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Best Coleman tent – which tent tops the review?

Best for Couples
The Coleman Instant Tent includes a 60-second fast pitch design. This makes it ideal for a quick couple’s camping getaway.
Best Value Tent
The Coleman Sundome comes in several sizes and is a durable classic. Campers love the durability and high-quality, and the affordable price, of this dome tent.
Best for Rooms
The Coleman WeatherMaster has lots of space, and in the 6-person tent even includes a screen room. It also has room dividers inside for privacy.

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Last Updated: May 31, 2021

Welcome to our review of the best Coleman tents available on the market right now.

We’ve looked at every single Coleman tent and narrowed the list down to our top 5 picks and the 6 best of the rest we found.

Coleman have over 120 years of experience in making camping gear. But do they still know what they are doing? Are all Coleman tents as reliable or is there some variation in quality?

Stick with us and we’ll cover that, and everything else you might need to know, about these tents!





Best Value Tent

The Coleman Sundome comes in several sizes and is a durable classic. Campers love the durability and high-quality, and the affordable price, of this dome tent.


Best for Couples

The Coleman Instant Tent includes a 60-second fast pitch design. This makes it ideal for a quick couple’s camping getaway.


Best for Rooms

The Coleman WeatherMaster has lots of space, and in the 6-person tent even includes a screen room. It also has room dividers inside for privacy.


Best for Little Kids

An easy-pitch dome, this is the best Coleman family tent. Coleman Steel Creek has a screen room at the front so you can enjoy nature without bugs or watch your kids playing safely inside.


Best Backpacking Tent

The Hooligan is Coleman’s best option for a lightweight backpacking tent. This Coleman tent also comes with a full-coverage rainfly that protects you well from the weather.


Quick Recommendation

If you don’t have time to hang around as we get into the nitty gritty of each of these tents, that’s okay.

The tent that impressed us the most from Coleman was the WeatherMaster. With the screen room for lounging protected from bugs and the sun, it’s the ideal choice for families. There’s plenty of floor space for your whole gang to sleep inside the tent and the screen room can be used for storing gear as well if needed.

What if you’re looking for a more affordable Coleman tent?

If you are looking for something a little more cost-friendly, then you’re in luck – Coleman offer the excellent Sundome range for budget-conscious campers.

All Coleman tents are budget-friendly, but we think the Coleman Sundome tent is an especially great purchase. In all the sizes, it provides fantastic value for your purchase.

Whilst you might not get the bigger features you might expect from a more upmarket tent, the Sundome is simple and reliable. Perfect for newbies who aren’t sure if camping is for them or not.

Reviews of the 5 Best Coleman Tent Models

Best Value Tent

Coleman Sundome Dome Tent (2/3/4/6 Person)

The Coleman Sundome comes in several sizes and is a durable classic. Campers love the durability and high-quality, and the affordable price, of this dome tent.

Available sizes: 2, 3, 4, 6 people and 6-person Elite | Weight: 7.2 to 16 lbs | Dimensions: 5’ to 10’ (W) x 7’ to 10’ to (L) x 4’ to 6’ (H) | Doors: 1 | Power Cord Vent: Yes | Price: $



  • Simple setup.
  • Great ventilation.
  • Lots of space.
  • Good value for investment.
  • Hinged door in the Coleman Elite Sundome.


  • Some reports of water leakage.
  • Can be chilly.

The Coleman Sundome is a fantastic beginner Coleman tent that’s budget-friendly and comes in several sizes for different needs. 

This Coleman tent has plenty of extra space, although it’s critical to pick the right size for your group. The upper half of the walls are covered with mesh, so the tent has very good air circulation in warmer weather. There isn’t adjustable ventilation, however, so in colder climates, it can get chilly.  

The rainfly only comes halfway down, enough to cover the large windows while still maintaining ventilation. In a bad storm, however, some campers report leakage at the seams.

