Best for 3 Season Camping
Eureka! Copper Canyon LX Tent (4/8/12 Person)

If glamping is more your thing, consider the Eureka! as it’s more like a cabin than a tent and has plenty of room to hang out day and night.

Best Overall
TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent (10/12/16 Person)

The Teton model is an amazingly durable bell tent for those looking to make a lifetime investment. 

Best for Families
Core Lighted Instant Cabin Tent (6/9/10/12 Person)

If you want a tent with an easy setup and a light, the CORE has both.

Need to knows
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    Camping is best enjoyed with loved ones, but when you have tons of loved ones, how do you choose who gets to come?

    If you choose a large tent, you don’t have to pick who to leave out—providing your tent has enough liveability, privacy and room for the group and your gear. With the best 12 person tent, your entire large family or enormous, boisterous friend group can tag along on the trip.

    The best 12 person tents for camping available right now are:





    Best Overall

    A quality, spacious tent that meets all your camping needs 


    Best Canvas Tent

    If you are looking for a tent to last a lifetime, canvas is the way to go


    Best for Families

    With an easy set up and handy lighting system, this is great for family adventures


    Best for Groups

    For plenty of privacy on your trip, this tent has three separate rooms


    Best Budget Option

    This tent from Coleman is great for large groups looking for value for money


    The Best 12-Person Tents Compared

    Best Canvas Tent
    TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent (10/12/16 Person)
    If you want a tent that’ll last for years, consider the Teton.

    Capacity: 12 | Weight: 40lbs | Dimensions: 14’ (W) x 12’ (L) x 7′ (H) | Bag Dimensions: 11″ x 29″ | Doors: 1 | E-port: Yes | Hydrostatic Head Rating: N/A | Price: $$



    If you want a family camping tent that’ll withstand most weather without the bulk and commitment of a canvas one, here’s the tent Eureka! Copper Canyon 12.

    This 12 person cabin tent is suitable for 3 season use and will do wonderfully in the rain, but it’s lighter and more like your standard tent. The steel and fiberglass frame stands strong, and it’s easy to assemble if you bring a friend along.

    Ensure your friend is tall, because there’s tons of head room in here with a peak height of 7 foot. Consider bringing a stepladder on your trip. You can easily stow it in the corner of one of the two large vestibules separated by a curtain in the center of the Eureka Copper Canyon 12 person tent.

    The two spaces allow for excellent liveability and privacy for camping with a group of friends. Set up a table and chairs in one and pile your sleeping bags into the other, giving the place a cabin-like feel.

    Its ample floor space ensures there’s plenty of room to sprawl out at night, so long as you’re careful not to punch a fellow camper in the face. Though it’s decently roomy, it’s no queen-mattress-to-yourself type of space.

    For smaller parties, you could fit four queen size mattresses in the tent in total, but you’d have to use both rooms as sleeping areas, and it’d cut the tent’s capacity down to eight. If that’s alright with you, then go right ahead.

    You can easily deflate the mattresses by day, set out the chairs, unveil the large windows and relax in your private cabin. 

    Though there’s a minor issue with the windows—the waterproof covers hang loose and attach lightly with velcro, allowing cold air through the mesh, so it’s a tent best made for summer camping.

    Velcro also isn’t as reliable as a zipper, so some water may leak through around the windows’ edges.

    If this is a concern for you, consider a small full coverage tarp to hang over the windows. This will block out light, but you can use the power cord vents to fire up an electric lamp or strong lights you were storing in the overhead storage pockets.

    Best for 3 Season Camping
    Eureka! Copper Canyon LX Tent (4/8/12 Person)
    Not a fan of canvas, but still after a long-lasting tent? This one’s the way to go.

    Capacity: 12 | Weight: 79.5lbs | Dimensions: 16’ (W) x 16’ (L) x 9′ 4” (H) | Bag Dimensions: 2′ x 3′ | Doors: 1 | Power Cord Vent: Yes | Hydrostatic Head Rating: N/A | Price: $$$



    Are you a family of camping lovers who want a 12p tent that’ll last and withstand any season? Consider a canvas tent. They’re not for everyone, but they certainly have their upsides.

    This Tenton tent advertised for 12 people is a prime example of a canvas tent with its ups and downs. 

    Up: The sturdy canvas material can weather any storm, while the extra-wide clear front door lets light in day and night.

