Best Hot Tent With Stove Jack in 2024 – Hot Tents for Winter

Camping Hot Tent With Stove Jack
Best Overall Hot Tent
Whiteduck Regatta Canvas Bell 4/6/10 Person Tent with Stove Jack
An excellent tent that works best for hotter temperatures, thanks to its breezy interior and high walls.
Best for Backpacking
OneTigris Smokey Hut Ultralight Hot Tent with Stove Jack
A lightweight yet rugged tent that will keep you warm and dry while backpacking. 
Good Alternative
Playdo 4 Season Cotton Canvas Tent Tent with Stove Jack
A versatile and large tent that works for backyard parties or outdoor camping, thanks to its "modular" design.

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Winter camping can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a challenge to stay warm at night. Even with the best sleeping bags and blankets, the frigid winter air can creep in like a ghost. Fortunately, there’s a way around this problem – you can buy the best winter tent with a stove jack.

Even better, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite models so that you can pick the one that suits your needs. Whether you’ve camped with a stove jack before or not, these tents are built to keep you warm and toasty all season long.

If you’re in a rush, the best hot tent with a stove jack is the Whiteduck Regatta Tent.

The best hot tents are:

  1. Whiteduck Regatta Canvas Bell 4/6/10 Person Tent with Stove JackBest Overall Hot Tent
  2. OneTigris Smokey Hut Ultralight Hot Tent with Stove JackBest for Backpacking
  3. Playdo 4 Season Cotton Canvas Tent Tent with Stove Jack
  4. UniStrength 4 Season Bell Tent with Stove Jack
  5. Wintent 4 Season 2-4 Person Teepee Tent with Stove Jack
  6. Danchel 4 Season Canvas Tent with 2 Stove Jacks (2/4/6/8 Person)
  7. OneTigris Tegimen Hammock 1-4 Person Hot Tent with Stove Jack
  8. Whiteduck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent with Stove Jack (4/8/12/14/18 Person)
  9. OneTigris Smokey Hut Ultralight Hot Tent with Stove Jack

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Best for Backpacking

OneTigris Smokey Hut Ultralight Hot Tent with Stove Jack (2 Person)

Good Alternative

Playdo 4 Season Cotton Canvas Tent with Stove Jack

UniStrength 4 Season Bell Tent with Stove Jack

Wintent 4 Season 2-4 Person Teepee Tent with Stove Jack

Danchel 4 Season Canvas Tent with 2 Stove Jacks  (2/4/6/8 Person)

OneTigris Tegimen Hammock 1-4 Person Hot Tent with Stove Jack

WHITEDUCK Alpha Canvas Wall Tent (4/8/12/14/18 Person)

Currently unavailable

Russian Bear 5 Person Hot Tent with Stove Pipe Vent

Currently unavailable

OneTigris Iron Wall 1-3 Person Tent with Stove Pipe Hole

OneTigris Smokey Hut Ultralight Hot Tent with Stove Jack

Playdo 4 Season Cotton Canvas Tent Tent with Stove Jack

UniStrength 4 Season Bell Tent with Stove Jack

Wintent 4 Season 2-4 Person Teepee Tent with Stove Jack

Danchel 4 Season Canvas Tent with 2 Stove Jacks (2/4/6/8 Person)

OneTigris Tegimen Hammock 1-4 Person Hot Tent with Stove Jack

Whiteduck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent with Stove Jack (4/8/12/14/18 Person)

Russian Bear 5 Person Hot Tent with Stove Pipe Vent

OneTigris Iron Wall 1-3 Person Tent with Stove Pipe Hole

Rating /5










Size2 Person2-10 Person4, 6 Person2-4 Person2 Person1 Person2-10 Person5 Person2 Person
Value for Money4.5/54.0/53.5/54.0/54.0/54.0/53.0/54.0/54.5/5

A lightweight yet rugged tent that will keep you warm and dry while backpacking. 

A versatile and large tent that works for backyard parties or outdoor camping, thanks to its "modular" design.

A large camping tent that works well for families or big camping groups. 

A versatile and lightweight backpacking tent that works well for summer and winter excursions.

Two stove jacks allow you to move your camping stove wherever you like. You can also buy larger versions of this tent to accommodate more people. 

If you're traveling with a hammock, this tent is an excellent way to shield yourself from the elements.

This tent works best for outdoor parties, but its spacious interior is quite welcoming when camping. 