There’s also an Elite Coleman Sundome that’s slightly bigger than the common one. It comes with a handy hinged door that closes behind you on its own. And as a special feature, it comes with the Coleman LED lighting system that includes a light button at the door.

Best for Couples

Coleman Instant Cabin Tent (4/6/10 Person)

The Coleman Instant Tent includes a 60-second fast pitch design. This makes it ideal for a quick couple’s camping getaway.

Available sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10 people | Weight: 18 to 42 lbs | Dimensions: 7’ to 10’ (W) x 8’ to 14’ (L) x 4’11” to 6’7” (H) | Doors: 1 | Power Cord Vent: No | Price: $



  • Instant setup.
  • Tall ceiling height
  • Large door.
  • Storage pockets.


  • No rainfly, may experience leakage.
  • Heavy and large packed size.

The Coleman Instant Cabin Tent is a great option for campers who don’t want to waste time putting up a tent. Both people on quick getaways and those with small kids enjoy the quick setup. Just lay the tent on the ground and extend the poles, then attach the tent stakes to the ground, and you’re done. 

It’s a spacious and comfortable tent, especially in the 10 and 8 person tents. Since it’s a cabin-style tent and the walls are vertical, it’s high enough to stand in. Just note that the Coleman Instant Cabin is also heavy to carry and large to store.

On the inside walls, you’ll find storage pockets for your personal items, but otherwise this Coleman tent doesn’t include lots of comfort details. There’s no e-port, and while the door is large to get in and out easily, it’s the only door on this model. This can make the Coleman Instant Cabin tent tough to spend longer periods in.

One thing to note is that it comes with an integrated rainfly that only covers the top. The Coleman Instant Cabin tent does a fairly good job of keeping you dry, but it’s not 100 percent waterproof. You can also invest in a separate rainfly if you’re expecting rain.

Best for Rooms

Coleman WeatherMaster Tent (6/10 Person)

The Coleman WeatherMaster has lots of space, and in the 6-person tent even includes a screen room. It also has room dividers inside for privacy.

Available sizes: 6, 10 people | Weight: 32 lbs | Dimensions: 9’ (W) x 11’ to 17’ (L) x 6’8” (H) | Doors: 2 | Power Cord Vent: Yes | Price: $$



  • Spacious interiors.
  • Room separation.
  • Screen room in the 6-person tent.
  • Hinged doors.


  • Heavy and large.
  • Setup takes a while. 

The Coleman Weathermaster is a great camping tent option for families and groups of friends. It has room dividers inside so you can get a bit more privacy, especially if you’re out with another couple. 

One perk of the 6-person version is that it comes with a screen room. You can use it to hang out outside at night, or eat while protecting you from rain or bugs. Just note that the 10-person tent comes with a larger main area inside the tent, not a screen room.

This model also comes with Coleman’s hinged door that’s handy when you’re camping with family. The D-shaped door has a pole inside, so you don’t have to worry about bugs getting inside if kids forget to close it.

As one of the biggest Coleman tent models, it’s best for car camping because it’s quite heavy to carry. For ease of setup, you can also use more than one set of hands, and it’ll still likely take about 20 minutes.

Best for Little Kids

Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch 6-Person Tent

An easy-pitch dome, this is the best Coleman family tent. Coleman Steel Creek has a screen room at the front so you can enjoy nature without bugs or watch your kids playing safely inside.

Available sizes: 6 people | Weight: 19 lbs | Dimensions: 9’ (W) x 10’ (L) x 5’7” (H) | Doors: 1 | Power Cord Vent: Yes | Price: $



  • Tent with screen room for bug-free outdoor time.
  • Generally good waterproofing.
  • Spacious, fits two queen size air mattresses.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Manageable weight for one person.


  • Some leakage at the seams.
  • Screen room only big enough for two.

This Coleman tent with screen room is ideal for families with young kids. You can sit in the screen room, protected from bugs while watching your kids. The porch is also great for getting kids out of muddy clothes before they get inside the tent.