    Down: It’s a one-room tent, so you won’t get much in the way of privacy. This is definitely a tent for families, and tight-knit ones at that. Perhaps it’s a tent to raise the camping kids in to ensure you remain close enough to use the tent even when the moody teen years hit?

    Other downsides include the price and the bulk. This is no tent to take lightly in any sense of the word.

    With that aside, you won’t find much wrong with the tent. There are vents built-in, so the thick canvas fabric doesn’t smother you. There are also power cord vents so you can light up the room with brightness and entertainment.

    Speaking of entertainment, this tent doubles as a canopy. Zip-off the floor and set up the tent in your backyard for a party rather than a home away from home while camping.

    Once you reattach the floor, it goes right back to being durable and weather safe. You’ll find no leaks with this tent, thanks to the heavy-duty welded floor and the reinforced seams.

    The floor is barefoot safe so little ones can run around on it all they like.

    Speaking of little ones, the 12 man capacity works best if most of the campers are children. Though 12 people fit in the tent, it has a comfort capacity of eight.

    The last downside is that the tent doesn’t come with a stovepipe, but taking it to a seamstress will enable you to add one yourself. You could also add some mesh windows, a privacy curtain, or a whole host of things the tent is lacking. That’s the great thing about canvas: you can alter it to fit your needs.

    Best Overall
    CORE Instant Cabin 12 Person Tent
    If you want a tent with an easy setup and a light, the CORE has both.

    Capacity: 12 | Weight: 48.6lbs | Dimensions: 18’ (W) x 10’ (L) x 6′ 6″ (H) | Bag Dimensions: 52” x 13” x 13″ | Doors: 2 | Power Cord Vent: Yes | Hydrostatic Head Rating: N/A | Price: $$



    Family road trips to your camping spot can be exhausting, especially with tons of kids.

    All you want to do is get in the tent and relax as soon as you arrive. You dread set up, so for that, you need a 12 person instant cabin tent. Preferably a 2 or 3 room instant cabin tent, so you can have some privacy while your kids play the night away.

    This CORE 12 person instant cabin tent has ample room for all of you and fits three queen size air mattresses, fit for up to six people. It fits double that amount if you all sleep on the ground, or many of your group are kids.

    The spacious floor plan in the 12 person cabin tent also allows room for gear, accessible at any time of day thanks to the lighting system.

    CORE’s 3 room instant cabin tent setup with its three tier lighting system—high, low and nightlight—is another reason this is a fantastic tent for camping with kids. 

    It’s one thing to sleep alone in the wilderness, but another to sleep out in the wilderness and in the dark. The soft, yellow nightlight mode should keep any fears at bay.

    Unfortunately, you’ll need to buy the 4D batteries yourself.

    Once you’ve got those set up, you can camp in all weathers and seasons, covering the large mesh windows and doors while still having light. Once it’s dry, rip off the rainfly and let light stream in through the ceiling as well as the windows and doors so you can stargaze from the comfort of the tent.

    All in all, this cabin tent with side entrance has several features that kids will benefit from.

    Best for Friends
    Ozark Trail 3 Room Instant Cabin 12-Person Tent
    For those who want optimal privacy, the Ozark Trail’s three room setup should work.

    Capacity: 12 | Weight: 61lbs | Dimensions: 16’ (W) x 16’ (L) x 6’ 8” (H) | Bag Dimensions: 53” x 14” x 13″ | Doors: 2 | Power Cord Vent: Yes | Hydrostatic Head Rating: N/A | Price: $$



    This 12 person tent Ozark Trail is excellent for liveability and privacy. It has three rooms so you can sleep kids and parents apart, or create closer-knit subgroups of the friend gang.

    With each room you get the same amount of space, enough for four sleepers in sleeping bags or two on air mattresses, so there’s no arguing over who gets the larger vestibule.

    Once day comes, you can all huddle outside under the awning and relax, free of the sun’s harshest rays or the light drizzle of the wetter seasons. This awning space is included in the overall dimension specifications of the tent.

    If it’s too rainy to use the awning, you can still create a communal experience inside. Open all the doors so the room feels like one, and have your fun. If you’re worried it’ll be too stuffy when hanging out indoors, there’s a ground vent in each vestibule to mitigate your fears.