An all-in-one hot tent with both a stove jack and the stove iteself. This is a durable hot tent that will perform well as a sauna and in cold weather.

A sleek and backpack-friendly tent that will hold up in almost all weather conditions. 

best hot tents with stove jacks compared


  • Three-person hot camping tent
  • Double-stitched and reinforced seams
  • High walls for extra interior space
  • Dual stove jacks
  • Extra-large opening for easier access
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant canvas
  • Built-in electric cable outlet


  • In some cases, the zippers might break off easily
  • Returns can be a hassle

Typically speaking, a tent with a stove jack is going to be more spacious and accommodating than a standard model. However, this Regatta tent from the WhiteDuck brand is perfect for any kind of camping, even if you prefer the high-class world of glamping. The walls are much taller than other similar tents, so standing up is a breeze. Even with the height, this tent is windproof, so don’t worry about storms ruining your trip.

As far as durability, the tent itself is made of thick canvas with reinforced joints and seams. These winter tents also come with four vents (not including the stove jacks) so that you can get incredible airflow inside for spring and summer weather. This tent comes in three color options, including beige, brown, and olive, and you can buy it in multiple sizes to accommodate more guests.


  • Ultralight backpacking tent
  • Sleeps up to two people
  • Weighs only 2.6 pounds
  • Durable nylon material
  • The teepee-style tent is more wind and rain-resistant
  • Fast and easy setup


  • No tent bottom, so you have to plan accordingly
  • Nylon is not as durable as other materials (i.e., canvas)

Although most hot tents with stove jacks are pretty spacious on the inside, some models – like this one from OneTigris – are perfect for backpacking and light travel. This tent only weighs two and a half pounds, meaning that the tent should fit in practically any pack. In fact, if you bring a stove and chimney along, they’ll weigh a lot more than this tent.

One point to consider about this teepee (or tipi if you prefer) style model is that tent doesn’t come with a floor. So, if you’re camping on cold or wet ground, you’ll need to supply your own protection, such as a tarp. That said, because this is a teepee tent, you don’t have to worry as much about wind or rain. The whole hot tent lies low to the ground, so the tipi tent can withstand strong weather more easily. This design also means that it’s faster to set up, particularly if it’s cold or wet outside.


  • Waterproof canvas material
  • Four-season tent works all-year-round
  • Built-in power cable inlet
  • Can be set up with or without walls
  • Top air vents for better airflow


  • Heavy fabric can be hard to set up and carry
  • Not as spacious inside as other canvas tents

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty glamping tent for yourself and a partner, this model from Playdo is a good choice. However, because the canvas material is so heavy, be aware that carrying the tent and setting the tent up can be somewhat challenging. Also, if it’s going to sit out in the rain, you’ll need to let the tent dry for up to 12 hours or more to ensure that it won’t stay damp when you pack it up.

Otherwise, this hot tent is a good size for two people, and the stove jack is on the side so that you have more room to sleep and do activities insides. As with other stove jack tents, the Playdo model has reinforced, fire-resistant seams around the opening so that you don’t have to worry about the heat of your tent stove burning your hot tent down when starting a fire.

Another element that we like is the fact that you can set up the top section without the walls. So, if you want an open-air hot tent for backyard parties or get-togethers, you have this option available.


  • Extra-large tent holds up to six or eight people
  • High walls make the tent spacious inside
  • UV and water-repellant canvas fabric
  • Rain cap provided to protect the tent when using a camping stove


  • Can take a while to set up
  • In rare cases, the tent might be missing pieces upon arrival

Finally, we have another large hot tent that can accommodate a lot of campers at once. This model is perfect for families because the tent can fit up to six or eight people inside, depending on how large they are. Realistically, the tent can fit four adults and a couple of kids if necessary. We like that the walls are pretty high, giving you more room to move around and stand up if necessary.

Although the hot tent material is not heavy-duty, the canvas does an excellent job at keeping the rain out. This model also comes with a rain cap that fits over your camping stove chimney. This way, you don’t have to worry about water seeping in through the stove vent and into the tent stove or onto any firewood.


  • Adjustable interior size
  • Versatile setup with a removable floor
  • Can sleep up to four people (without a camping stove)
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Not as waterproof as other tents
  • Smaller setup can only fit one person (not two as advertised)

This model from Wintent is designed to be as versatile and accommodating as possible. If you’re a solo traveler, you’ll like the lightweight fabric and the relatively fast setup time. If you’re camping with a few other people, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can increase the interior size to accommodate more sleepers. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to use a stove if you have more than two bodies sleeping inside.

