How to go cowboy camping in the great outdoors

How To Go Cowboy Camping

When did camping become so complicated? There are more gear and gadgets to head out into the wilds than some people have in an entire home. Yet people used to explore with less stuff than can be crammed into a backpacker’s bag. Thus, those craving for simpler ways turn to cowboy camping. Cowboy camping is …

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How to clean a tent that smells. Remove smelly mold, mildew and other odors.

How To Clean A Tent After Camping

The great outdoors is full of mud, dirt, twigs, and more. Thus, it’s no surprise when our tents get a bit grimy. Often this can be fixed with a broom and a bit of spot cleaning. But sometimes mold, mildew, and the dreaded stink emerge, and you just have to wash your tent. If you …

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Hiking vs trekking vs backpacking. What is the difference?

Hiking vs Trekking vs Backpacking Difference

Going for a walk is linguistically complicated. The vocabulary is expansive: hiking, rambling, thru-hiking, backpacking, trekking, jaunt, hillwalking, and scrambling. Never mind the technicalities between mountaineering vs rock climbing vs bouldering. In everyday language, these outdoor terms are often used interchangeably. But in real terms hiking and trekking are not precisely the same. Hiking and …

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How to go camping while pregnant

How to Go Camping While Pregnant

Pregnancy camping is a healthy and positive experience. Exercising in nature and spending time away from your normal routine may be both invigorating and restful; everything a mother-to-be needs! However, even if you have a low-risk pregnancy, speak to your OB before you plan your trip and ask them for advice about what is safe and what …

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Adults playing camping games using a deck of cards outdoors.

20 Exciting Camping Games For Adults

Going camping is such a magical experience. Some people enjoy camping to get perspective, relax, and get away from the city and into the woods to refuel. However, camping is also ideal for spending quality time with friends and loved ones. To accomplish this, you will need to consider entertainment such as camp games and …

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Meditation is a great indoor recreational activity

27 Awesome Indoor Recreational Activities

Recreational activities are supposed to take our minds off everyday stresses and add excitement to our lives. Sometimes we choose to stay indoors, and other times it’s required due to bad weather, sickness, or another circumstance. Whatever the case, you can do tons of entertaining indoor recreational activities, and we’ve got the best list! The …

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The great low weight NatureHike Cloud-Up 2 Carry Bag to keep a hold of your backpacking gear

Trail Weight Vs Packed Weight Vs Fly Pitch Explained

Growing up, camping was a large family affair where everything and anything was tossed into the minivan and truck. If it could fit, it went. But once I reached university, backpacking beckoned. Suddenly, the rules changed, and weight was the priority. But knowing the weight of gear can be confusing. Take tents sold with terms …

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How to go camping with cats outdoors

How To Go Camping With Cats

Camping with a cat can be an absolute delight or your worst nightmare. So, before you plan that outdoor vacation, ask yourself if your four-pawed friend has a sense of adventure or at least a tolerance for a change of scenery. However, camping is not for kitty if she spooks at dust bunnies. But even …

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The most comfortable sleeping pad for backpacking is the Sea to Summit Ether Light XT Insulated sleeping pad

Most Comfortable Sleeping Pad in 2022

A bad night’s sleep can easily ruin a trip to the great outdoors. Spending a night on a bad sleeping pad can leave you exhausted the next morning, after having dealt with rocks digging into your back and a deflating pad half way through the night. But camping and backpacking doesn’t have to be this …

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We've reviewed the best sleeping pad for side sleepers. Great for camping or backpacking.

Best Sleeping Pad For Side Sleepers in 2022

There’s nothing worse than spending time in the great outdoors only to have a miserable night’s sleep. I’ve been a side sleeper all my life and so many sleeping pads out there result in me waking up in the middle of the night with my shoulder and hip digging into the cold, hard ground. Thankfully, …

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How to insulate a tent for winter camping

How To Insulate A Tent For Winter Camping

When camping in summer, you’ll always want your tent to be cool. Come winter camping, you’ll need to know that heating your tent and insulating it for the coldest times of the night or morning requires that you have the right tools on hand. How to insulate a tent for winter camping: Choose The Right …

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How to hang a hammock without trees? Using a hammock stand.

How To Hang A Hammock Without Trees?

Going camping with a hammock instead of a tent is all well and good as long as there are trees around. Being stuck with a hammock but no trees to use as anchor points to hang it from is a tough situation. However, with a bit of DIY creativity, you can find a solution. Without …

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Can you use a heater in a tent? Is it safe when camping?

