Female backpacker using a headlamp to cook On ultralight backpacking trip

Ultralight Backpacking Gear List (Printable PDF Checklist)

Ultralight backpacking is the practice of packing as light as possible for a backpacking trip and still being warm, safe, and well-fed! A base weight of 10 pounds (or less) is the ideal that many strive for. With today’s modern and very lightweight gear – it’s actually quite doable if you have the cash! Ultralight …

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Three smores about to be cooked on sticks over a campfire.

Camping Food List (Printable PDF Checklist)

For the inexperienced camping cook, sorting out the camping food list can be quite daunting. But really, the secret is in the planning. Plan each meal well before you leave, create an ingredient list from it, and Voila, you have your camping food checklist sorted! The easiest foods to take on a camping trip have …

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Two men with laden backpacks crossing a mountain stream using trekking poles. when backpacking outdoors

Backpacking Checklist 3 Day (Printable PDF & Editable)

You want to head off on your first weekend backpacking trip where you live off the items you can carry for a couple of days. What a great adventure to be planning! If you’ve done a bit of car camping, then the transition won’t be too hard, it’s a case of cutting down on gear …

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A backpacker Thru Hiking Through a Forest Trail

Thru Hikers Checklist (Printable PDF and Editable)

Thinking about doing longer thru-hikes? How does a week or two on the Pacific Crest Trail sound? Maybe completing the whole 2190 miles of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail is on your bucket list? These trails, amongst others like the Continental Divide Trail and the Ice Age Trail, take weeks if not months to complete …

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Two girls looking across a mountain scene wrapped up warm at Dawn.

Camping Essentials For Women [Girls’ Checklist]

Sometimes, Girls just wanna have fun! And camping is a great way to have fun! You’re off on a summer camping trip with the girls, which will be a great bonding experience as well as just great fun, but you’re not an avid camper, so you’re not sure what to bring with you… You know …

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Tent and campsite set up next to a car in a meadow.

Car Camping Essentials (Printable PDF Checklist)

The biggest benefit of car camping is that you have enough space to bring a few creature comforts with you! You can bring a few special items, like a double hammock or a guitar (both hard to manage on a hiking trip!) that will make the time away a bit more special. We’ve compiled a …

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Camper looking out of a tent opening towards a campfire by a lake at sunset.

Camping Checklist (Printable PDF & Editable)

You are looking for a solid basic list of camping gear to take on a camping trip and you’ve ended up here? Then well done! We have compiled a great list for you of good solid basics for you and turned it into an editable and printable camping checklist for you so you can add …

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Cast iron pan cooking on the campfire by a lake at dusk.

Camp Kitchen Checklist (Printable & Editable PDF)

An army marches on its stomach, which can also be said about campers. The better fed they are, the better their disposition, sense of humor, and general mood is. It’s a good thing to have plenty of food on a camp, and as most people will tell you, spending time outdoors makes most people hungrier …

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First Time Camping Adventure Mug Beside a Campfire

Camping For Beginners Checklist (Printable & Editable)

You’ve never been camping but it’s on your bucket list. You’re really keen to give it a go but really aren’t sure what you will really need or what sort of things you should take. You don’t want to turn up to the campsite with too much – or worse still – not enough, so …

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A mother carrying her baby on a camping trip while looking at a mountain

Camping With A Baby Checklist (Printable PDF & Editable)

Camping with a BABY? Can it be done? Should it be done? Do people actually do it? Yup – they do! Experienced campers barely miss a weekend when the baby comes along and regular camping families pick up the camping routine again once things settle down and take their young kids and babies away on …

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Toddler on the shoulders of a parent on the edge of a lake.

Camping With Toddlers Checklist (Printable & Editable)

Going camping with a toddler sounds a little daunting if you weren’t big campers in the first place. How do you keep them safe? How do you feed them? How do you keep them entertained? Is it worth it? Yes is the answer! Taking toddlers camping can be some of the best trips of your …

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Glamping tipi tent set up on a dock for camping near a lake.

Best Things To Take Glamping (Printable Checklist PDF)

Glamping is the perfect way to start your outdoor camping life if you don’t have the gear and want to dip your toe into the great outdoors. With glamping, you get the best of both worlds, a home away from home with all the conveniences and luxuries AND a glorious location! It sounds wonderful but …

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Car with an awning set up next to a picnic table in the forest.

Minimalist Car Camping Checklist (Printable PDF and Editable)

You want to go camping but you don’t have a garage full of gear. You’re not into having a lot of possessions and are wondering how little gear do you actually need to go camping, safely? The more nights you go camping for, the more gear you need, Right? Not really…Once you’ve got the basics …

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Couple kissing on camping chairs by a river near a campfire.