The Coleman Steel Creek tent comes only in the 6-person version, which is enough for a family of four or a small group of friends to sleep in comfortably. The screen room only has room for two chairs, though, so it’s not comfortable for a friend group to hang out in. As for the covered floor area, it’s spacious enough to fit two queen size air beds. 

The setup time is relatively quick and easy with a fast pitch mechanism that Coleman promises is possible to go through in 7 minutes. The weight, at 19 pounds, is not too much to handle for one person if you happen to go camping as the only adult with young kids.

This tent comes with the WeatherTec system, and the weather-resistance is generally good. However, some customers report leakage at the seams. You can use some waterproof spray to seal them before heading out or find a tarp to cover it a little better. 

Overall, customers are happy with the weatherproofing and value, especially considering the reasonable price of this Coleman model.

Best Backpacking Tent

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent (2/3/4 Person)

The Hooligan is Coleman’s best option for a lightweight backpacking tent. This Coleman tent also comes with a full-coverage rainfly that protects you well from the weather.

Available sizes: 2, 3, 4 people | Weight: 7 to 12 lbs | Dimensions: 6’ to 7’ (W) x 8’ to 9’ (L) x 4’7” to 4’10” (H) | Doors: 1 | Power Cord Vent: No | Price: $



  • Lighter weight for backpacking.
  • Large mesh windows for ventilation.
  • Vestibule for your gear.
  • Good weather protection.


  • Too heavy for longer hikes.
  • Not the most durable poles.

The Hooligan tent is Coleman’s backpacking option, so it’s lighter than the other models on our list. It’s a little heavier than other backpacking tents to carry because of the tarp floor. But, if you divide the tent poles and body into separate packs, it’s still manageable. 

For backpackers on a budget, especially if you don’t hike long distances, this one’s definitely a good option to check out.

For bad weather, the Coleman Hooligan tent comes with a full-coverage rainfly with a large vestibule to store your camping gear. This expands the usable space and is an excellent way to keep muddy boots and cooking gear out of the way. It still keeps you well protected from the rain with its inverted seams and bathtub-style floors.

The inner tent has large mesh windows for ventilation. If you’re camping with clear skies, you can take the rainfly off to enjoy the stars. The light will wake you up early in the morning, but you’ll sleep cooler through the night hours.

We recommend this for beginner backpackers who aren’t ready to make an investment in an ultralight tent yet. It’s not eternal, and the fiberglass poles aren’t the most durable, but overall it’s great for the price.

Alternative Coleman Tents 

If you still didn’t find your ideal tent, take a look at these other Coleman models.

Available sizes: 8 people | Weight: 49 lbs | Dimensions: 13’(W) x 13’(L) x 6’10”(H) | Doors: 1 | Power Cord Vent: No | Price: $


  • Spacious.
  • Over 6-foot center height
  • Resistant in strong winds.


  • Not the smartest design for air mattresses.

The Coleman Octagon tent is a cabin-style tent with vertical walls and a high ceiling, ideal for tall campers. It has enough space for two queen-sized mattresses with room to spare on the sides. But the octagonal design also means you won’t be able to use the space in the smartest way with air beds.

It only comes in the 8-person tent size, so for two people, it might be too much. But if you’re going car camping, it’s a great option to have. 

Despite the height, the Coleman Octagon tent has a great wind-strong frame, so it’s apt for a family camping trip to breezy locations. It also comes with the Coleman Weathertec system with inverted seams to keep water out.

Available sizes: 6, 8 people and Elite 6-person Weight: 25 to 27 lbs | Dimensions: 7’ (W) x 16’ (L) x 6’2” (H) | Doors: 1 | Power Cord Vent: Yes | Price: $$


  • Built-in lighting system.
  • Hinged doors.
  • Great size, enough for three queen mattresses.


  • Some experiences with leakage.

The Coleman Elite Montana tent is excellent for groups of friends or family camping, with enough room for three queen air mattresses. It comes with Coleman’s smart hinged door, and built-in LED lighting system that makes camping feel more like a luxury.