Are Tent Heaters Safe? Four SAFE Options

Camping is a joy. But as more people rediscover the outdoors, camping is becoming crowded. Thus, those who crave a less populated outdoor experience are venturing out during cooler times of the year. However, staying warm in a tent can become a challenge. Yes, people climb Everest and live in tiny tents. But the average …

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Scouts Attaching Guy Rope To Wooden Stake

How To Set Up A Tent

When you are going to camp for the first time in your life, or you are about to tackle a new challenge in your camping experience, you need to know a few basic things. Setting a tent in the best conditions can be challenging, but getting the basics down may feel impossible in harmful conditions. …

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Campers Looping Fiberglass Tent Pole Material Into Tent

How To Set Up A Tent In The Wind

When you are going out to camp, there are several things you will hopefully never happen when you are out in the wilds. One of the most common challenges that tent campers face is that you need to set up your tent with wild winds causing everything to become a kite with very short strings. …

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How to start a fire in a fire pit while camping or outdoors

How To Start A Fire In A Fire Pit

Whether you’re out camping or sitting in the backyard on a cool summer night, nothing beats a roaring fire. However, if you’re unsure how to start a fire, you may struggle to get the flames going. Fortunately, starting a fire is pretty straightforward, both as a camp fire or in a fire pit. As long …

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How to fix a tent zipper when camping.

How To Fix A Tent Zipper – Step By Step

Tent zippers are prone to breaking, leaving you in an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation. When camping, carrying a pair of adjustable pliers and a quality tent repair kit is always wise. Inevitably, you will need it at some stage! A tent zipper can be fixed by following these simple steps: Figure out the nature …

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How to keep a fire pit going in seven easy steps.

How to Keep a Fire Pit Going (Solved)

Whether you’re lighting a fire pit in the backyard or in the woods while camping, it’s essential to keep a fire pit going. However, depending on the situation, you may need to use different methods and preparation. If you’re not familiar with fire pits or keeping a fire going in general, you might not know …

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How to set up a tent in the rain when camping or backpacking

How To Set Up A Tent In The Rain – Step by Step

The joy of planning your next camping trip is an experience many have enjoyed numerous times over the years, and excitement mounts as the departure day approaches. However, one sure mood-killer to any bubbly conversation is the advent of rain as you near your site, and happy chatter invariably turns to groans. However, it takes …

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How to stake a tent when camping in snow, sand or hard ground.

How To Stake A Tent On Any Ground Type

Not properly staking a tent is one of the most common mistakes that rookie campers make. It’s important to do it correctly to maximize the tent’s wind and water resistance and to ensure that you enjoy your camping trip to the fullest. Wondering how to stake a tent? Follow these steps to stake a tent …

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Different types of tents set up for camping outdoors

23 Different Types Of Tents For Camping

Shopping for a new tent? With the expansive types of tents available today, knowing when to use what type of tent can be intimidating. As we explore the different types of tents in this article, the pros and cons of each, and their best use, picking the right tent for you will be more obvious. …

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How to dispose of Coleman fuel canisters. Including gas canisters.

How To Dispose Of Coleman Fuel Canisters Safetly

You can’t beat the convenience of a Coleman Fuel Canister. But once the hike or camping trip is over, and you’ve got an empty canister to dispose of, what do you do with it? You can’t throw it in the trash. In some places, it’s even illegal to do that, so how should an eco-conscious …

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How to clean a tent that smells. Remove smelly mold, mildew and other odors.

How To Clean A Tent That Smells & Get Rid Of Odors

You’ve just arrived at your campsite, everything is unpacked, and the tent is pitched, but when you walk into your tent, you realize there’s a foul smell. Unfortunately, the smell has permeated into the tent itself. If there’s anything an avid camper needs to know, it’s how to clean a tent that smells. Here are …

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Water droplets on the roof of a tent

How To Waterproof A Tent In 7 Easy Steps

Tents have one job: to protect campers from the elements. Thus, it seems ridiculous that they sometimes need help to do the exact thing they are designed to do. Alas, crying about it won’t help, it just adds water. Sometimes you really do have to waterproof your tent to keep the rain out. If you’re …

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How to live in a tent long term. Shows two comfortable canvas tents for living in.

