may tremendously impact the quality of your adventure.

We have reviewed and selected 13 of the best tent brands available on the market:

  1. Big Agnes
  2. The North Face
  3. Marmot
  4. Nemo
  5. REI Co-Op
  6. Hilleberg
  7. Kelty
  9. Core
  10. Coleman
  11. MSR
  12. Black Diamond
  13. Alps Mountaineering

If you’re planning a romantic getaway, a camping trip with the family, or a hiking expedition, we’ll help you find the best tent brand to make your outdoor adventure amazing! To assist you in choosing the ideal tent the next time you go camping, we have also included the best tent model from each brand.

1. Big Agnes

Big Agnes is a company whose mission is to increase the number of people who go camping, hiking, and backpacking. Since 2000, the company has manufactured some of the finest camping equipment.

The majority of them can withstand extreme conditions while still performing admirably. Because of this, Big Agnes tents are inescapable when discussing the top camping tent brands. Their Big Agnes Tiger Wall is a leading example. The tent weighs next to nothing but is extremely sturdy.

It takes barely any time or effort to set up and is ready to go in seconds. You can store your necessities in the gear loft and many pockets. The double-sided zippers on the doors provide for top ventilation. This tent is ultralight, eco-friendly, and super-easy to set up.

The #1 Big Agnes Tent: The Big Agnes Copper Spur HV-UL2

This tent was released in 2008 and is still considered one of the greatest tents for Backpacking on the market. It has received an abundance of great reviews from customers, and you can read our review to learn more about this incredible tent.

Buy the Big Agnes Copper Spur here.

2. The North Face

While some brands create price-effective camping choices for casual campers, others manufacture magnificent, high-end tents designed for the most daring souls!

Therefore, one firm from California does an excellent job when it comes to making the greatest tents for bad weather. Due to The North Face Mountain Tent’s double-wall construction, these tents are excellent choices for cold weather.

While they offer some lightweight tents, North Face Mountain’s main focus is on items designed to withstand the worst of Mother Nature’s fury. As a result, we recommend this brand to those willing to take on the elements of nature.

The #1 The North Face Tent: Stormbreak 2 Two-Person Camping Tent

The Stormbreak 2 is a tried-and-true 2-person tent and is perfect for creating lasting moments in the wilderness, thanks to its huge doorways that make it easy to enter and exit.

Two entrances, two twin-zips, and even a multi-configuration vestibule are all included in this tent. When you’re resting or sleeping, use high-low ventilation for maximum airflow.

Buy the North Face Stormbreak tent here.

3. Marmot

Marmot is well-known for producing high-quality tents ideal for camping and hiking, and most of its tents are also reasonably priced. Marmot manufactures their tents from environmentally friendly materials that do not detract from the quality.

Perfluorocarbon-free waterproofing material is a common ingredient in the majority of their products. Most Marmot tents are lightweight and roomy, making them great for those on foot.

The #1 Marmot Tent: Crane Creek 2-Person Backpacking

The Crane Creek 3-Person Ultralight Tent is a great option for extraordinary camping trips with limited weight, space, and time.

Buy the Marmot Crane Creek tent here.

4. Nemo

Nemo’s debut product was a tent, and from the beginning, the company set out to produce tents that were much superior to those already on the marketplace.

Along with developing their trademark tents, AirSupported Technology was awarded contracts to work on Martian and Lunar explorations. Comfort has never been associated with the brand. Nemo is a performance-driven company that creates ultra-lightweight, ultra-fast, and ultra-packable camping tents.

The #1 Nemo Tent: Dragonfly 1

The Dragonfly 1P backpacking tent offers the perfect balance between portability and comfort. Campers can stretch, sit up, and move about comfortably thanks to a large interior volume and bomber materials that don’t impede mobility.

With a single big rectangular vestibule and roll-back points for easier access, the 1P model’s dry equipment storage is ample. A pre-bent DAC that is plugged in. A high-arching main pole on featherlight poles increases the volume at the pole’s peak, and foot ends.

Buy the Nemo Dragonfly here.

5. REI Co-Op

In the eyes of many outdoor lovers, REI Co-op is an institution. Tents from REI’s in-house inventory are renowned for being bargain-focused, but they don’t compromise performance or quality. Its livable space is also among the best in their class.

The #1 REI Co-oP: Skyward 4 Tent

This tent’s 78” peak height, which features an aluminum pole frame and nearly vertical walls, makes it an excellent choice for outdoor events. Organizational elements like a big entryway, inner compartments, and eyelets for lighting and other accessories are included.

Buy the REI Co-Op Skyward tent here.

6. Hilleberg

Hilleberg is known for producing high-quality tents that can resist high altitudes and harsh weather conditions. When it comes to this product, the Kerlon fabric, which has been triple-coated with silicone, is the key element.

The brand even has its own responsibility codes;

  • They are solely accountable for producing the best tents possible, with no exceptions.
  • They are all accountable when they use materials and activities that have the least detrimental influence on our environment.
  • As stewards of this delicate equilibrium, they promise to keep an eye on our actions’ positive and negative effects.

The #1 Hilleberg Tent: Nallo GT 3-Person Tent

The Nallo and the Nallo GT, which have an enlarged entryway, are essentially the lighter versions of the tent models Nammatj and Nammatj GT. They perform well in any condition that calls for the lightest tent feasible but may also demand true all-season durability and dependability.

Buy the Hilleberg Nallo GT tent here.

7. Kelty

Kelty, a Colorado-based company, has a wide assortment of some of the best value-oriented hiking and camping tents for the more casual outdoorsman. At the time, they were among the first businesses to incorporate stargazing elements into their backpack tents, with a rolling clip-up rainfly and mesh tent walls allowing for clear nighttime sky views.

