Don't wait until it's too late. Waterproof your tent floor when the sun still shines.

How to waterproof a tent floor in 5 simple steps

There are a few things that could ruin your camping experience – a leaking tent is definitely on top of the list. If you’ve pitched your tent and noticed water coming in around the floor seams, you’re probably wondering how to waterproof a tent floor. Camping with a leaking tent floor is a disaster waiting …

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A woman setting up the ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr tent, the best 2 person backpacking and camping budget tent when it comes to storage.

How much wind can a tent withstand? (Solved)

Is it too windy to go camping today? How much wind can a tent or a canopy tent withstand? Find out in our guide. Tents in the United States are rated according to the Beaufort Force 4 wind factor which is 17 mph. The majority of tents manufacturers make will withstand a force up to …

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The NatureHike Cloud-Up 2 Carry Bag

Can you put a tent in a compression sack? (Solved)

A compression sack (or stuff sack) works wonders for reducing the space taken up by a sleeping bag. If you’re a backpacker, you’ll hate how much room your tent takes up in your bag. So can you put a tent in a compression sack? Can You Put a Tent in a Compression Sack? In short, …

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An array of tents on a camp site

How to recycle a tent (or Repurpose)

Tents are versatile and necessary when braving the elements. However, if you have an extra tent on hand, recycling is always a great idea. Usable tents are in demand for homeless shelters as well as youth organizations. If the tent has seen better days, then you can also make use of the various components. As …

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Jetboil Zip camping stove boiling some tea with a man preparing for camping in the background

Jetboil Zip vs MiniMo camping stove Compared (2023)

When camping, you want to ensure you have the right stove. It should be fast-boiling, lightweight, compact, fuel-efficient and versatile. Most importantly, it should suit your needs and the group’s desires. Jetboil is a fantastic brand with a range of delightful products to choose from, which is no easy task. Let’s put two against each …

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A glamping living space with comfortable furniture and a fire pit

How To Go Glamping And Is It Expensive?

Glamping has been a growing phenomenon since the mid-2000s. In fact, it’s grown so big now that there’s even glamping themed lego sets! [1] But some people still aren’t quite sure what glamping actually is. To provide some answers, this guide will take you through how to go glamping, where the industry is going and …

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