Couples Camping Checklist (Printable & Editable)

You and your significant other haven’t been camping before but you’d like to try it. Neither of you is a big outdoor person and you’re a bit worried that you might get out into the great outdoors and discover you have left the tent behind! Oops! The smartest thing you can do to keep you …

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Dome tent set up in scrubland with a hammock beside it.

How Long Do Tents Last?

You’re new to camping and want to know how long do tents last? Do you buy a new one every season or so, or can a tent become a family heirloom, passed from generation to generation? How long do tents last? Weeks? Years? Decades? It’s another “how long is a piece of string?” question that’s …

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Napier Oudoor Sportz 2 person truck tent - one of the best truck bed tents around

Truck Camping Essentials (Printable PDF Checklist)

You’ve got the truck and the desire to go truck camping. But what else will you need? How different is Truck camping from normal camping? What other gear or equipment should you take? Truck camping is great fun for family camping and can be as complicated as you enjoy making it or as simple as …

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Three people walking along a trail in a forest with backpacks.

Camping First Aid Kit Checklist (Printable PDF & Editable)

When you are off into the great outdoors, a first aid kit should be one of the first things you consider packing and the one thing you really hope you don’t need on your trip. No matter if you are camping, hiking, or backpacking a first aid kit that you paid for or created is …

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Man resting by a campfire under fall trees.

Fall Camping Checklist (Printable PDF & editable)

Fall can be a tricky time to start your camping career. The weather can be unpredictable and colder. You might be nervous about doing your first camping trip at this time of the year. There are tremendous advantages to camping in the fall: Fewer bugs, fantastic foliage, a good time of the year for wildlife …

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Tent in a camping area next to a picnic table at a campsite.

Weekend Camping Checklist (Printable & Editable)

You really want to go camping outdoors for the weekend as a couple or as a family with the kids AND have a good time but it’s a completely new experience for you. You don’t want to be one of those people who leave home wondering, “Did I pack everything?” So sensibly, you are looking …

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Large Tent with a large size tarp set up on a beach.

What Size Tarp For Camping Is Best?

On nearly every camping list on the internet, a tarp or tarpaulin appears. Cool. You’re happy to get one, but when you get to the camping or hardware store, there is an awful lot of choice… What do you actually need a tarp for when you are camping? Do you get a big one? Is …

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A family cabin set up with a hammock tent in front

Cabin Camping Checklist (Printable PDF & Editable Camping Packing List)

Camping in a cabin is a great way to start your camping career! It’s not camping outside but it’s not a hotel either. Cabin camping is a really happy middle ground and a great place to start your outdoor adventures! Cabin camping can be for everyone – families, close friends, or a romantic trip for …

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Summer Campsite In The Forest

Summer Camping Checklist (Printable PDF & Editable)

Summer camping is THE best! So many memories. So many good times. So much to remember! You want to create these wonderful memories for your own family camping trip, but arent 100% sure of what you should take in hot weather… You are a beginner camper and know you don’t need the kitchen sink or …

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A red color tent, blue color tent and orange color camping tent set up at night under a starry sky

Does Tent Color Matter? Read before you buy!

Tent color is not just about the look of the tent. Tent colors can have a function as well as be beautiful to the beholder. Dark tents are warmer. Light tents are cooler. Some colors attract critters. In some situations, it’s best to be seen. In others, being unseen might keep you safer. So does …

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Person holding a good metal Coleman camping mug with Happy Camper written on it.

Are Coleman Tents Good? Read This Before You Buy!

You’re looking for a tent to go camping in and you’ve seen and heard of Coleman tents. Coleman is an established company that has been in the portable lantern business since 1900 and the tent business since the 1960’s – but are their tents any good? You are happy to spend the money but don’t …

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Man’s hand in the rain checking the how waterproof a Coleman tent is

Are Coleman tents waterproof? (Revealed)

You are looking at getting a new tent and you need one with a good degree of waterproofing for the type of weather you will be camping in. You’ve looked at Coleman, a huge supplier of camping equipment and in particular, their tents. We looked for the answer on Coleman’s websites and ended up writing …

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Well packed family camping beside campfire

Family Camping Checklist (Printable PDF & Editable)

You want to take the family camping for the first time and you’re not 100% sure what to take. You don’t want to leave important stuff behind or pack so much that you spend too much time packing and unpacking and don’t have time to enjoy the trip. What do you really need when you …

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Woman Dancing In Front Of Instant Tent At Festival

Are instant tents worth it? When are they good?