For the most part, you’ll be hard-pressed to find Kelty products that are truly lightweight; however, they do offer a reasonable price/quality ratio. That setup is hard to top, especially for casual vacationers who may not want to spend lots of money.

The #1 Kelty Tent: Grand Mesa Backpacking Tent

The Grand Mesa has been a dependable trekking partner for years. Still, it’s even greater thanks to Kelty Quick Corners for lightning-fast construction, a Shark Mouth carry bag for simple pack-up and an EZ Zip entryway for easy travel. Easy installation is made possible thanks to the lightweight aluminum poles.

Buy the Kelty Grand Mesa tent here.


Eureka is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality tents for various uses, including hiking, auto camping, etc. There are so many great EUREKA tent models it is difficult to choose a favorite. It all comes down to personal preference and requirements at the end of the day.

The #1 EUREKA Tent: Copper Canyon LX

A simple setup and a high standing height are two new features of the EUREKA Copper Canyon LX series tents. An expanded fly design front porch gives a dry entrance and more rainy weather shelter with bigger windows and doors.

To simplify the setup, the cabin-style tent has a fiberglass/steel frame with pole sleeves, hubs at the corners, and clips for fast and simple installation.

Buy the Eureka Copper Canyon LX here.

9. Core

The brand is focused on allowing everyone the opportunity to experience the joys and serenity of camping. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced outdoorsman or have never set foot on a hiking trail before; Core believes that any time spent outside is preferable to no time spent outside.

Thus, the brand formed a team of outdoorsmen to provide items that inspire people of all backgrounds to discover their inner outdoorsman.

The #1 Core Tent: CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Camping in the CORE 6-person, instant cabin tent is ideal for friends, couples, and small families. Additionally, it has several excellent features, such as a large ventilation system and a quick and easy setup that leaves you plenty of time to relax.

Buy the CORE 6 person instant cabin tent here.

10. Coleman

With Coleman® tents and canopies, you’ll always have a safe place to rest your head. Tent pitching has never been so fast! In other words, you get more time around the campfire and to make s’mores.

A tent with a rainfly and sealed seams will ensure that rain won’t dampen your camping experience, even if forecasts aren’t always accurate. Coleman has created some of the greatest low price tents and wants to ensure that every camping trip is memorable!

The #1 Coleman Tent: OneSource™ Rechargeable 6 P Dome Tent

The Coleman® OneSource™ 6-Person Camping Dome Tent with LED Lighting and Airflow System is a part of a network that powers outdoor equipment and enables you to spend time outside in comfort with your loved ones.

The tent’s air is refreshed six times an hour by an inbuilt fan, providing warm, diffused illumination. This is one of the best Coleman tents in their collection and received 5 out of 5 stars ratings from the customers.

Buy the Coleman OneSource tent here.

11. MSR

MSR increased its focus on product development and built a selection of tents, trekking poles, cooking stoves, water supplies, and other items. Their research industry background helps advance a brand with noble goals.

Their commitment to using science to make some of the greatest tents on the market yields unparalleled products. The brand offers tents for camping, trekking, and mountaineering. Experienced explorers consider their tents dependable even during the harshest weather.

The #1 MSR Tent: Hubba Hubba 1-Person Backpacking Tent

The MSR Hubba Hubba NX solo backpacking tent provides the most comfortable tent accommodations in freestanding, lightweight construction. While the lightweight, compact tent is designed for 3-season camping, it won’t hold you back on a trek through Alaska’s wilderness or a solitary outing. They optimized the tent’s symmetrical geometry and non-tapered floor to maximize space.

12. Black Diamond

The company’s tents range from lightweight to basecamp-ready! Since they’re primarily a climbing brand, their product portfolio is limited.

Thus, their tents are designed for use at higher elevations. These tents go well with Black Diamond’s Climbing and skis gear. In light of this, it is clear that Black Diamond’s mountaineering tents deserve their spot among some of the best tent brands available on the market!

The #1 Black Diamond Tent: FirstLight Vestibule Macaw Tent

The Black Diamond FirstLight 3-Person Vestibule expands the FirstLight 3-Person tent’s storage capacity by 1.3 square meters (14 square feet) and is made of thin, watertight SilPoly fabric.

Buy the Black Diamond FIrstLight here.

13. Alps Mountaineering

Over the past 25 years, Alps Mountaineering has established itself as a significant brand in the tent industry with camping, Backpacking, and outfitter tents. Alps Mountaineering is recognized among the best tent brands because of its capacity to serve the intermediate market.

They look at effective and affordable tents for clients; then, they inquire as to how they may mix the two. The Missouri-based family-owned business creates products for those who are more seasoned than recreational campers but aren’t yet canyon experts.

The #1 Alps Mountaineering Tent: Helix Backpacking Tent

Any evening on the trail is ideal for the Helix Tent. To keep you dry even during the harshest weather, the floor and fly are constructed of lightweight 20D ripstop nylon, which balances weight and durability while providing exceptional waterproofing.

Mesh vestibule storage, storage pockets, and roof ventilation to reduce humidity are all useful and ergonomic characteristics. The distinctive three-pole design offers more headspace so you can sit up straight without feeling confined.

With sturdy and light aluminum hardware, the fly is securely fastened to the tent, ensuring it will always stay taut. The Helix is ready for any expedition thanks to outstanding breathability, lightweight materials, and strong aluminum poles.

Buy the Alps Mountaineering Helix tent here.

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