This hot tent also has a removable floor, making this hot camping tent ideal for backpacking, backyard camping, or standard camping. You can also use the removable interior mesh to turn this into a small gazebo for outdoor parties and events. The rain fly is not 100-percent waterproof and can leak during heavy storms.


  • 100-percent waterproof canvas material
  • Dual five-inch stove jacks
  • Fits one to two people (although you can buy larger models)
  • A-frame door pole for easy in and out
  • Roll-up side canvas wall for open-air camping
  • Affordable option
  • Extra-thick PVC flooring


  • Rain can still get in despite waterproof canvas
  • Can’t keep canvas tent flaps open and prevent rain from getting in
  • Setup can be slow

Kicking things off is this good two-person canvas tent from Danchel. Although this model works great as a winter tent, it’s built mainly to keep out the rain. These canvas hot tents are 100-percent waterproof, and they will hold up for multiple seasons without any issues. That said, rain can still make its way in through the tarp grommets. If you want to keep water out, you’ll need to tape the grommets or find some way to cover them.

Because this is a free standing tent, it needs a durable base layer to handle the various terrain that you might encounter. Fortunately, this great hot tent’s bottom is made of PVC, which is both rugged and waterproof. So, don’t worry about moisture from the ground seeping into your sleeping bag at night.

When it comes to the stove jacks, this hot camping tent has two five-inch openings at the top. Realistically, though, you won’t have two stoves inside your bell tent. Instead, the dual jacks allow you to reposition the stove to be more comfortable as necessary. Each jack has reinforced openings so that you don’t have to worry about burning the canvas by accident. Overall, this is the best affordable hot tent with a stove jack.


  • 3000MM waterproof rating
  • Hammock-style tent
  • Extra-wide design for a spacious interior
  • Lightweight fabric and design
  • Two stove jacks for added versatility


  • Can be hard to set up the first few times
  • Only sleeps one officially

When backpacking in the woods, it’s often a good idea to set up a hammock between two trees. Doing this elevates you off the ground and helps protect you from wildlife that may try to crawl inside your sleeping bag. However, the downside of a traditional hammock is that the tent leaves you exposed and you have to find two sturdy trees that are far enough apart.

This hot tent from Onetigris solves the first issue by adding an entire nylon tent around your hammock. So, you have good protection and plenty of covered space for all of your supplies. That said, because this is a hot hammock tent, the tent can technically only sleep one person. However, because the interior is pretty spacious, a camping partner could sleep on the ground. Keep in mind, though, that the hot hammock tent doesn’t have a floor, only walls, and a roof.

There are two stove jacks built into this model – one on the side and one on the roof. This way, you can set up your camping stove as you see fit.

Best For Groups

WHITEDUCK Alpha Canvas Wall Tent with Stove Jack (4/8/12/ 14/18 Person)

This spacious home-away-from-home is great for group outings like hunting trips.


  • Reinforced tent skeleton
  • Sleeps up to four people
  • Durable PVC flooring provided
  • Extra-wide opening for easy in and out
  • Five-foot high canvas walls


  • Requires at least two people to set up
  • The tent is pretty heavy and bulky and may be hard to bring along for travel

If you’re traveling with more than one person, you need a hot tent that can accommodate the extra people. Fortunately, this model from Whiteduck is up to the challenge with a massive interior that can sleep four. The shape of the tent and the five-foot-high walls allow you to move around freely, even when your camping stove is set up inside.

Although the hot tent is spacious, it’s also kind of a pain to set up, and it’s not good for light travel. You’ll have to bring several bags of equipment, and you’ll need at least one more person to get the tent set up. So, if you like quick and easy tents, this model is not ideal.

We like that this hot tent comes with a separate PVC floor. This way, you can prevent moisture from coming inside, and you can keep the various bugs and other ground critters outside where they belong.


  • Fast setup
  • Umbrella design helps repel rain
  • Chimney and stainless steel stove included
  • Heat-resistant fabric withstands up to 1200 degrees F
  • Camouflage design helps you blend in with your surroundings
  • Can fit up to three people
  • Removable outer canvas layer for warm weather


  • More expensive than other tents with a stove jack
  • Not as spacious as other tents

Note: Currently unavailable

One issue that you might come across when comparing the hot tents with a stove jack is that you have to provide your own camping stove and chimney. However, if you’d prefer to get an all-in-one package, you can buy this tent from Russian Bear. Not only is this one of the most durable and heat-insulating tents available, but the tent also comes with a stainless steel stove and chimney. These add-ons are part of the reason why this tent has such a high price tag.