You’ve heard about Instant tents and how they set up in a few minutes and even in seconds without consulting a 20-page manual. That sounds amazing, but is it for real? You don’t want to buy one and then discover it’s all marketing hype and you’re standing at a campsite with an instant tent that …

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Campers Looping Fiberglass Tent Pole Material Into Tent

Best Tent Poles & Material (Solved)

You’re keen to get out into the great outdoors, and you know your tent is the most critical but the most expensive part of your camping kit. There is lots of conflicting information about tent poles out there, the type, the need, the weight, the flexibility. It’s all very confusing. What tent poles do you …

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Backpacker Setting Up Jetboil Stove With Jetpower Fuel Canister

How long does Jetboil fuel last? (Solved)

If you’re wondering how long does Jetboil fuel last, the nuanced answer is that the length of time Jetboil stove fuel lasts depends on many factors. Like a lot of camping or hiking activities, people have different needs, comfort levels, fitness, and preferences. So there is no definitive answer to this question, but in this …

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Man frying bacon outdoors on his Jetboil Genesis camping stove

What fuel does Jetboil use? Compatibility & Alternatives

You’ve heard of Jetboil – who hasn’t – and you’re wondering if you buy their system, will you be stuck with being only able to buy their gas canisters? What fuel does Jetboil use? Can I use another fuel brand or canister? Will it perform well in cold weather? Where can I buy Jetboil products? …

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Person’s hands clipping a tent inner to a pole

Single wall vs Double wall tent (Solved) – Is Double Walled Worth It?

What’s the difference between single and doubled walled tents? When would you use one and not the other? Check out why here! The main difference between a single wall tent and a double wall tent is essentially the number of layers each has been constructed with. Double wall tents have a breathable inner tent covered …

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Blue and white tent set up in a forest

How To Keep A Tent Cool – 26 Easy Ways!

It’s hot. Too hot to sleep. And you’re camping a million miles away from your air-conditioning. Everyone is tired and grumpy from lack of a good night’s sleep and you’re thinking that camping at the peak of summer isn’t for you. Summer seems like a great time to go camping until it’s time to crawl …

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Canvas tent set up in misty weather at a campsite

How to dry a tent Fast in 5 easy steps

You’ve ended up with a soaking wet tent after a weekend away camping, and it’s just … sitting there all sodden. You could leave it, but that’s going to mean a moldy, rotten mess that won’t be much fun to clean up next time you go camping, or more likely, a complete replacement of the …

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Best Tarp Design To Shelter Food

Tarp Shelter Ideas – 10 EASIEST DIY Tarp Tents Of 2023

You’re new to the whole camping game, and you’ve heard about using tarps for tents but aren’t sure which one to use when, how to make a tarp tent, or if you even need one… There are so many types of shelters you can make with a tarp, and it can be quite overwhelming to …

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Man putting tent peg into the ground of a green tent

Fast Pitch Tent vs Instant Tent – Which Is Best & Quick?

You don’t want to muck around with pitching the tent. You just want to get on with doing what there is to do now that you’ve arrived, get on with life. You’ve heard of fast pitch tents, and they sound great! Now you’ve heard of instant tents that sound even better! How fast is fast? …

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Men cooking sausages on a campfire in the rain

36 Proven Tips For Camping In The Rain In 2022

You’re packed and ready to head out the door for a weekend camping trip. But the forecast is now for rain! All the things you planned to do will be impossibly wet. What do you do? Cancel? Or… do you just pack the right attitude and still have a fabulous time. Yeah – let’s do …

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Man hiking in the grass with a bottle of water

How Much Water to Bring Backpacking? (Solved)

You’re off on one of your first serious backpacking trips, and you’ve got all the gear, looked at the maps, and have it all planned out, but you’re not sure how much water to bring backpacking.  I’ve helped out on many rescues in my time. Fellow hikers and backpackers have got lost or stuck, resulting …

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A couple romantic camping in a jeep outdoors

22 Romantic Camping Ideas For Couples 2023 – Free, Easy & Fun Activities

You love your partner, and you love camping. What better thing is there to do on a weekend than put the two of them together for a romantic camping trip? Whether you’re wondering about creating a romantic campsite or going on a camping date with your Valentine, check out our FREE romantic camping ideas and …

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A yellow camping tent covered in a light dusting of snow on a cold mountain

How To Heat A Tent Safely & FREE 2023

So, you want to camp and it’s cold outside. You know that lighting a fire in your tent will likely end in tears (and third-degree burns) but you don’t want to freeze, Grizzly Adams style either. So what options remain? You can simply wear a few more clothes, get into heat proofing your tent, heat …

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