A Guide To Living In A Tent Long Term

Many a camper has toyed with the idea of abandoning the status quo to camp full time. Whether traveling cross country, trying to save money, or exploring alternative ways to live, if you want to make your adventure successful, you must know how to live in a tent long term. Here are the steps to …

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How to clean a tent with mold and mildew in six easy steps

How To Clean A Tent With Mold And Mildew

Unpacking your tent and finding it infested with mold or mildew is awful, but thankfully the problem can be solved! Before you reach for your bottle of Chlorox, keep in mind that harsh chemicals can damage the tent fabric. It is crucial to clean your tent the right way to ensure its longevity. Wondering how …

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Two campers sat by their Big Agnes Copper Spur backpacking tent with the vestibule open

What Is A Tent Vestibule And Do You Need One?

Tent vestibules are not a staple addition to every tent, but they come in handy for rainy weather. If you’ve been looking at purchasing a tent or have seen or heard about a tent vestibule but aren’t exactly sure what it is or if you need one, we’ll be answering these questions and how it …

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Tents Beside River Camping In Rain

Tent Footprint Vs Tarp – Which Is Best?

If gambling gives you a rush, pitching a tent without a footprint or tarp is an excellent high-stakes game. However, for the rest of us, footprints and tarps are essential to ensure the longevity of our tent. But what are the key differences between a footprint and a tarp? Is one better than the other? …

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How to use dry ice in a cooler when camping outdoors.

How To Use Dry Ice In A Cooler

What’s the secret to an enjoyable camp? Keep your food (and beer) cool for the entire camp! If you are going completely off the beaten path with no access to shops, you may consider using dry ice, but may not be sure how to use dry ice in a cooler. Here are the 12 steps …

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How to put out a fire pit with or without water

How to Put Out a Fire Pit Easily & Safetly

One of the quintessential components of camping or hanging out in the backyard is to have a roaring fire. While an outdoor fire pit provides warmth and comfort, what happens when you need to put the fire out? If you want to extinguish the flame safely, there’s a five-step process. Spoiler alert, it’s more than …

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A yellow camping tent covered in a light dusting of snow on a cold mountain

How To Heat A Tent Without Electricity – 15 Best Ways

Camping in the winter without any means to heat your tent is only for the brave and perhaps those who are more adventurous. Winter camping is a fantastic experience, but it can become unpleasant without being comfortable and warm. But don’t worry; we’ve covered a list of ways to heat a tent without electricity, so …

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Tarp Set Up Over Camping Hammock

Hammock vs Tent – Which Is Better?

Speaking to family and friends recently about camping in general, I realized that almost without exception, the word camping conjures up pictures of sleeping bags and a tent in peoples’ minds. Of the nine people I chatted to, none thought about the possibility of swapping their trusty tent for a hammock. This begs the question …

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Bike riders setting up a tent for the night with a lot of gear to sort out

Should You Put A Tarp Under Your Tent?

You may have heard some campers say, with no complaints, that they have never used a tarp or ground cover. So why do so many campers swear by it? Do you need a tarp under a tent? Placing a tarp under your tent extends the lifetime of your tent by protecting it from wear and …

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Core Camping Tent Comes With 2 Room Design

Can A 2, 3, 4, 6 Person Tent Fit A Queen Air Mattress?

Camping is one of the best activities you can do. Period. There is nothing quite like being out in open spaces; whether alone, with friends, or as a family. But when the sun goes down and you need to sleep in your tent, you still want that feeling of space and a little extra comfort. …

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Backpacker Setting Up Jetboil Stove With Jetpower Fuel Canister

Butane Vs Propane Camp Stove

Campfires are being swept into history due to safety issues. In addition, droughts and hotter summer temperatures are drying out forests, raising the fire risk. Thus, the popularity of camp stoves is on the rise. But buyers must decide if their camping style requires a good butane or propane stove. The age old question of …

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Orange tent set up in the forest at Sunrise on a summer day.

How To Cool A Tent Without Electricity

Summer beckons, and we answer, venturing into the great outdoors. It’s a delight until the heat turns our tent into a pizza oven. Sure, it saves us the trouble of building a campfire or hooking up the portable stove to rustle up dinner. But oven-tents are terrible for a good night’s sleep, with or without …

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Two campers inside their Eureka Copper Canyon

Camping Cot vs Sleeping Pad – Which is best?