These camping tents also come with a rainfly with a small awning and the Weathertec system that provides rain protection. They’ll generally keep you dry and comfortable, but some customers have had leakage at the seams. It’s best to waterproof the tent corners with sealant before heading out to keep water out.

Available sizes: 2, 4 people | Weight: 6.4 to 7.1 lbs | Dimensions: 4’5” to 6’6” (W) x 7’6” to 9’2” (L) x 2’11” to 3’4” (H) | Doors: 1 | Power Cord Vent: No | Price: $


  • Instant setup.
  • Low cost.
  • Surprisingly spacious.


  • Single-walled, may produce condensation.
  • Doesn’t block sunlight.

The pop-up tent from Coleman is the top option for those looking for a festival tent or who love short getaways in nature. Just take the tent out of the bag and secure it to the ground, and you’re ready to enjoy your time camping.

Even the rainfly is attached, so you don’t have to pitch it separately. It’s not fully a double-walled tent, though, so you might get some condensation. Also, this tent doesn’t cover you from the sun as effectively as other models, so you might wake up early.

Available sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8 people | Weight: 9 to 19 lbs | Dimensions: 5 ft to 12 ft (W) x 7 ft to 9 ft (L) x 4 ft to 6 ft 4” (H) | Doors: 1 | Power Cord Vent: Yes | Price: $


  • Vertical walls and high ceiling.
  • Storage pockets and gear loft.
  • Easy 5-minute setup.
  • Wide doors.


  • Difficult to replace broken poles.

The Skydome tent is close to the traditional dome tent models but with one crucial difference: height. The walls are nearly vertical, so you get more headroom, making longer trips with family more comfortable. It also has extra-wide doors, which makes it easier to get in mattresses and other gear.

This dome tent is easy to set up, thanks to its pre-attached poles that you only have to clip into place. It also comes with convenient mesh pockets at the sides for storage. 

Just keep in mind that with kids, it’s easier to end up with a broken tent pole. With an instant dome tent design like this, it’s harder to replace the poles, and your tent might become useless.

Available sizes: 8 people | Weight: 22.4 lbs | Dimensions: 10 ft (W) x 17 ft (L) x 6 ft (H) | Doors: 1 | Power Cord Vent: No | Price: $


  • Two room dividers.
  • Mesh windows and roof for ventilation.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Some waterproofing issues. 
  • Gets chilly in fall or spring weather.

The Coleman Red Canyon tent is excellent for group camping trips for both friends and families with older kids. The included room dividers allow you to create three separate rooms, so you can give everyone some privacy.

It’s simple to set up, and after you’ve practiced it once or twice, you should be able to do it in 5 minutes. The Red Canyon tent also has a rainfly that covers the top but maintains maximum ventilation.

The Red Canyon tent is not one of the best 3-season tents. Its large mesh windows on all sides give you air on warm summer nights. But if you happen to get in a storm with the Red Canyon tent, you might get seriously cold.

Available sizes: 8 people | Weight: 34 lbs | Dimensions: 9 ft (W) x 13 ft (L) x 6 ft 8 inches (H) | Doors: 1 | Power Cord Vent: Yes | Price: $


  • Built-in closet for family organizing.
  • Hinged door.
  • Quick-pitch design.
  • Spacious, with a room divider.


  • Single-walled, not ideal for 3-season use.

If you struggle keeping things organized when camping with the family, the built-in closet in this 8-person tent makes it a great option. It has mesh shelves and a bar, so you can hang a shirt or a dress for those nights you want to dress up. 

The Tenaya Lake tent is also large enough for a family or a group of friends. You can easily fit in two queen mattresses, and there’s a room divider if you want more privacy. This tent also comes with a hinged door for easy access. 

On a more negative note, the mesh windows and walls make this tent cold to sleep in for colder climates. The single-walled design also makes the tent more vulnerable to rain and condensation.

