Black jeep camper with fairy lights and a couple seated by a fire in the desert.

21 romantic camping ideas for couples – free & easy [2021]

You love your partner and you love camping. What better thing is there to do on a weekend than put the two of them together for a romantic camping trip?  Whether youโ€™re wondering about creating a romantic campsite or going on a camping date, check out our FREE tips for the most romantic camping trip …

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A yellow camping tent covered in a light dusting of snow on a cold mountain

How to heat a tent safely & FREE [2021]

So, you want to camp and it’s cold outside. You know that lighting a fire in your tent will likely end in tears (and third-degree burns) but you don’t want to freeze, Grizzly Adams style either. So what options remain? You can simply wear a few more clothes, get into heat proofing your tent, heat …

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