The last thing you’ll want to end up with on your upcoming camping trip is a terrible night’s sleep. So whether you’re packing light or have room for more camping gear, you’ll want to find a sleeping solution that ticks all the boxes. Choosing between a camping cot and a sleeping pad for your camping …

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A Jetboil camping stove and a metal coffee pot on the ground with snowy nature in the background.

How To Boil Water Camping – Fast And Easy

One of the easiest things to do when making food is boiling water. However, if you’re out in the wilderness camping, this simple task can be pretty challenging. Fortunately, with some preparation and the right equipment, boiling water while camping is just as easy as it is at home. This article will show you 12 …

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Tom Hanks Cast Away

Best 22 Wilderness Survival Movies Of 2022

Wilderness survival movies have always been a staple of modern filmmaking because it taps into a primal element of human nature. When people are stranded in a harsh environment, they can either rise to the challenge or succumb to the elements. Although wilderness survival films are not a specific subgenre, they do belong in a …

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Heat Coming From Campfire Cooking Smores

How Hot Is A Campfire? (Solved)

How hot is a campfire? You may not think this answer matters much, but when staying warm or cooking food, the temperature matters. Campfires are an essential part of the outdoor experience, but many campers don’t pay attention to the heat coming from their fire. However, as we’ll discuss in this article, the heat level …

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A woman setting up the ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr tent, the best 2 person backpacking and camping budget tent when it comes to storage.

How To Keep Your Tent Dry Inside & Prevent Condensation

There is nothing worse than waking up in your tent in the middle of the night because you feel water dripping onto you from the roof. Dampness inside of a tent is a common issue amongst campers and ultralight hikers. Thankfully there are some good ways to prevent the problem and ensure a good night’s …

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Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL3 Review

The Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL3 is a brilliant backpacking tent for two or three people that comes with loads of space and excellent weatherproofing. The Copper Spur HV UL3 is an ultralight tent that has reached the pinnacle of how light a three person tent can get, without cutting out useful features like …

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Nemo Dragonfly 1 Tent Review

The Nemo Dragonfly 1 is an excellent backpacking tent that is spacious for a one person tent and made of high quality materials. It’s an excellent ultralight backpacking tent and earns my Editor’s choice award, signifying the high standards reached.  The Nemo Dragonfly 1 is easily one of the best ultralight one person tents right …

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Two men with laden backpacks crossing a mountain stream using trekking poles. when backpacking outdoors

Best Tunnel Tent Of 2022

When camping, you need to find the right tent for your needs. The best tunnel tent offers excellent sleeping areas without a massive footprint. Whether you’re camping solo or with family, a tunnel tent can accommodate everyone without weighing you down. But, tunnel tents are not suitable for all situations, so it’s crucial to look …

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Lifestyle 518 2808x

Best Lighted Tents Of 2022

Lighting is always a priority when camping, so why not buy one of the best lighted tents? These models keep you well illuminated at night. While you could supply your own lantern or flashlight, a lighted tent offers better convenience without inflating the price. Plus, you don’t have to fumble with secondary devices because the …

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meat cooking in a cast-iron frying pan on a campfire

Best Hunting Tents Of 2022

Just got into elk hunting? Looking for a tent to stay in for extended trips away from home? Then look no further! We have had a look at the different types of tents that hunters like to use and selected ones that are perfect for base camps and ones that are perfect for hunters who …

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Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 Review

The Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 is a brilliant backpacking tent for one or two people that comes with loads of space and excellent weatherproofing. The Copper Spur HV UL2 is an ultralight tent that has reached the pinnacle of how light a tent can get, without cutting out useful features like easy setup …

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Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1 Review

The Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1 is a brilliant solo backpacking tent that comes with loads of space and excellent weatherproofing. The Copper Spur is an ultralight tent that has reached the pinnacle of how light a tent can get, without cutting out useful features like easy setup and plenty of storage space. The …

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Big Agnes Bunk House 6 Review

Pros TWO vestibules – one large, one small. Can convert the front vestibule door into a large awning  Love that the carry bag can be worn like a backpack The 6 person model feels ridiculously spacious High quality, durable materials including top-of-range DAC aluminum tent poles FULL rainfly coverage with excellent waterproofing Double wall tent …

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Triumph motorcycle outside an orange motorcycle camping tent in a campsite

Best Tent For Motorcycle Camping In 2022

Getting out on the roads all day on your bike is one of the ultimate ways to see the world! The freedom, the speed, and the flexibility are all part of the big attractions of bike road trips. Camping gives you the freedom to sleep where the road takes you but what is the best …

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