Which Coleman tent is right for you?

There are a range of sizes available for these Coleman tents, so it can be tricky to decide which one is right for you.

Is Your Coleman Tent the Right Size?

When you’re picking a tent, remember that the maximum capacity of the tent is not its comfort capacity. For example, if you want to have enough room for four adults, we recommend going for a 6-person tent as a minimum. For longer stays in the wilderness, you might be more comfortable in a 10 or 8-person tent.

For a 2-person festival trip, you might be fine with a 2-person tent just for sleeping. But on a backpacking trip, remember to factor in your gear. A tent with a vestibule like the Hooligan tent expands your usable storage space.

Best Coleman tent by group size

SizeBest OverallBest Value
1 or 2 peopleColeman Hooligan Tent Backpacking tent.
Full rainfly.
Coleman Sundome TentEasy setup.
Surprisingly spacious.
Great value for price.
3 or 4 peopleColeman Sundome TentSpacious.
Comes in multiple sizes.
Amazing value.
Coleman Steel Creek TentRoom to spare with 4 people.
Screen room.
Great price.
5 or 6 peopleColeman Steel Creek TentFits two queen size mattresses.
Additional screen room.
Great value.
Coleman Sundome TentGreat value.
Comes in several sizes.
Waterproofing works well.
Good ventilation.
7 or 8 peopleColeman WeatherMaster TentGreat weather protection.
Room separation.
Hinged doors for easy access.
Coleman Instant Cabin Tent60-second setup.
Large windows.
High ceiling.
9+ peopleColeman Instant Cabin TentFast pitch design.
Great ventilation.
High ceiling.
Coleman WeatherMaster TentSmart design for space.
Room separation.
Hinged doors.

Best Coleman tent for families

Winner: Coleman WeatherMaster Tent

The Coleman Weathermaster tent is ideal for a family or large group. It’s big enough to fit two queen air mattresses even in the 6-person size and also has a handy screen room. The screen room is perfect for watching the kids play outside whilst being protected from the bugs.

The room dividers inside make it easier to live with a larger group while maintaining privacy.

Best Coleman tent for backpacking adventurers

Winner: Coleman Hooligan Tent

If you’re looking for a Coleman tent for heading into the backcountry, the Hooligan tent is the best option to consider. In fact, it’s really the only tent to consider! The other tents are too heavy and awkward for carrying over long distances.

Backpacking gear sitting on a flat expanse

Which coleman tent is the biggest?

Winner: Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

If you need a spacious tent for tall people, go for the Instant Cabin Tent or the Weathermaster. These are the best Coleman tents for tall campers because they’re wide. They also have plenty of room to stand inside, even when you’re taller. 

The Coleman Pop-Up tent is lightweight but unfortunately the shape of the carry bag (a flat circle) makes it awkward to pack into your bag.

Which Coleman tent offers the best storage options?

Winner: Coleman WeatherMaster Tent

Most of the best Coleman tents also include sewn-in pockets on the inside, so you can keep your personal items at hand. It’s beneficial for families because it can be tough to keep smaller things organized with small kids.

The screen room in the WeatherMaster tent makes it the winner for us. It gives you a separate area for storing any equipment you might bring with you. Plus, the fact there is no floor underneath the screen room means that if you’re storing wet or dirty gear, you don’t need to worry about keeping the tent clean.

Having storage pockets, a screen room and a room divider gives you lots of extra storage space in the WeatherMaster tent.

Easiest Coleman Tent To Set up and Take Down

Winner: Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

The easiest tent to set up and take down is the Coleman Instant Cabin tent. It’s a 60-second setup that’s easy to do on your own, but on your first try, it may take a little longer to figure out. Also, the tent itself is quite large and heavy to handle, so it’s not a one-person project.

If you’re looking for a smaller size, we recommend going for the Coleman Sundome tent. It’s a common dome tent that takes even a beginner no more than a couple of minutes to set up. 