    You can also keep the windows open to let the outside in, although if you worry the rain will leak in, all seven windows are closeable, and you can roll fabric over the main door.

    Unfortunately, you can’t pull fabric over the outer doors that lead to the outside. Plus, it’ll do well and won’t leak in rain, but when it comes to wind it’s a little weak. The poles are prone to buckling and any blowing debris may rip through the tent fabric.

    Stay on low ground and avoid storm-prone areas and you can’t go wrong when using this tent.


    Capacity: 12 | Weight: 40lbs | Dimensions: 20’ (W) x 9’ (L) x 7′ (H) | Bag Dimensions: 27.5” x 12.5” x 12.5″ | Doors: 2 | Power Cord Vent: Yes | Hydrostatic Head Rating: N/A | Price: $



    Coleman is a classic brand for high-quality, low-cost tents and this newer release is no exception. Released less than a month before the time of reviewing, the model so far seems to live up to the hype of the rest of the Skydome range.

    This dome tent is an upgrade on some of the smaller models released in early 2020 and appears to share their simple construction. It’s a simple setup with poles attaching to fabric via clips instead of poles, and it’s quite tall for a dome tent giving you space to walk around.

    Coleman’s 8-person model is tall enough at its peak to accommodate a grown man at full height—it’s safe to assume the 12 person tent is even larger.

    Unfortunately, Coleman hasn’t released its exact dimensions but states you can fit three queen air beds inside. This gives it a comfort capacity of at least six, but you’ll be able to fit more people in if you utilize sleeping bags instead.

    As most Coleman tents have a comfort capacity of two fewer than their max capacity, we can assume 10 people in sleeping bags will work well in this tent.

    If things get too crowded, utilize one of the two wide doors to let some air in or escape from the tent. Before you go, you can store your personal items in one of the storage pockets around the tent to keep them safe while you’re out. There are pockets on every wall.

    During rain and warm weather, you can also get some relief from a stuffy sensation in the tent. There are two ground vents low down, so you can let air in that way while you’re protected by the hefty rainfly. The fly covers one of the doors and has an awning over the other to stop rain dripping down the mesh.

    Unfortunately, you may still have a few issues in the rain. Though customers haven’t given much feedback yet, they almost always find issues with Coleman tents and leaks along the seams, even when they’re inverted.

    It’d be a wise move to invest in some seam seal and waterproofing spray when using this tent. It’ll add to the cost, but customers tend to report excellent durability in Coleman tents, so it’s worth it in the long run.

    They also speak openly about how if any of the tent’s components fail, Coleman is quick to send you a replacement free of charge. So, theoretically, this tent could last years and is worth the investment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will Campgrounds Accept Large 12-Person Tents? 

    Some campgrounds may not accept large 12 person tents, but others will. Some will accept them if you rent two spots.

    It’s best to ask the campground in advance to make sure you’re not turned away when you show up for your trip.

    Are 12-Person Tents Comfortable for 12 Campers? 

    For the most part, 12-person tents can be relatively comfortable for campers, but they’re better with fewer people.

    Much of the time, tents are more comfortable with two fewer people than their max capacity states. With that logic in mind, 12 person tents are best for 10 people but can work for 12.

    How To Decide if You Need a 12-Person Tent

    Consider the following things when deciding if you need a 12 person tent:

    • How large is your party?
    • Do you need multiple rooms/vestibules?
    • Is livability a concern?
    • How much privacy do you desire?
    • Are you going glamping instead of camping?

    Your answers to the questions above will help you determine if you need a 12 person tent. A yes to one or more of them points towards yes, you need a 12 person tent.

    What Is the Best 12-Person Tent for a Family? 

    The best 12 person tent for a family is the CORE 12-Person Instant Cabin Tentthanks to its lighting system, which is great for young kids. It’s also incredibly spacious, so you can store all the extra gear that comes with having kids.

    What Is the Best 12-Person Tent for a Group of Friends?

    The best 12 person tent for a group of friends is the Ozark Trail 12-Person 3-Room Tent, which is down to its evenly sized and wholly private three rooms. The awning to hang out under by day also makes it fantastic for friends who want to kick back in nature but not necessarily explore it that much.

    Can These Tents Be Set up by One Person? 

    It depends on the tent, but for the most part, yes, 12 person camping tents can be set up by one person.