Another reason for the expensive cost is that this tent is built tough. You can set the tent up in the forest or on a frozen lake to do some ice fishing. This hot tent is made for all kinds of camping needs, meaning that it has the amenities necessary for your adventure. You can remove the floor to use the tent as a sauna, or you can use an ice screw for ice fishing. The possibilities are virtually endless!

One downside of this tent is that it’s a bit smaller than the others we’ve seen. So, if you’re planning to bring three people along, be prepared to snuggle on top of each other at night (especially with the stove inside). However, this hot tent is perfect for partners.


  • Waterproof silicon-coated nylon (no canvas)
  • Lightweight and ready for backpacking
  • Heptagon shape with substantial wind resistance
  • Removable inner mesh for added versatility


  • No floor
  • Condensation can buildup inside due to less ventilation

Note: Currently unavailable

Here we have another lightweight teepee-style tent designed for backpacking. The reason this hot tent is so light is that it doesn’t come with a tent floor, so you’ll have to plan accordingly. Be sure to clear the ground before setting up, and you’ll want to try and elevate your sleeping bags so that they don’t get too wet from condensation in the morning.

This hot tent has a heptagon shape, which helps the tent withstand high winds and other environmental factors. The stove vent fits at the front and still allows enough space for two people to sleep. Onetigris also listened to customer complaints and put the front zipper on the opposite side of the jack so that the jack won’t get scalding when the tent stoves are running.

Finally, this model is supremely waterproof because it’s made of silicon-coated nylon. That said, this fabric can collect condensation pretty easily, so you’ll still get a few drips and splats as the morning dew collects.

Hot Tent Camping Rating Criteria

Because there are so many high-quality camping tents with stove jacks, it’s hard to narrow your selection down to one model. Fortunately, you can use our ranking system, which looks at a tent’s size, price, weight, and seasonality. Here’s a rundown of each criteria and how we approach it.

Size and capacity

Smaller hot tents are not necessarily “better” or “worse” than larger models. What matters is that the tent is big enough to accommodate everyone. So, if you buy a four-person tent, you should be able to have four people sleep in the tent at night without having to stack yourself like sardines.

We also like tents that come in multiple sizes so that you can choose the one that is great for your needs when hot tent camping.

Value for money

Just because you want to camp with a stove doesn’t mean that you should spend an arm and a leg on your tent. We tend to favor good, affordable models that don’t look or feel “cheap.” Some of the great hot tents on this list will set you back quite a bit, so you have to decide whether the investment is worth it.


Most hot camping tents with stove jacks are made of canvas, which is a natural material with a heavy weight. However, some models are lightweight and great for backpacking, meaning that you should be able to pitch the tent yourself. We like tents that don’t require more than one person to get in place, especially for outdoor hot camping.

The other issue with weight is that a larger hot tent can be a hassle to load in and out of a campsite. If you’re running low on space, you might want a smaller, lighter model.

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Waterproofing and ventilation

Having a stove flue means that the tent is made for housing a hot camping stove. While these stoves can be used for cooking, they’re generally suited for keeping the interior warm. So, even if the tent itself isn’t entirely weatherproof, the stove can alleviate any issues with the cold.

So, we really pay attention to the waterproof rating of each hot tent. A stove can’t really do much if water is seeping in and getting your equipment or sleeping bags wet. Tents with a great waterproof rating will have a higher ranking than those that may leak more easily.

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Best Cheap Tent for hot tenting

Two of the best tents are highly affordable, costing around 200 dollars or so. Our favorite of the two tents is the Onetigris Smokey Hut tent, which is built for backpacking. A big reason for the lower price is that the tent doesn’t come with a floor, so you get less fabric overall. That said, this hot tent works for pretty much all conditions, as long as you can clear a space on the ground for your sleeping bag and other gear.

Best hot Tent With a Stove Jack for staying warm by Situation

Sometimes, the price or size of a hot tent doesn’t matter much as how you plan to use it. Here are some of our picks for good tents for different hot camping situations.

Best backpacking hot tent with stove Port

Both the Onetigris Smokey Hut tipi tent and Iron Wall tipi tents are tents made for backpacking, so they’re perfect tents for your next getaway. However, it’s kind of ironic that the tent itself is so light, but the tent has a stove vent for a hot camping wood stove, which will be bulky and cumbersome to carry.