What if you’re setting up alone on your trip?

Winner: Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

If you don’t have another pair of helping hands to setup camp on your camping trip, you don’t need to worry about these tents.

Although the WeatherMaster tent might be the most difficult for a lone camper to setup, it should still be possible. Although we would recommend trying to set it up alone at home first before your trip.

Keeping you Dry, warm and safe in the bad weather

Do any of these tents offer extra weather protection to keep you dry in heavy rains? Do they have a sturdy frame for when harsh weather conditions start to shake your shelter? Is there extra ventilation to stop condensation building when it’s cold outside?

rain on fern leaves

Best Coleman tent in the rain

Winner: Coleman Hooligan Tent 

Most of the best Coleman tents are fairly good with waterproofing, especially for budget-friendly tents. They come with water resistant inverted seams and bathtub-style floors to help keep water out. 

If you’re expecting some rough weather, pick one of the Coleman tents that come with a full-coverage rain fly, like the Hooligan tent.

Still, there may be some leakage in the corners, especially if the rain fly doesn’t cover the whole tent.

We were also impressed by the angled windows on the WeatherMaster tent which helped keep water out of the tent even in rainy weather. 

Is Condensation a Problem With These Tents?

Winner: Coleman Hooligan Tent

Double-walled camping tents like this are also your best bet against condensation from rain or morning dew. Keeping the tent ventilated will also help reduce condensation.

Avoid the instant cabin tents with large mesh walls in rainy or windy locations because they’re not as likely to keep you dry. You can also buy an additional rain fly for these tents, but it doesn’t cover the entire wall, so it may not be enough.

Best Coleman tent in the wind

Winner: Coleman Octagon 98 Tent

Coleman say they test all of their tents in up to 35 mph winds to make sure that they will stand strong in a gust.

If your camping location has a lot of wind, opt for lower and smaller tents that have less fabric for heavy winds to catch. Make sure you use guylines to attach the rain fly to the ground, keeping it taut. If the rain fly fabric touches the inner tent, it might cause leakage.

Or if you need a tall, larger tent for family camping we like the Octagon tent. It has a distinctive shape that helps to improve the wind protection, regardless of which direction the gales are blowing.

We would be worried about taking tents with tall, near-vertical walls out into windy conditions. You should be careful to make sure the Instant Cabin tent is securely staked down if you are going camping in gusty weather.

Top Coleman tent for warm weather and summer camping

Winner: Coleman WeatherMaster Tent

For overall protection from temperature changes, the best Coleman camping tent is the WeatherMaster tent.

For those who go on camping trips in the summer, maximum ventilation is key. In dry, warm climates, you don’t need much more than mesh from your inner tent. It’ll keep the air running through your inner tent all night, but it also lets light through and wakes you up early.

The Coleman Sundome tent and the Skydome tent both have versions with dark room technology available to keep your sleeping space dark and cool. They’re ideal for trips with friends when you know you want to stay up and sleep late. We also recommend dark room tents for festival trips.

Young people going to a festival in the summer. The Coleman WeatherMaster is the best Coleman tent for camping in the summer.

Best Coleman tent for cold weather

Winner: Coleman Hooligan Tent

Coleman tents aren’t the best for winter as the materials are overall quite thin, but some of them are good for 3-season use. The WeatherMaster tent works well in cool climates.

In cold weather, you might also want to pick a camping tent that has less fabric mesh and comes with a full-coverage rain fly, like the Hooligan tent. A good, protective layer of polyester helps keep the warm air inside better than one layer of thin fabric.

How Durable Is a Coleman tent and Will It Last Long?

Winner: Coleman WeatherMaster Tent

Coleman tents are fairly durable for their low price, but they’re not eternal. These are low-budget tents, after all, so you can’t expect the same durability as a high-end tent. Coleman tents can last for a couple of seasons, even with frequent use, but likely not decades.