    Setup will be easier and faster, the more people you involve in the process, though. Plus, popups and instant cabin tents make the setup a breeze.

    The most difficult part of the process will be tackling the height.  Ensure you’re tall if you’re tackling this alone.

    Also, be sure to read any instructions that come with the tent. Some will specify that they’re best set up with two or more people. That enormous center pole in the TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent will likely be a nightmare to set up alone.

    How We Decided

    How Much Gear Room Is There?

    Winner: CORE 12-Person Instant Cabin Tent

    The CORE 12 person instant cabin tent has the vastest floor space, so it’s naturally a winner here. That said, the TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent has incredible height, so if you were to pile your gear up, the tent would also have ample room to store it.

    It’s true the bulk of the height is in the middle, but that doesn’t seem like a bad place to store your stuff. If anything, a clump of gear at the center could serve as a small privacy barrier as privacy is where the TENTON falls flat.

    Is It Easy to Set Up?

    Winner: CORE 12-Person Instant Cabin Tent

    The 12 person instant cabin aspect of the CORE tent makes it the clear winner for setup. With that in mind, the TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent is pretty easy to set up, too. Its setup centers around the tall pole in the middle, so once you’ve got that up, the rest of it is a breeze.

    The Sierra canvas tent looking cosy for family camping

    Are There Extra Features and Benefits?

    Winner: TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent

    We’ve chosen this tent as a winner not for its built-in features already, but for its potential.

    If you cut any old tent, it’s going to destroy the whole thing. However, with the TENTON you can install a stove jack thanks to its canvas nature.

    As it also works as a basic canopy, it’s a tent you can use for multiple purposes too.

    Lastly, if privacy is an issue, it wouldn’t be too challenging to have a privacy curtain sewn into it, or removed once you no longer need it. 

    With all that said, the lighting system in the CORE 12-Person Instant Cabin Tent is nothing to ignore, either. It’s a fantastic inclusion in the 12 person instant cabin tent that’ll benefit families with young kids.

    Will It Last?

    Winner: TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent

    Canvas is far sturdier than your average polyester tent material, letting this tent last a decade or beyond if you treat it right. It’s thick and heavy, which is a downer when you’re traveling, but for a group who can’t get enough of camping, you can’t do much better than a canvas tent.

    How Is Liveability?

    Winner: Eureka! Copper Canyon LX Tent

    The Eureka! is an absolute behemoth of a tent with tons of floor and ceiling space, allowing plenty of liveability, especially for glamping.

    The smaller your party, the more liveable it is as you can sleep in one room and hang out in the other. If you’d rather turn the whole tent into a party cabin, that’s easy to do. Open the room divider and get your family or friends involved in a night of games, dancing and chatting.

    Its power cord vent makes this an easy tent to turn into a party room, or a cozy living space for daytime moves on laptops.

    Is There Privacy?

    Winner: Ozark Trail 12-Person 3-Room Tent

    Privacy isn’t a concern for everyone; some families prefer an open space that allows for family bonding time.

    But if you’re camping with a group of friends, then privacy is a must. That’s why we consider the Ozark Trail 12 person tent the best 12 person tent for friend-group camping.

    The three rooms in the Ozark Trail 12 person tent that allow for two to four in a room let you stay apart by night, but crack open the doors by day and bond as a unit. You can also spend your bonding time outside under the large awning, giving you plenty of options when spending time with your friends.

    A camper setting up the TETON Sports Sierra

    Wanting something larger or smaller?

    Pitch Perfect

    Overall, we found that the Eureka! Copper Canyon LX was the best 12-Person tent. With a room divider that splits the tent in two, giving you a living space and a sleeping area. 

    If you’re looking for something to last for decades of trips in all sorts of weather, we’d recommend the TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent. 

    Both are great tents though – it’s just really down to which one meets your needs better, and we think for most people that’s going to be the Copper Canyon. 

    James Black

    James Black

    James has been escaping to the outdoors for as long as he can remember. This first started in family camping trips but soon turned into adventure camps and hiking through the Scottish Hebrides. Now he has turned towards trying to make camping more comfortable and accessible.

    James Black

    James has been escaping to the outdoors for as long as he can remember. This first started in family camping trips but soon turned into adventure camps and hiking through the Scottish Hebrides. Now he has turned towards trying to make camping more comfortable and accessible.


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