4 Season Winter camping Tents With a Stove Jack

If money isn’t an issue, the Russian Bear Hot Tent is the best 4 season tent we’ve seen so far. The durability of the fabric means that these tents can hold up against any weather conditions. During the summer, campers can open the tent’s vents to let air inside, and during the winter, you can keep your hot tent toasty warm. Considering that this tent is built for ice fishing, you know it’s a good buy.

Top teepee tent For Hunting

Again, the Russian Bear Hot Tent wins this category because these tents come with a camouflage rain fly. However, if you want more affordable tents that also provide comfort, the Onetigris Smokey Hut tipi tent is a dark color, which can blend into some backgrounds. Also, because it’s smaller, you can tuck the Smokey Hut into brush more easily.

Best Tent With a Stove Opening for Family Camping

If you have a big family of campers, we highly recommend the Unistrength 4-Season Bell Tent. This is one of the largest and most spacious tents available, so you have more than enough room to move around inside and plenty of comfort.

One thing to bear in mind is that these canvas tents don’t come with multiple doors and nor do the backpacking tents that can hold a wood stove. Multiple inner doors can be useful for campers heading for a bathroom break at night. With tents that don’t have multiple doors, I would recommend keeping the area around the door clear.

Best Ultralight Hot Tent With a Stove Vent

The lightest option we’ve seen is the Onetigris Iron Wall Tipi Tent, which weighs less than four pounds. You can’t find much lighter tents to use than that and it provides plenty of ventilation for the wood stove.

Camping tent by type

Top Canvas Wall Hot Tent With Stove VentDanchel Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

Top Teepee Tent With Stove Vent Onetigris Smokey Hut Teepee Tent

Top Wall Tent With Stove JackUnistrength 4-Season Bell Jack Tent

Tipi hot tent by size

Great Two-Person Hot Tent With a Stove JackOnetigris Smokey Hut Tipi Tent

Great Three to Four-Person Tent With a Stove HoleRussian Bear Hot Tent

Best Tent for Six People With a Stove HoleWhiteduck Regatta Bell Tent

Great Extra-Large Tent With a Stove FlueUnistrength 4-Season Bell Stove Tent

Frequently asked questions

Do Hot Tents Come With a Floor?

Some stove tent options do have a floor, but most lightweight, portable tents do not. From our list, the tents that don’t have a floor include:

  • Onetigris Smokey Hut Canvas Tent
  • Onetigris Iron Wall Canvas Tent
  • Onetigris Tegimen Tent
  • Wintent 4-Season Tent
  • Playdo 4-Season Tent (bottom part of the tent is removable)
  • Whiteduck Alpha Tent (tent’s bottom is removable)

Some tents also come with a groundsheet. Low weight backpacking tents are the most likely to have a groundsheet to protect the more fragile fabric from the ground, while a groundsheet isn’t always needed for canvas tents. You won’t want to use a ground sheet below a wood stove or the wood stove will burn through the material and create a fire risk in the shelter.

Can You Put a Stove Jack in Any Tent?

You can’t put a stove jack in all tents. You need to use a tent made of a fire-resistant fabric, and you have to reinforce the sides of the tent’s opening so that it doesn’t overheat and melt when you get the tent stoves going. 

Are Tents With Stoves Safe?

You have to worry about two things when using tent stoves inside winter tents – fire hazards and toxic pollutants. Using a tent stove port provides ventilation in the roof to help stop smoke from polluting tents, but you still need to keep the area around the stove clear. Otherwise, the heat could melt camping gear like coolers, cloth, sleeping bags, tent walls and more. 

Can You Put a Wood Stove in a Nylon Tent?

It can be dangerous to put a wood stove in a nylon tent. You need to make sure that you have enough room in tents to avoid fire hazards. Nylon tents melt faster than canvas fabric, so you have to be hyper-cautious, and never burn wood in tents while you’re sleeping. 

What Is A Hot Tent?

A hot tent is a tent that comes with a stove jack and is outfitted with a wood-burning stove or another heat source. Hot tents often come with ventilation and a removable floor so that it doesn’t freeze to the ground in winter.

How long do top tent stoves last?

A stove will keep a thermal tent warm for about 7 hours but it depends on the tent size and stove.

Conclusion from our Hot Tent Camping Comparison

Overall, we hope this review allows you to pick the best tent for hot tenting. Grab the tent stoves, the tents and head outdoors!

Happy camping!

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