In general, Coleman uses high-quality polyester fabric on their range of tents. Polyester is common in budget tents, and it keeps them relatively waterproof and the price low. It’s not as breathable as nylon and not as waterproof as canvas, but it’s still good enough for camping in normal weather conditions.

The poles are usually either fiberglass or aluminum in lightweight tents, but steel is also common when weight doesn’t matter. Steel isn’t as bendy, but it’s more heavy-duty than aluminum for a strong frame. Fiberglass is relatively lightweight and affordable, but if you want an ultralight tent, you should go for aluminum.

Tent Pole materialFabric
Coleman Sundome Tent Fiberglass75-denier polyester
Coleman Instant Cabin Tent Steel150-denier polyester
Coleman WeatherMaster TentSteel75-denier polyester taffeta
Coleman Steel Creek TentFiberglassPolyester
Coleman Hooligan TentFiberglassPolyester

Overall, the most durable Coleman tent we reviewed was the WeatherMaster tent. The steel poles were able to support the tent in strong winds and the polyester is just as protective as most Coleman tents.

Coleman also sells a Tent Kit with a broom and dust pan, steel stakes, a mallet and a stake pulling tool. They can make putting up and taking down your tent a little easier on your hands and for a relatively low price.

However, the tools aren’t necessarily the most durable, and they’re not necessary for normal camping conditions. But it’s certainly more reliable than an improvised duct tape solution!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Elite Models Different?

Some Coleman tents, like the Coleman Sundome and the Montana tents, have Elite versions that come with extra features. These Coleman tents may have LED lighting systems or improved doors that make your life a bit easier. However, if you’re camping on a tight budget, they’re not groundbreaking improvements that would be necessary to spend on.

Which Coleman Tent Comes With a Porch?

The 6-person Weathermaster and the Steel Creek tents come with a screen room or porch. They’re ideal for sitting outside and enjoying nature while protecting yourself from bugs, rain or the blazing sun.

Which Coleman Tents Come With an Awning? 

The Coleman Hooligan Tent comes with a door awning that’s ideal for a backpacking trip. You can use this awning to store your gear, so you save the sleeping room inside the tent.

What Happens if You Have a Leak or Tear in a Coleman Tent? 

Coleman has a limited warranty for their products that varies depending on the product. You can contact the company if your tent is faulty and it’s still within the year warranty period.

If you get a leak, a repair kit can help you quickly fix it, so we recommend keeping one of these at hand.

Is Coleman a Reliable Brand?

Coleman is a reliable brand that’s been around since 1900 making lanterns and in the tent business since 1960. These tents are great for casual camping and families, and especially for keeping the budget low. They’re not the best for those looking for a tent to last them a lifetime.

How Do You Clean a Coleman Tent?

Use a broom and a dustpan for getting out dirt from inside your tent. Coleman recommends to never put your tent in the washing machine. If it has dirty spots that need to be cleaned—we see you, birds—wipe them with a sponge and mild soap. Always let it air dry before packing.

How To Fold a Coleman Tent

The folding depends on the Coleman tent model because some tents have the poles attached when folded. Generally, you should lay the tent on the ground and fold it in half until it’s shorter than your carry bag. Then, roll the tent as tight as possible and slip it inside the bag.

Can you fit an air mattress inside all of these tents?

The only tent that you might struggle to fit an airbed inside is the Hooligan tent. But as the tent is designed more for backpack camping, it might be less of a concern to campers interested in that model.

You can usually fit two or three queen sized air mattresses inside these tents, depending on specific sizes and models.

Check out our Coleman tent reviews

The best Coleman tents in our review – the verdict

After reviewing the top five best Coleman tent models, we picked the Coleman Sundome tent as our editor’s choice. It’s available in most common tent sizes, and it’s affordable and durable.

The Coleman Instant Cabin Tent comes in as the second-best Coleman tent. It’s best for those who don’t want to waste time setting up the tent. The Coleman WeatherMaster tent is our third best pick because of its smart and spacious interior.

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